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  1. Looks like Big Sam has come with the bus especially with him replacing Gallager with a defender ( Ajayi). I expect these c**ts to take an eternity to take goal kicks and throw ins. An early goal or two for us will be imperative today
  2. I think Christensen is being rested just like Mount, Havertz and Rudiger for the Porto match
  3. Pretty easly line up to predict with the international break injury and fatigue Mendy Azpi Christensen Zouma James Jorginho Kovacic Alonso Ziyech Havertz Werner
  4. I was thinking the same thing. With us using a neutral venue for both legs porto actually has the away goals advantage since we will be at home in the second leg. All they have to do is keep it tight in the first leg and try to nick a goal in the second game. Hopefully we win the first game convincingly because if its still close in the second game we will be f**ked. I remember this scenario happening in the UCL a while back (Mourinhos first season with us) when Inter played AC milan in the semifinal. both teams share the same stadium . The first leg ended 0-0 but the second leg en
  5. Just heard that Kante is injured. I just want to say f**k you very much DESCHAMPS
  6. Not really. Giroud has been ineffective all game so mount is the false 9 to be flanked by odoi and pulisic. We brought on Dave for Christensen, may be he is still feeling his illness .
  7. It is indirectly because of the injury .. He is scared to run at 100 percent because he doesn't want to tear the hamstring. I don't think we will see that explosive pulisic until next season
  8. Does Pulisic have to be shot before the ref gives a card for these fouls
  9. To be honest after all the euphoria and dopamine rush from the draw yesterday I have come back to earth and actually feel pessimistic about this game. I think we do better as the under dog but we wont have that role against Porto. Thankfully Tuchel has smelt this and tried to put a damper on it. We will need Kante to be at his best to pocket Sérgio Oliveira and i think Giroud might be needed to battle Pepe. I just pray we have no injuries during this international break
  10. Its not a break , there will be International fixtures and some teams will play 3 games in these 11 days. All I pray is that we have no injuries. Werner,Havertz,Kante and james should be rested because they might play all 3 games for their countries
  11. I think Azpi is due a rest . He has been playing at a high level and we know he is as fit as a horse but may be that mistake against athletico is a sign of fatigue. I saw the same thing with Christensen against Leeds with unforced errors and of course his body forced him to take a rest with his illness. Will go for this team Kepa Zouma Christensen Rudiger CHO. Jorginho. Kovacic. Chilwell Ziyech. Giroud. Mount
  12. If I recall the courtois case , Uefa said we didn't have the authority to make him not play us since the loan rules don't apply in UCL. The decision was given to courtois and of course the 🐍 said he wanted to play against us.
  13. Its De ja vu i am telling you guys... 2012 2021 we draw a portuguese team We draw a portuguese team BENFICA PORTO Semifinal we will beat the Spaniards REAL MADRID FInal We beat BAYERN again.. This dopamine rush is insane especially after the Athletico game We have got Super Thomas Tuchel.... He knows exactly what we need.... THiago in the back Timo in attack CHELSEAS GONNA WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
  14. OMG we just rigged this.... I can believe i am saying this but thank you UEFA
  15. That's because for the past 2 years we have had coaches who didn't play Kante in his right position.. Thankfully Tuchel like Conte knows how to utilize Kante. He is not a box to box midfielder like sarri used him nor is he a holding midfielder like lampard tried to make him. It also helps that Tuchel is treating him like a human and offering him rests instead of playing him whenever he can walk
  16. Same here. It is insane that we have never played them in the Champions league
  17. I honestly hate seeing Pulisic on the right. He is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better from the left
  18. He got hit in the sternum. I dont think Rudi made a big deal of it. He did wind up Savic to do it though
  19. Ziyech and Havertz seem Knackered and arent pressing like before. We need to bring on CHO
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