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  1. 2 assists for mount.Funny how stats can make a player having a sh*t game look good
  2. WE should bring on willian for mount to play the number 10
  3. hopefully kova for jorginho before he gets sent off for being slow
  4. I am sick of abraham putting his hands on his head after he f**ks up. I see it at least 5 times a game
  5. I actually prefer it to the korgi kante and kovacic midfield. At least we have an attacking midfielder in mount..
  6. So I guess if we had the chance to get Harry Kane we should not.lol.. just pulling your legs. I am not saying Giroud is great, my argument all along was that he was better than batshauyi.. hopefully we replace them both with quality strikers in the summer.. Also we have Pedro who has scored lots of goals with flick ons for giroud but lamps benches him also.
  7. I get your point about the press but we can only press teams who attack us and want to move the ball. The press was useless against Newcastle,westham, Bournemouth because they parked the bus and just kicked it long to escape the press. In those situations giroud would have been a better choice because you don't need speed to beat a parked bus ,you need a presence in the box... Besides all that press talk is overrated. Giroud started and scored in our super cup final loss to Liverpool with a goal on the counter. He starts for France and of course they press the ball. The fact of the
  8. Or we just keep Giroud and actually use him. I understand him being benched for Abraham but he should be above batshuayi in the pecking order
  9. I honestly cant beleive people call Greilish over rated. He is one of the few English players who runs with his head up while he has the ball and that is why he draws fouls and has killer passes. He reminds me of Frank lampard with his work ethic and ability to improve himself season after season. He can also play in multiple positions ( midfield, winger or false 9) I really hope Villa get relegated so we can at least bid for him because he clearly too good for the championship but i am sure he will Super expensive because he is English.
  10. I will go for a change in formation since lampard can't change tactics and Alonso is back Kepa Rudiger. Christensen. Tomori Azpi. Kante. Kovacic. Alonso Willian. Mount Tammy
  11. Most definitely. Leicester were by far the better team but the villa keeper did his job and kept his team in the tie till they scored their winner..We are going to need Kepa to be at his intimidating best because Leicester are going to rain shots on our goal. It might work to our advantage because Leicester won't park the bus the same way these small teams have been playing us. It is imperative we keep it tight at the back or this could be a mauling
  12. He is an Engliand international. That usually comes with a premium.lol
  13. Can't wait till next season when we sell Pedro willian and Barkley. We will have our number 11,10 and 8 jerseys with worthy players
  14. Willian should have taken a tactical foul there.. he is so lazy for a substitute...
  15. Wtf.... We better not draw this game or our winter break is f**kED
  16. We will definitely concede another attempt on goal. Hopefully our keeper can make a save
  17. I think he should play on the left where he can cut in and shoot. On the right all he can do is dribble and cross
  18. That defense splitting pass from kovacic was orgasmic shame we cudnt finish it
  19. Definitely does more than jorginho in that holding role
  20. Bogarde just came here to get a pay cheque after retiring from international duty. Bernard lombarde actually got games and wasn't as bad as you are trying to imply. Batshauyi is a Belgian international and has scored goals in Germany and France . My point is that he can't be called trash until given a run of games... Emerson on the other hand is certified trash
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