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  1. Then why not play a formation with wingbacks. It's not like our wingers have been performing
  2. Wtf... I guess it's only dangerous play when you break the person's leg... SHOCKING
  3. Alonsooooooooo.. Can someone explain why this guy hasn't started in the league since spurs away.. What a f**king goal threat he is
  4. With Abraham and loftus coming back from injury I will prefer it if we were up by 3 goals and then eased them back in . Instead of getting them on in a closely fought London derby
  5. I don't understand why we won't kick it up a gear. This is spurs 3 rd game in 6 days. The worst thing we can do is keep the game close because anything can happen with 20 mins to go especially with that twat Ali and lamela to come change the game
  6. I feel you though.. it's not even Kante that is the problem. It is lampard being stubborn and playing him as an attacking midfielder. If he was fitvhe would probably be playing in place of Barkley as one of our attacking midfielders
  7. Just reading the body language between Jose and lampard during their handshake it is pretty obvious lamps is feeling the pressure. I really hope we win this
  8. No it was kavanargh or however u spell that manc c**ts name
  9. What the f**k is lampard smoking. starting caballero again. Everyone and their mother knows that kepa is a better goalie than caballero.. i think this would have been a good game to ease kepa back in with Munich coming up in midweek. Not optimistic about our upcoming matches
  10. I would rather Marcos Alonso as our striker instead of batshauyi, hell I would prefer zouma as our striker over batshauyi. At least zouma can bully their defenders and is an aerial threat
  11. If the last 2 matches have shown us anything it is that it was not all down to kepa that we were conceding seeing as we conceded with Caballero in goal and its not like cabalero made amazing saves. Hopefully Lampard can swallow his pride and start kepa, Alonso and Giroud . Our main problem is a defensive unit problem and not any individual. Lampard missed a trick by not playing Kante as a pure defensive midfielder when we were conceding goals right left and centre but we dont have that option with Kante injured. We have to go for a back 3 and play a more counter attacking game instead of the
  12. We need to recall kepa and play 3 central defenders. We keep conceding stupid goals and can't score to save our lives. Any reasonable coach would know that our problem is defensive but lampard keeps on saying we create chances but don't score . Kepa Rudiger Zouma. Tomori Jorginho James kovacic. Barkley. Alonso Willian Abraham
  13. He is good on the ball and a f**king liability without it, just like Christensen.. Hopefully they are both sold next season to leagues that will appreciate their qualities but I don't think they have the balls for the premiership. Just toooooo soft
  14. Ohh.. looks like 2 members are just pulling each others legs. Not trying to get sucked in.
  15. Wow!!! I can't believe anyone can slate kovacic after the season he has had. He is the only midfielder actually driving with the ball and putting in work. Also he plays as a defensive midfielder and has to cover for slow jorginho and attacking headless chicken kante so I don't expect him to have more assists than CHO who is a winger/striker. Kovacic could easily be our player of the season unless they want to give the award to one of the kids which I wouldn't mind
  16. Any news on why RLC didn't feature for the developmental squad against arsenal yesterday? Hopefully it's not another setback
  17. If it was sarri or any other coach the knives would be out. But hey it's our golden boy super Frankie.... Mtcheeeeew
  18. Nailed on. We should have matched man u with the 3421 .. Alonso would have been huge. And of course starting bats over giroud just makes me think Christine has a crush on giroud and lamps is taking it out on him
  19. Lampard is solksjaers pet. I don't think I am allowed to say bitch on this forum
  20. is it a co incidence that CHO injured his hamstring and kante pulls his hamstring in this game right after our winter break. i am pretty sure these boys were overworked during the break. Only God knows if we have aggravated Tammys injury
  21. yup so f**king predictable. Christensen gets beaten by martial in the air... And why is caballero diving after the ball goes in
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