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  1. We shud just get Ziyech and Werner.. Dembele is a batshuayi part 2
  2. Wow. You thought CHO did well!!!! Can you expatiate on the things you thought he did well? All I saw him do was lose possession ,not track back even though he was a sub and should have been fresh. I would say he needs to go on loan to work on his link up game with his teammates because all he wants to do is dribble but who can we loan him with that crazy pay cheque of his
  3. Bullsh*t they all had a day off against Southampton
  4. Lampard has to do his job as a coach and tell Kante to be a. Defensive midfielder and just sit next to jorginho or go to the f**king bench.. he plays as a defensive midfielder when he plays for France but once he puts on the Chelsea jersey he thinks he can play ,,3 positions at the same time. There were so many times when Kante was ahead of William and practically disrupting our attack by being in the space mount and William wanted to occupy.. The less said about CHO the better
  5. Good foul JAMES . I AM f**kING DONE... KEPA doesn't deserve this.
  6. Hopefully we buy ziyech and loan CHO, dude needs gametime to develop his game.. He is just a good fast and good dribbler . His off the ball work needs polishing offensively and defensively...
  7. CHO has to learn to stop giving the ball away... And of course they score when he loses the ball faaaak
  8. f**k him..... What a save kepa... Why are we giving away free kicks though
  9. Either lamps gets Kante to sit next to jorginho or bring on kovacic. The only way I see Brighton scoring is if they counter and we only have jorginho protecting the back 4
  10. Totally agree. Kovacic makes it a solid 2 because he stays deep and protects with Jorginho. He only drives foward when he is dribbling with the ball from deep. The problem with Kante is that Sarri and lampard have unleashed the attacking aspect of Kantes game and ask him to enter the oppositions box even without the ball. When this happens and we lose possession we are left with an immobile jorginho protecting our back 4. All we need is for lampard to make kante stay deep and actually form a midfield patnership with jorginho and not play box to box
  11. That definitely works but the problem is that jorginho is not a box to box midfielder. He will get sent off everygsme for holding it he was playing box to box because the man has no legs.. if we buy a mobile midfielder or recall Conor Gallagher I wil be happy with a midfield 3 . But we are asking kovacic and Kante to be our midfield creators with jorginho sitting and I don't think that is playing to their strengths of
  12. I agree with what you say about the back 5 but why play kova jorginho and kante when we have defensive fullbacks that will mean we have 7 defensive players on the field wud rather we play 2 of the 3 and play mount between the lines . We were in control but took over when lamps brought on CHO for kovacic and switched to a 4231 that way we had 4 attacking players on with kante and lamptey joining in
  13. First time we have done that this season. The boys are growing
  14. I was critical of lamps but I have to duff my hat to him. He made a tactical switch and sub before half time.. He had the balls to bring on lamptey ..
  15. Lamptey my man of the match Emerson BUM of the match JORGINHO .. X FACTOR
  16. I just hope we don't concede after all this hardwork...
  17. What the f**k is Kante doing there... I am sick of this sh*t
  18. Jorginho is lucky to be on the field.. dude is such a lazy footballer
  19. I want to hear lampards excuse this time.... Sooner or later he has to take responsibility for this sh*t
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