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  1. I would have taken your comments seriously but you said he misplaced a lot of passes and long balls The man had a 96 percent pass accuracy for crying out loud His pass to Mount was the perfect pace and precision to allow Mount make that turn and score.
  2. I am not the one to toot my own horn but.. LMFAOOO Man of the Match: Jorginho (Chelsea) Jorginho with his awardUEFA via Getty Images "He gave the pass to Mount for the first goal and was always offering to take the ball. Also very good defensively and in the right place throughout." Cosmin Contra, UEFA Technical Observer
  3. Totally agree with you. I also remember us beating Liverpool 3-1 in Anfield in the first leg of a champions league semifinal and thinking with 3 away goals we were good. Liverpool went up 2-0 early in the game and the game ended 4-4. I do feel confident though because hoefully we have a fully fit SIlva and Kante for the second leg
  4. I have to disagree with you on that one I think Mason has been our POTY.lol
  5. Porto are winning all the first balls at Set pieces. We need to improve second half
  6. I expect them both to come alive in the second half as we hit porto on the counter
  8. Jorginho had a stinker but he was just coming back from injury and showed rustiness . Jorginho is an experienced player and i truly expect him to have a masterclass. Just last week he was shown to be the 3rd best player in Europes big 5 leagues this season. I dont get all the knee jerk reactions with Jorginho. Thanfully Tuchel is much more smarter than that. JORGINHO masterclass incoming
  9. Why do we have to rush him into the line up because it is Silva. Us shoe horning him into the lineup slapped us in the face againsat West Brom. Its not like we have been terrible with him out of the team. Or may be he is just rusty and in that case some extra training sessions should help. We will need a fully fit Silva and Kante in the second leg
  10. I have had nightmares of Big Sam laughing loud like a grizzly bear for the past 3 days
  11. Where is the freaking line up...MY NERVES are all over the place
  12. To be honest i see Jorginho having a man of the match display. If there is someone in this squad who always turns up after a bad performance it is Jorginho, besides i think European football suits him better than the premiership. i predict 1-3 win for chelsea with Jorginho scoring a penalty
  13. I cant understand why people have Giroud starting. Hopefully Tuchel isnt that Knee jerk. I think Pepe and Mbemba will eat Giroud or Tammy for Dinner . Playing a physicsal striker that relies on crosses helps the porto defense. We need players with movement and intelligence to score against Porto. Giroud can be a good super sub. will go for Mendy AZpi Christensen Rudiger James Jorgiho Kovacic Chilwell Mount Havertz Werner
  14. We need a big reaction in this game i am sure we will get it. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger James Kovacic Jorginho Chilwell Mount Havertz Werner
  15. That should have even been a red card and no foul was booking. That f**king ref cost us the game as well as Tuchel and Jorginho... Just a terrible feeling right now. I wish the Porto game was tomorrow
  16. I don't care about the red card that was just a disgraceful performance. Especially with us being 1-0 up first. We should have been more compact and sttopped f**king around with the ball in defence. Thiago Silva can go f**k himself Tuchel has to show he has a plan b. It would have made more sense to switch to a back 4 and played 441 .
  17. Tuchel should have gone to a back 4 no point with this 3 at the back...
  18. We need to switch to a back 4. Take of Alonso for mount Mendy James. Christensen zouma Azpi Jorginho. Kovacic Mount Werner. Pulisic
  19. How is it because of a b team . This is all on Silva .
  20. Looks like we will only have 2 tactical substitutions since Tuchel just confirmed that Silva wont play the full match and will be substituted for Christensen in the second half
  21. Looks like Big Sam has come with the bus especially with him replacing Gallager with a defender ( Ajayi). I expect these c**ts to take an eternity to take goal kicks and throw ins. An early goal or two for us will be imperative today
  22. I think Christensen is being rested just like Mount, Havertz and Rudiger for the Porto match
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