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  1. I agree that we need to go for the win regardless of the fact that the game is in Anfield. To be fair we haven't been sitting back and defending a 0-0. I know what that looks with Jose as our former coach. We Play the game in the opposition half or in midfield which is proof by our players average position on the field. Our problem has been precision in the final 3rd because our midfielders are shyte at reading player runs to send a through ball and suck at shooting from distance like Lampard ,ballack or Essien. I think this is the game to try Kai in the false 9
  2. Lets not forget they are missing key players to injury and suspension like Carrasco, Trippier, Giminez
  3. I can bet if that was Tammy in Girouds position he would have put his hands on his head and not reacted to that ball. i really hate that part of Tammys game. He is always crying over spilt milk
  4. Mount to miss second leg . What the actual f**k. Mendy looking like kepa there
  5. He has been tearing it up at right wing back since Trippier got suspended for Gambling. I just hope Alonso can keep up with him when we dont have the ball
  6. I say we match their 352 Mendy Azpi Tiago Rudiger Jorginho James Kante Kovacic Alonso Mount Werner
  7. Its not like he is making intelligent runs though or helping in our build up play . How can we have 70 % possesion and our striker only has 10 touches of the ball
  8. omg Mount could have easily played Abraham through the middle but passed wide to James.. I love Mounts Hard work but we need a playmaker with vision
  9. OMG Anthony THE FRAUD Taylor is the ref. We are definitely not winning this.. FAAAAAAAAK
  10. Obviously havertz isnt fully fit . I dont get the Emerson Chilwell though. I would rather put Anjorin in
  11. It makes sense to rest CHO , Christensen and Jorginho with Athletico on the horizon but i feel like this is going to be a carbon copy of the barnsley game were we couldnt bring the ball up or beat the press because of Zoumas and Kantes poor passing abililities . To make things worse Southampton are also playing the 3421 formation. I am honestly pessimistic about the quality of our game today and the result. I just hope Tuchel switches to a back 4 once he realizes that
  12. I totally agree. This will be the first team since Barnsley to press us. i just pray we have the courage to play through their press instead of always passing back to the defenders
  13. It is obvious Newcastle are going to press us high this half
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