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  1. The reason we were dominant before the penalty is that Arsenal went toe to toe with us and we dominated them the same way we dominate teams that try to attack us. The problem is that after the red card they parked the bus and we did what we always do when a bus is parked, we just start passing sideways and sending aimless crosses. The fact of the matter is that any coach with a brain knows that Chelsea do not have the creative midfielders to break down a bus especially when we play jorginho Kante and kova as our midfield 3. We usually just pass it around and then cross in the box to
  2. Daeeem.. guess we are f**ked.. can't believe we paid that much for him and also can't believe we bought Zappacosta Emerson Bakayoko Drinkwater What do our scouts look at when they are scouting or are we just being played by agents
  3. We should get pope from Burnley. He is tall , English and a good keeper
  4. Anyone can slip. The issue with Kante is his position on the field. He is a good defensive midfielder but runs around in attack like a headless chicken for Chelsea. Honestly my beef is with lampard playing him there and not having the balls to play him in his defensive position
  5. Lamps lacks balls. He plays Kante based on reputation instead of form..
  6. It definitely was on him. He was over compensating at his near post and he didn't shuffle his feet quickly for the shot...
  7. He was playing against 10 men for more than half an hour.. he should have gone for their throat when we were up instead of reacting after we conceded.. lampard is not a pro active he is reactive as his subs have shown the past weeks.. It is obvious that teams have figured out how plan A but he doesn't seem to have a plan B. Just like for like subs
  8. Abraham should have left the field . He cost us by trying to be a hero... I am soo f**king pissed especially after Newcastle..
  9. Kepa is a f**king disgrace. But honestly what the f**k is Tammy on the field for
  10. Lampard has to figure out how to break a low block and quickly or our season will be TOAST
  11. This is a f**king disgrace and u can't say arsenal don't deserve it
  12. Lucky Emerson there. Definitely handball. If he gets a second yellow it's on lampard . He is a mistake waiting to happen
  13. Why are being negative and giving arsenal the initiative. You would think we had 10 men.. we should be pressing them because they have mistakes in them.
  14. Hopefully lamps is smart enough to take Emerson off bcoz he will be targeted for the second yellow
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