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  1. Considering the fact that we play 3 games in 6 days i hope we play our first team today and rotate all 10 against Leicester in the cup because The pikeys would have had a weeks rest before our game while we would have played 2 games. I dont think my heart can take us dropping points to this lot again this season no matter what excuses we want to give. f**k liverpool but we need the 3 points tonight chelsea 3 sh*tty 2 First goal Willian 13th minute
  2. If we don't get the 4th position it will be bcoz of the points dropped during that 2 month blip.
  3. I really hope we sell Kante this summer because Lampard will always pick him based on reputation and not what he can bring to the team.. He offers absolutely nothing to this Chelsea team.. Gilmour is needed asap
  4. Exactly what i said before the game.. Kante offers nothing against a team that parks the bus. Gilmour and pulisic need to come on for kante and Rlc ASAP
  5. Villa are an absolute disgrace...This takes parking the bus to a new level
  6. I actually like our line up except the rudiger Christensen partnership... Zouma and rudiger are a dominant duo and kept cleansheets in our 2 previous games. I know christensen is good on the ball but he is a softie off it
  7. I know it's been 3 months but I would go with the team that smashed Everton 4-0 Kepa Azpi Rudi. Zouma Alonso Gilmour. Barkley Mount William Giroud Pedro Subs to come on Pulisic ,Abraham ,loftus cheek ,kante, Anjorin.. It will be a travesty if William and Pedro abandon us and not sign a 2 month contract when we need them the most . Especially Willian
  8. But they haven't trained the past 2 days. What's the point playing
  9. Their only hope is that the game is postponed till Kane and son return from injury..
  10. And we still bought anelka shevchenko and Torres but drogba fought them off and made himself better.. You want us to just make him our number one striker because he is English and from the academy. So what happens if he gets injured we end up like spurs when Kane is injued right. f**k THAT sh*t MATE.. I am not saying sell the lad . I am just saying a club of Chelsea's calibre needs at least 2 strikers better than Abraham.. Tammy can either step his game up or warm the f**king bench
  11. We are still sticking with him but he has to earn that starting positions. Man u bought ibrahimovic and lukaku. Rashford fought them off and has earned it. Spurs bought soldado and Kane finished him off. Abraham needs competition and time to develop
  12. Giroud is better when we play teams that park the bus like spurs. We need Tammy's speed behind the back because Bayern are playing in our half pretty much
  13. It is never alright if we get MAULED. WE ARE NOT TOTTENHAM
  14. It is never alright if we get MAULED. WE ARE NOT TOTTENHAM
  15. For some reason I don't feel the nervous.. this game is a free hit.. I will be feeling the nerves for Bournemouth though.. I just hope we don't get any injuries and don't get MAULED
  16. It's the same line up as spurs but loftus cheek not on the bench. Hope he isntvinjured
  17. I actually see this as a free hit. We should just go out and enjoy the occasion. It will help in the development of the team. I am more apprehensive about Bournemouth next week
  18. Can't believe we are actually getting a quality player who costs less than BAKAYOKO, Drinkwater.. She is done it again..she had done it agaiiiin.. marinaaaaaaa. She has done it agaii
  19. Wow.. Dreams do come through. I remember always checking the rumors part of the website and never seeing a ziyech thread. Hopefully this transfer is sorted out quickly.
  20. So I guess if we had the chance to get Harry Kane we should not.lol.. just pulling your legs. I am not saying Giroud is great, my argument all along was that he was better than batshauyi.. hopefully we replace them both with quality strikers in the summer.. Also we have Pedro who has scored lots of goals with flick ons for giroud but lamps benches him also.
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