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  1. I agree about Mount but he is best equipped to pressure Rodri and connect our midfield with our attack. I wont mind bringing on Ziyech in the second half. The ball just keeps going back to city once we get it and there is no point in having 2 strikers if u dont have the personnel to assist them
  2. This game needs a Ziyech or Mount. There is a big disconnect between our midfield and attack
  3. We have no connection between our midfield and attack
  4. They sound like true Chelsea fans and not Pulisic fans. God bless them. lmfaoooo
  5. People said the same thing about sterling when city paid 50 million for him. His shooting technique can be taught. He just needs to be playing and not wasting on the bench. In hindsight he should have just gone on loan like the other academy boys instead of being a money hungry teenager
  6. I agree but it is usually after a champions League game on a Wednesday or against a small team were we think we will just show up and beat them but the players turn up like they just woke up 30 mins earlier. Luckily this is a big game and we should be fresh since we made 10 changes for the league cup game.
  7. Let's be honest Tim the biggest thing stopping pulisic is pulisic . His injuries are the reason why he doesn't get a run of games. He has had big starts for us like the game in Real but to think that Tuchel has a bias against pulisic is absurd. If pulisic can get healthy and regain the form and consistency he had after lockdown which single handedly got us top 4 , Thomas would have no choice but to play him.
  8. I think laporte will replace stones and silva will replace gundogoan .. I am just glad we have a coach like Tuchel for the big games . I never worry when we play the 6 . His record in the big games for us is f**king unreal. If we win the league this season it will be because of our performance in the games against the weaker teams because we have a tendency to drop our guard in those games. Hopefully we have lost that habit
  9. Speak for yourself bro. I am an American and I have been supporting since 2001. Chelsea has come on many pre season tours to the States and the Chelsea fan base in America has grown exponentially. It was one of the targets of Peter Kenyon when he worked for us. Concerning Pulisic and his lack of playing time you obviously haven't been following us this season. He started and scored in our first game of the season but got covid and missed our next 2 matches. He then went for the concacaf world cup qualifiers injured his ankle and returned on crutches. If he had been healthy he would definitely have been given a chance to play behind Lukaku and probably would taken it because Mount havertz and ziyech have been inconsistent this season. I actually feel like he is our best foil to Lukaku due to his skillset but Captain America needs to stay healthy
  10. Your analogy doesn't even come close. Liverpool were a well oiled machine and were masters of their formation. Right now we play 2 formations the 3421 and the 352. Sometimes you don't have to show all your cards. The media are all waxing lyrical about how Tuchel is a breath of fresh air and how they love his press conferences because he is so engaging and open with them. These same wolves will be sticking the knife into him when the pressure mounts because we all know it isn't always going to be rosy.
  11. Kante does.. We will start with the team that started the second half against Spurs
  12. Thank God we are past that stage with the UCL. The amount of heartbreaks i had before we eventually won it is indescribable. It honestly became an obsession and rather ironic that we won it with probably our weakest team of that era. I think i will rank the heartbreak it in this order 1. Moscow shootout ..... Final 2. Liverpool Ghost goal ..... Semi Finals 3. Barca's Iniesta ( Its a f**king disgrace)..... Semi Finals 4. Liverpool Penalties ... Semi Finals
  13. I think sometimes Tuchel is too honest. All he had to say was that Mendy was back and that we had some players to check on before the game at 12.30. Pep was asked about his 5 injured players and didn't give any information on who could play and who couldn't , he just said some can and some can't. Now with Mason out it is obvious we will play a 352 .
  14. The pressure is definitely on them and especially Pep. He wont want to lose 4 times in a row to Tuchel. He probably hasn't slept since thursday
  15. Kovacic does the exact same thing for us. He just has to make sure he has cover when he drives with the ball and he has to protect the ball like a new born baby
  16. Rodri , Laporte and Stones trained today. Won't suprise me if Gundogoan makes it https://www.mancity.com/news/mens/man-city-training-23-september-63768005
  17. The problem is teams can offer him 200k with 4 or 5 years. I just hope he doesn't go to Bayern. I am beginning to hate those German c**ts. They tapped up Odoi and are the primary reason why his career as stagnated with all that hype too soon, they also stole Musiala from our youth set up.
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