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  1. Time will tell . To be fair Alonso had a head start due to being involved in pre season since day 1. I am fine with either player to be fair.
  2. Tuchel obviously doesn't agree with your assessment and neither do I seeing as Alonso started against Villa and was made captain.. I was terrified of Salah and TAA ripping Alonso a new one in anfield but he held his own and even offered some support to the attack regardless of being a man down I prefer my coach making decisions based on performances in training and not reputation. Alonso has been by far our best wingback this season and I am sure Chilwell recognizes this. He will get his chance sooner or later but for now I prefer the false 3
  3. To be fair I dont even think Tuchel thought Villa were going to play so aggressive. If Saul had played against Crystal palace in our first game of the season he would have looked world class because Palace just stayed back and refused to press us or hit us on the counter. He was thrown in the deep end and will be better for it since we didnt lose the game.
  4. I agree but I think Tuchel should prioritise the league over everything else. If he wins the league he will probably be our greatest manager ever since he has won the UCL , Super cup and hopefully the club World cup in December. Pep needs to prioritize the UCL because it will be an asterixis on his time at City if he doesn't win it. Thankfully we have the UCL monkey off our back, I just need the Premier League title back were it belongs
  5. I agree with your point about attitude but after yesterdays performance with a rotated squad but I am sure Tuchel will go with a familiar line up. Most people are under estimating Zenith because they know nothing about them but they won the Russian league last season and are top of the league this season. They and Juve are our real threats in the group especially with the fact that we have to go to Russia in December when the temperature will probably be sub zero
  6. I was suprised Alonso didn't pass on the arm bad after Jorginho came on at half time and even after Azpi came on. Rumor has it that Alonso also went to bed with the arm band last night. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. No way we play this. We rested players against villa so we could play a strong team against zenith and Spurs. Zenith are the champions of Russia and have some good Brazilian players. We need to start the defense of our Trophy with the right attitude Mendy Azpi. Christensen. Rudiger James. Kovacic. Jorginho. Chilwell Mount Lukaku. Werner
  8. Not bad for a club that has no History. I would have expected Liverpool or Arsenal to get it before us
  9. He might start against Zenith but we need Big Rom against the Spuds
  10. On the plus side. His performances can only go up after the debacle of today. To be fair he was put in a really disjointed team due to the changes. I expect him to have a better game in 10 days against villa in the carabao cup
  11. I know its off topic but i was really impressed with Armando Broja today for Southampton . He came off the bench hit the post and also had a shot cleared off the line in the 90th minute
  12. Hopefully Azpi comes on for Ziyech and CHO moves into the front 3
  14. We need Jorginho to control the tempo of the game . If not Jorginho for Saul then Azpi for Saul and send Chalobah into Midfield
  15. CHO needs to remember that he is a Wing back and not a winger. He is leaving Young Chalobah on an island
  16. I remember Thiago Silva captaining us last season when Azpi and Jorgi were unavailable but i guess it just shows how much Alonso has won over Tuchel this season. I am skeptical about our right side. I just hope CHO protects Chalobah and doesn't leave him Isolated against Watkins.
  17. We have 3 left footed attackers and 5 left footers in the team if u add SAUL and ALONSO....
  18. It has nothing to do with fitness. Alonso has been our best wingback .
  19. I am not a fan of chalobah RCB with CHO at right wing. Chalobah needs someone who is tactically astute and can guide/ protect him in the game. I will go for Dave, besides Dave was a substitute in Spain's last match so he should be fresh and Jorginho only played 59 mins in a practice match for Italy..
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