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  1. I would play Christensen over Zouma though since Tuchel said he is back and rest Azpi. Also Jorginho will definitely start with Kante. No point rushing Kova. I say Kova comes off the bench in both Leicester games and is given 90 mins against Villa
  2. Thankfully Kova is back so we can rotate our midfield pivot, hopefully Ziyech starts over Havertz. I also think Tuchel was naive to point out that Kante had a problem with his right achilles, just f**king say his achilles now players know his weakness and were to attack. Kepa Azpi Silva Rudiger James Kante Jorginho Chilwell Ziyech Werner Mount
  3. I don't think the false 9 is bad . I just don't think it works against teams parking the bus. It especially doesn't work when the false 9 is a version of Kai playing like a little girl. The person we missed most was Werner because he helps with our counter press which is crucial against low block teams.
  4. The winners of this midweek results are Man City. They can rotate and protect players while we have 3 Finals before the real Final. Hopefully we have a healthy team to take to Portugal but i highly doubt it.
  5. Kova would have if Tuchel didn't rush him back because he was scared of Madrid. He had a relapse hence him being out for almost a month due to a regular hamstring injury that takes minimum 2 weeks and maximum 3 weeks . Thats the main reason why i am hoping we dont take chances with Kante if he isn't 100 percent
  6. Kante is injured. Hopefully he isn't forced back for this game or we might just be left with jorginho and Gilmour for the remaining 3 games of the season. I know a lot of folks adore the fa cup but for me top 4 is more important Also why the f**k does Tuchel always resort to playing mount in the pivot. Even Stevie wonder can see that it doesn't work.. May be someone should tell him to try Reece in that position
  7. The last season we lost a home league game to Arsenal we won the champions League... Lol
  8. Very true. I am not absolving jorginho of blame. Just saying Zouma put him in that position
  9. Zouma had Chilwell on the left and gilmour in the middle to start a counter but instead passes to a triple marked Jorginho. Rudiger would have never done that
  10. ZOUMA is at fault for that goal. He is atrocious on the ball
  11. The worst part about this result is that we cant rest players against Villa. We might have just bottled our top 4 position today because Leicester only need a draw against us in the league. Hopefully People appreciate Werner more after todays perfromance but i highly doubt it
  12. It wont surprise me if he was man of the match in wembley. He does this everytime
  14. We should have brought on Ziyech instead of Odoi.. Odoi has been clueless since he came on
  15. The assist came off the bench.. i just prefer him as an impact sub rather than a starter
  16. Pulisic hasnt shown why he deserves to start in Big games
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