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  1. It is officially a crime to play 2 strikers at Chelsea..... Aaargggghhh
  2. I can't believe we can't score against a defence that had luiz in it
  3. I don't think the problem is the formation, it's the personnel . With Alonso we have an attacking outlet with Emerson we have a defensive liability. If Emerson had played against spurs we wud have lost
  4. Sort this sh*t out lampard.. this is relegation and coach getting fired form
  5. Hopefully this is the last of Emerson this season. Sell or loan him back to serie A
  6. Did these guys even train for this game.. I don't see a f**king game plan.. just defenders passing to eachother
  7. If we lose this with this stupid line up, The honeymoon period will be over for lampard .
  8. The most bothering thing about these home losses is that we don't even test the opposing goalkeepers. Thankfully our next 2 games are away
  9. A f**king disgrace.. lamps has to stop these emotional decisions.... Why the f**k did he start an out of form Hudson odoi..
  10. What the hell is Hudson odoi still doing on the field . WAKE UP LAMPS
  11. I am sorry but this is all on lamps. He was given the glory for outcoaching Jose but he has sent out the worst possible team. Especially with lazy jorginho playing for suspended kovacic it would have been wiser to start the hard working Mount over Callum Hudson Odois BROTHER
  12. Very well deserved goal by Southampton.. good job losing the ball Hudson odoi.. I don't understand why mason is benched for this dude
  13. Just noticed that. Very risky especially with azpi just passing a late fitness test... I guess tomori cud play wing back??
  14. Nothing wrong with giving him a chance I just hope he takes it like pulisic did when he was out of the team
  15. I don't think anyone doubts his skills . The issue is his link up play and most importantly for an attacking player assist and goals. I know he is just returning from a serious injury so he deserves some slack but what I won't take his him being lazy off the ball.. Mount and William absolutely terrorised spurs off the ball last weekend.. If he works hard he will get his luck which I think he deserves
  16. On the plus side bringing him and mount on if we cant break down the Southampton bus is a plus..
  17. Ings is on the bench . I am definitely worried about Emerson and Hudson odoi. They both play an individual game and rarely look to link up with their team mates... I just hope Hudson odoi can offer half what mount offer off the ball
  18. Then I guess we should switch formations for this game because kova is suspended and jorginho has to play
  19. Something i noticed against the spuds and really liked was that kepa reduced the amount of time he was pasing to his centrebacks and went long at least 70 percent of the time. We have a great target man in tammy and should be using him more often instead of the stupid possesions we have in our defensive side of the pitch. I really hope Jorginho coming in for Kova doesnt send us back to that useless routine. I would go for a 3421 KEPA RUDI Zouma Tomori James Kante Jorginho Alonso Mount Willian
  20. Most definitely . It doesnt help that the squad is thin and some players are out of form ( Emerson,Barkley,Hudon odoi,pedro,christensen and Giroud) Hopefully we spend wisely in January on Players who can make an impact on the starting 11 and not players to add to our bench
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