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  1. But they haven't trained the past 2 days. What's the point playing
  2. Their only hope is that the game is postponed till Kane and son return from injury..
  3. Our midfield looks very dynamic. I hope it's the last we see of the jorginho kova and Kante midfield...
  4. Gilmour scoring will be the icing on the cake
  5. Hopefully Kepa starts. I dont think we can play a back 3 with gilmour in a midfield 2. I also hope Christensen doesn't play or he will be eaten up Calvert Lewin in the phsical game.so i will go for Kepa Azpi Rudiger Zouma Alonso Gilmour James Barkley Willian Giroud Mount
  6. Gilmour has shown that he is ready to take jorginhos place
  7. Unlucky from Giroud . He has hit the bar in our last 2 games
  8. With our injury crisis we should be taking off Pedro and giving anjorin a run out
  9. Now William is injured... Pretty dumb playing a strong team today in this Fa cup match
  10. Can mount ever get a rest.. Even on his rest days he has to come on for an injured player
  11. I am in Dubai and cant watch this. Any links???? PLEEEAAASE
  12. i am sure he is just trying to ease billy into the position since he might have to play in our next 3 games. i expect jorginho to sub in for kovacic in the second half tough
  13. I think it's time lamps freshened the team up. We should recall kepa zouma and tomori at the back . Kepa Dave zouma. Tomori. Alonso Jorginho. Kovacic Willian. Mount. CHO ABRAHAM
  14. Way more important game than the Bayern one. We need to go on a winning run in the league
  15. And we still bought anelka shevchenko and Torres but drogba fought them off and made himself better.. You want us to just make him our number one striker because he is English and from the academy. So what happens if he gets injured we end up like spurs when Kane is injued right. f**k THAT sh*t MATE.. I am not saying sell the lad . I am just saying a club of Chelsea's calibre needs at least 2 strikers better than Abraham.. Tammy can either step his game up or warm the f**king bench
  16. We are still sticking with him but he has to earn that starting positions. Man u bought ibrahimovic and lukaku. Rashford fought them off and has earned it. Spurs bought soldado and Kane finished him off. Abraham needs competition and time to develop
  17. Pretty stupid yellow from jorginho he is now suspended
  18. Giroud is better when we play teams that park the bus like spurs. We need Tammy's speed behind the back because Bayern are playing in our half pretty much

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