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  1. To be fair this is their second team. The only starters from their UCL game are Diaz rodri and debruyne
  2. Not really. He has the speed . All he had to do was wait in his half. U can't be offside in Ur half. Besides he has been in this team long enough to know that the ball doesn't come early so may be he should delay his run a little
  3. I know kepa isn't the best keeper but he isn't the worst either. He has kept 3 clean sheets under Tuchel and one was a league game against Everton. May be the lack of defensive structure made him look worse than he actually was under lampard. It's not like he was trash under Sarri.
  4. That is you assuming he doesnt get injured against city, besides he will make a great impact sub
  5. Great Line up. The same as the Liverpool away match were Werner took advantage of their high line . I expect the same , and for some wierd reason i feel confident about today
  6. Come on DOCTOR do you not have any sympathy for the mans hamstrings
  7. That is actually a part of Ziyechs game that is very underated. He is very good at pressing and ball recoveries . He had the most pressures in our line up against Athletico Madrid ( which Mount was suspended for) . I have him in my lineup due to his freshness though
  8. I beleive our front 3 will contain Mount and Ziyech who will drop deep to support Kante and Jorginho. Werner or Havertz will be left on an island up front and will have to battle for scraps. I have a feeling that Alonso will be our match winner, he seems to step it up at Wembley
  9. That is very true but to me 4th place is more important than the FA cup. I guess TT is the one charge and he can prioritize however he feels.
  10. Well if we fail to rotate our players then those fullbacks who cannot defend properly and Gilmour would have to start in a UCL semifinal due to injuries and fatigue. Pick your poison
  11. He hasnt conceded a goal in the 3 games he has played with Tuchel in charge. We need to raise his profile if we want to recoup some of the money spent on him
  12. Whatever happens Gilmour has to play 90 minutes . I would start him with Kante and bring on Jorginho at half time. With Kova injured we are just a slight injury away from our season capitulating . We will be better off giving Gilmour the experience now instead of waiting till Jorgino or kante breakdown , because with our upcoming fixtures that seems inevitable . Kepa Christensen Zouma Rudiger CHO Kante Gilmour Alonso Ziyech Werner Mount
  13. And also because the extra games will tire their squad out for the top 4 race. They already have a free match day because of the fa cup , we don't need them having 2 more rest days while we toil on 3 fronts
  14. Taremi is on. Why do i feel like we should bring on Zouma to handle him
  15. To be fair Psg was dominant in that half and hit the post twice but i know what u mean
  16. I will bring on Alonso and Werner for Chilwell and Pulisic. Chillwell and Pulisic have played a lot of minutes and look fatigued
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