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  1. I was thinking the same but if he is rested on Saturday then he will definitely start against Southampton in the league cup and we all know how I feel about that competition
  2. Nothing against Lukaku but i prefer our more fluid and dynamic attack without him. We are too predictable with a Focal point especially a focal point that rarely makes off the ball runs and hardly presses the defenders. ( That was something i appeciated in Diego Costa). I really wish Pulisic was healthy but if CHO doesn't take his chance now with the opening in attack then he never will. Mendy Christensen Silva Rudiger James Kovacic Jorginho Chilwell Mount Havertz CHO
  3. Fair enough. In a 3 man midfield he could Replace Kante or kova because they both dont have that attacking threat, but kova could just move to the defensive midfield position instead of being sold.
  4. I think we should take off Havertz and bring on RLC as striker. Kai might be our only fit striker this weekend
  5. Finally we get the UCL final winning front 3 on the field..
  6. I am not understanding your point. Kovacic and Conor play completely different positions. Kova plays as a deep lying midfielder that drives foward. Conor plays as an attacking midfielder . i can even see Kova and Conor in the same midfield but not in a pivot because Conor isn't made for the Pivot. Kova doesn't offer a lot offensively but he does make up for it in this defensive ability and his ability to recycle possesion. I get your point about Conor as an attacking midfielder , i just don't see him and Kova fighting for the same position
  7. Why sell Kova?. He still has like 5 good years in him. Besides Kova plays deep while Conor is more of an attacking midfielder . I see Conor battling it out with Mount when he returns
  8. It should be illegal to play at 7.45pm on a Wednesday In Europe and then 12.30 pm on Saturday. I dont have an issue with the 12.30 kickoff but that should be given to teams on play on tuesday night and not teams that play on Wednesday night
  9. It is obvious that Lukaku is fatigued and out of form we should rest him and go with the False 9 that won us this competition last season. Lukaku will be a great Plan B if we need a goal Mendy Chalobah Silva Rudiger James Kante Jorginho Alonso Mount Havertz Werner
  10. Unfortunately it is your favorite fixture time on saturday 12.30 PM
  11. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/10/19/pulisic-the-only-absentee-for-malmo-tie
  12. I honestly can't wait for Pulisic to recover from his injury so the topic switches from why he isnt in the squad to why he isn't starting for us
  13. I actually agree with his comments . They hit the post twice, had a shot cleared off the line and Mendy made 3 World class saves while we scored with our only shot on target. If the roles were reversed we would be screaming robbery and how lucky Brentford were. Their coach definitely robs me the wrong way though. I dont know what i have against him. May be its his hair.... lol
  14. I read somewhere that Havertz hasn't made a single pass to Lukaku this season in the prem which is mind boggling https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/fan-views/no-way-some-chelsea-fans-stunned-that-one-blues-star-hasnt-passed-to-lukaku-in-the-pl/amp/
  15. I guess i watched a different game because CHO was pretty much in effective for us. I will give him a pass since this is his first start in his preferred position but he had less touches than Mendy in the game, Won only 2 of his 9 ground duels and had no shot on target. To be fair he could have had an assist if not for the biased referring .
  16. Totally agree but he holds on to the ball for too long and his final ball is usually left wanting. All in all he has been a pleasant surprise this season
  17. ThankGod for the international break. Watching this team makes me have evil thoughts
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