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  1. Why are being negative and giving arsenal the initiative. You would think we had 10 men.. we should be pressing them because they have mistakes in them.
  2. Hopefully lamps is smart enough to take Emerson off bcoz he will be targeted for the second yellow
  3. David luiz you legend. You make Emerson look world class
  4. Emerson is such a bad footballer , I don't understand what he does in training to merit a starting place.. Won't suprise me if he got a red
  5. Abraham should just pick a side instead of heading straight at the keeper
  6. You are right but Kante is not an attacking player. He should be used defensively to press and recycle the ball but lamps loves him attacking even though that is not his natural habitat. It's a round peg in a square hole.. we really should be investing in an attacking midfielder this window instead of a forward..
  7. We are playing a home game with only 3 attacking players. I guess lamps wants to play counter attack. Not feeling positive about this.. hopefully we nick it one nil
  8. I really hate that midfield trio. It is a defensive minded midfield.. I preferred the jorginho mount Barkley midfield against Burnley at home. Playing 3 defensive midfielders is bullsh*t. It worked last season because we had an attacking maestro in Hazard who commanded double and triple teams. With an attacking trio of Abraham William and odoi I believe we need more help from midfielders. P.s it won't suprise me if lampard picks this team though
  9. Thankfully Alonso is fit. We should sell Emerson this month if the opportunity presents itself. I know James injury isn't as bad as feared but we should protect him so we don't have a Rashford situation.. Kepa Azpi. Zouma Tomori. Alonso Kovacic. Jorginho Willian Barkley. Mount Abraham
  10. I can't believe he said Kante was outstanding yesterday. I guess the problem is with lampard then and not Kate because all Kante is doing is following his managers orders
  11. I say start lamptey and play azpi on the left against arsenal. Emerson is a really daft footballer. No disrespect to daft people but his off the ball movement is non existent and he has no combination play with his winger.. He is not worthy to shine Alonso boots
  12. So f**king predictable... Lamps has to take the blame for this result... Kante as an attacking midfielder is just f**king mind boggling
  13. Shameful dive from Emerson. Absolutely shameful.. we might need lamptey if James injury is serious
  14. We have had a week off and look laboured... I have no idea why lampard thinks it is smart to play Kante In an attacking position against a parked bus. He needs space to operate and isn't skillful enough to be effective in tight spaces. We really need to buy a number 10 this window
  15. This game is following a familiar pattern๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
  16. They should both come off for Barkley and kovacic before it's too late because if Newcastle score we won't equalise even if the game goes on till next Saturday
  17. There is no pivot , Kante is just running around like a headless chicken.. it really infuriates me when I see him in the oppositions area.. he is more useless than Kalou in the attacking third. He should just sit next to jorginho or on the bench with lampard
  18. They have hit the bar and we still haven't had a shot on target.. you can see intent in five minutes.. all this time wastedd passing the ball won't magically show up at the end of the game.. P.s make hay while the sun shines
  19. We are just passing for passing sake.. we haven't worked their keeper
  20. We have a very short line up compared to Newcastle, it is imperative that we don't give away silly freekicks. I would have played zouma over Christensen and kovacic over Kante but I am not the gaffer... 3 nil to the chels... LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO
  21. I obviously wrote this the day his loan was cancelled and didnt know he was going to Swansea. If he plays regularly for Swansea then i am all for it. I just dont want a situation like Ampadu has found himself in. The main purpose of a loan is to get gametime. We could have done the same with Reece james last season and cut his loan with wigan short so he could play for a team battling for promotion but thankfully we didnt. I also recall Tammy Abraham being touted to leave Villa in january to join Wolves but thankfully he stayed back and fully developed. Lets just hope The Swansea coach plays h
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