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  1. hopefully jorginho doesnt get a yellow with kante out bcoz he gets a 2 match ban if he does
  2. Giroud hasnt played in ages. it is smarter to bring him off the bench
  3. My main worry is caballero in goal. Willian is a big game player, pedro isnt scared to shoot and well Batshuayi can always pull one out of the bag like he did in the carabao cup.
  4. with odoi out i will go for a 3421 Kepa Rudiger Zouma Tomori james Kante Kovacic Alonso Mount Willian (Captain) Abraham
  5. That is just our perspective because we are chelsea fans. All people will see is that we had a 12 point lead in the 4th position and bottled it if we dont get the 4th position. Fair enough we lost Hazard and kante hasnt been the same player after his injury but United have lost Pogba ,Mctominey and Rashford for a considerable amount of time and Spurs will be missing kane for half season
  6. That is the worrying part. Playing badly and getting points is a sign of a good team especially with Kane out. i would prefer if we played badly and won compared to play nice and dropping like we have been for the past 2 months. It is imperative we win our next 2 league games, i could care less about bayern
  7. No way they get off. The best they can get is a reduction in the ban from 2 years to 1 year, same way ours was halved from one year to 6 months But you are right we need to beat the mancs and the spuds to give us some breathing room
  8. Looks like 5th position in the league will get champions League football with city's ban... We can't let this slip
  9. Can't believe we are actually getting a quality player who costs less than BAKAYOKO, Drinkwater.. She is done it again..she had done it agaiiiin.. marinaaaaaaa. She has done it agaii
  10. Wow.. Dreams do come through. I remember always checking the rumors part of the website and never seeing a ziyech thread. Hopefully this transfer is sorted out quickly.
  11. Chelsea is gonna win the champions League..😂😂😂
  12. I really want to be critical of the coaching staff and the team but I can't. Lampard has got the team having more possession and creating more chances than the opposition but still we are on this bad run that has just been camouflaged by us still hanging on to the 4th position. I think our main problem is defensive especially with lampard always rotating his defenders and also seeing Christensen as a rock even though everyone and our opposition sees him as the flower 🌹 that he is. I think we should just stick to our 3421 /541 formation because we will still create opportunit
  13. It’s either Barkley starts or he isn’t on the bench. Gilmour is better in a cameo’s from the bench. Barkley is a player that needs about 30 mins to warm up into a game. No point using him as a sub. Either start him or leave him out of the 18. Set pieces bailed us out. 2nd half was pretty poor but not bad considering we had many passengers. Tammy clearly not fit and was slipping like he was on a skating ring The more I watch Mount the more I think he is a wide player. He doesn’t have the natural CM sense. He should be be used in the front 3. CHO started brightly especially in th
  14. Totally agree. I think the blame should go to the scouting department. We cant just buy dead players like dembele and mertens to add to our Giroud,pedro,bakayoko,drinkwater,barkley,morata,emerson,Zappacosta... Did i miss any BUM?
  15. We really need this winter break... Lampard has to stop trying to throw a tantrum and re intergrate Giroud into the side. Tammy was hot at the beginingof the season but he has been abysmal recently. I would take Giroud over Ighalo any day of the week
  16. 2 assists for mount.Funny how stats can make a player having a sh*t game look good
  17. WE should bring on willian for mount to play the number 10
  18. hopefully kova for jorginho before he gets sent off for being slow
  19. I am sick of abraham putting his hands on his head after he f**ks up. I see it at least 5 times a game
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