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  1. 6 hours ago, SFL82 said:

    But think about this his agent will be pushing for a move he won’t get nearly as much on a free next year 

    He won't be free next year. He will just be cheaper ( 75 M )  and his agent will be able to ask for more on agent fees. Just like Ross Barkley's agent did after he ran his contract down at Everton to join us. I like Haaland as a footballer but he comes with too much baggage in his dad and his agent .

  2. 23 minutes ago, Strider6003 said:

    Jorginho had a good tournament yet I was really impressed when Pickford stopped his penalty.

    If we ever get a penalty at Everton let Mount or Kai take it. 

    Lets not forget that Allison, Ederson and Leno have also saved his pens in England. We cant just switch our Pen taker when we face specific teams

  3. 11 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

    I can't seem to find others...

    Italy is also in the Uefa Nations leage finals in October . They play Spain in the Semis and then the winner plays Either Belgium or France in the Final. If they win it then Jorgi and Emerson will be on an island by themselves..

  4. I believe he will stay at Dortmund since they are in the UCL and then leave for 75 Million to either Bayern or Real Madid to replace an ageing Benzema or Lewandowski . It makes absolutely no sense to spend 150 Million on him and then pay his crazy wages . Lets not forget that we will have to pay that Rat Mino Raiola also.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Browerkid said:

      Southgate has to know this!  Play only 3 attacking players and Mount OOP is insane. 

    But Chelsea did the same thing and won the ucl

  6. 7 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

    I don't think his stamp on Grealish was 100% a red card tbh, he stamps on the ball and his foot skids off it and into him.

    I wish he had stamped on that c**ts balls

  7. 1 minute ago, Gol15 said:

    Messi wins it I think but Italy came from not even qualifying to the World Cup to winning the Euro so that's huge.

    2 blue teams Champions of Europe, Jorginho and Emerson with the double, happy for everyone.

    I think Lewandowski wins it if he starts next season scoring a lot of goals. He will get it because he was robbed last season by the Trophy being suspended for no reason

  8. 28 minutes ago, Argo said:

    I wouldn't say it got "figured out", Leno and Martinez has excellent games against us, Leicester we were disappointing granted but even then it took the save of the season and a bullsh*t VAR decision to deny us the cup (Leicester would have been sitting ducks in extra time with the defensive changes Rodgers made).

    If we were playing largely rubbish but getting undeserved points because we had someone like Aubameyang scoring every half chance people will be saying our luck will eventually run out, so why can't that logic also be applied in reverse?

         Fair enough. I didnt think we were playing rubbish though i just thought we lacked that clinical edge to break a parked bus which is something even Lampard complained about last season. In most of our games we scored first and held on to the lead with our impregnable defense but we only had one game with Tuchel were we came back after conceding first.  Teams figured if they conceded first against us it was game over and hence parked the bus to either play for a draw or catch us on the break . 

        All in all I am just trying to say that we shouldn't be blinded by the fact that we won UCL and now think this team is good enough to compete for the league without QUALITY additions

  9. I think it is imperative that we add elite players to the team. I don't want to be a buzzkill but the fact of the matter is that our 343(False 9)  got figured out at the end of the season with us losing 3 of our last 4 domestic games before won the UCL. They let us have the ball and parked the bus knowing fully well that we didnt have the creative players to break them down. Luckily for us Man City don't play that way hence us hitting them on the break and winning the UCL.

    Hopefully we get Haaland . I don't consider Lukaku as an Elite striker . 


  10. 21 minutes ago, just said:

    I think he would either get a restraining court order put on Gol 15 or, he might hire a hitman (sorry hit person), to shoot me. Depends who he was more worried about.

    Hit person 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..

  11. On 06/07/2021 at 09:13, Valerie said:

    f**k the England team :tongue:  I'm totally with Andreas 🏴‍☠️


    Mind you, I've switched allegiance about 5 times already these weeks :biggrin:

    I am sticking with my initial pick. Team JORGINHO..🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Happy birthday by the way..🍾🍾🍾🎊🎊

  12. On 04/07/2021 at 10:43, just said:

    His match up would more likely be Kalvin Phillips who did a real job on him when we played Leeds.

    Jorginho wasn't in the game at all.


    Kalvin Phillips and rice will be matched up with Italys attacking midfielders ( barela and veratti). It will be mount on Jorginho.

    But that's if italy beat Spain though

  13. On 04/07/2021 at 04:14, SydneyChelsea said:

    Pressing is not really the issue, his strength is retaining the ball. Apart from a glaring weakness in that he is unable to chase down most players on a counter-attack, he's pretty good defensively.

    It's actually doing something with it, especially against teams that drop deep and concede possession, that he struggles with.

    That's 90% of the teams we will face in the Premier League. We won't win the league unless a) he improves his attacking/creative game or b) we replace him with a player who is more capable.

     I don't understand how it is the job of the cdm to penetrate a low block. 

       City destroy teams with Fernandinho or rodri at CDM and they both don't have great attacking attributes. The issue is city have KDB,BERNADO SILVA, FODEN , GUNDOGAN AND MARHEZ  creating chances... 

    We need to improve our attacking midfield department and stop blaming jorginho for not being able to penetrate a low block

  14. 15 minutes ago, SydneyChelsea said:

    As an Australian I would rather eat sh*t than see England win anything but it would be some irony if Jorginho lost in a final to an English midfield featuring Declan Rice

    His matchup in that scenario wud be mason mount though ... Come to think of it that would be awesome seeing how jorginho deals with mounts relentless pressing

  15. On a plus side a cheslea player is going to end season winning THE UCL and the euros since all the 4'teams left have a Chelsea player..🤣🤣🤣🤣....

    My bet is on this Forums favourite villain and Emerson.🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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