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  1. To be fair barkley has brought some calm to our midfield, none of that headless chicken running by Kante.
  2. Hopefully we score another because if Burney score one they will definitely score another
  3. Omg !! We really suck at setpieces... To be fair though Burnley are also good at them, Very cute deliveries
  4. The first 15 mins will determine how the game goes.. if we start lethargic and do those sideways passes with defenders it will be the same old story. If we start on the front foot and get the crowd going Burnley will get hammered..
  5. It actually makes sense. It is an attacking midfield trio compared to the usual jorginho kova and kante trio. We have a problem breaking down teams but this midfield will have Burnley on the backfoot.. I actually feel positive about this one especially with no useless Emerson
  6. I like the line up , Barkley jorginho and mout are an attacking trio.. I think CHO is due a good game my only gripe with thsi line up is playing SOFT Christensen in defense. He is good on the ground but weak in the air.. I remember Calvert Lewin bullying him . Christensen actually has a good phsique but lacks the agression.
  7. Pulisic has an abductor injury and will be out for a few weeks.. I hope CHO can take his chance the same way pulisic took his chance against Burnley.. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0 CHO BRACE and Tammy goal.
  8. Batshuayis record was better when he was in Marseille . I am just not a fan of this lad
  9. Same thing people said about Pique when he left man utd for barca. Barca favour technical defenders over brute ones, besides la liga would fit Christensen because it is not a physical league
  10. Hopefully we buy a striker in January because if Tammy goes down we are stuck with batshauyi
  11. Even though v.a.r will cancel the goal. We really suck at defending set pieces
  12. We should bring on lamptey for kova and play James in midfield. I
  13. Wud rather we focus on top 4 because at this rate we will lose the position.. I am sure u wud prefer a top4 finish over a 6th position with the fa cup trophy
  14. I won't call a team that is 4th in the championship a small team... Honestly I hope we lose and focus on top 4.. our starting 11 is stretched mainly because lampard didn't rotate during the Christmas period.. Hopefully he learns from Kane's hamstring issue bcoz that could easily be Tammy , especially with our high pressing from attackers
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