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  1. I feel like we can nick this first leg if we play smart and aggressive. I love Havertz but his timid play isnt needed for this game. f**k a false 9 , we need a striker that will be aggressive and exploit the space behind Reals defence. We also need the attacking midfielders to be able to drop deep to support Kante and Jorginho because they will be outnumbered by Madrids midfield 3. will go for the same team in the Fa cup semis besides Kepa in goal Mendy Azpi Silva Rudiger James Kante Jorginho
  2. Zidane said that Kroos and Mendy will be back for chelsea. I have seen pictures of Ramos having individual training sessions but I don't think he will be back for the first leg.. Unfortunately hazard looked class in his 13 Min cameo yesterday. He actually looked like the hazard of old with his neat flicks and arrogant passes.
  3. There is a replay on the forum. You can clearly see it hits his fore head . I am sure if you ask him he would say he wishes he had that chance again so he would bury it. To be fair though Tammy isnt really good with headers and he has been frozen out for a while so i will excuse it
  4. How about compose youself and head the ball downwards
  5. How does Tammy miss that. We need to invest in Strikers next season. Plural not singular
  6. These commentators are so stupid saying it isnt a red. DOES HE HAVE TO BREAK HIS LEG for it to be a red
  7. Is it worse than after you took your first shot. Just asking because i am due in 2 weeks
  9. We have 7 defensive players in our starting line up. Paying these Spammers too much respect. At least we have a striker and not a false 9
  10. With liverpool drawing i have a feeling this game is going to be a boring 0-0 draw
  11. Its just running parallel with 2012. Avb got fired and his assistant captain(Lampard) said may be he got the job too early in his career . Now its 2021 lampard gets fired and his assistant captain (Jorginho) says the same. I am sorry but we are winning the Champions league...lol
  12. Actually he will only miss the first leg. He should be fit for the bench against Fulham and start against Madrid if we lose the first leg
  13. Honestly people are just tired of the lockdown and not going to matches. This is the closest they will get to go to a concert
  14. Mason mount has played the most matches and most minutes for us this season. Hopefully he is given a rest before vthe inevitable happens. I will also suggest resting rudiger. Mendy Azpi. Christensen. Zouma CHO. KANTE. Jorginho. Chilwell Pulisic. Havertz. Werner
  15. A bit of over reaction on here. Take into Consideration we played Porto and then played our first team against Man city while city rested players. Our Players were Knackered while Brighton players had 8 days off. If you add the team bus being delayed for 45 mins I am glad we did not lose this.
  16. So boring. I am switching to CNN to celebrate Chauvin being found guilty on all charges
  17. Hopefully. Looks like we are the ones that will do the bottling
  18. Why the f**k did we let City beat us to the punch, MAKE A f**kING STATEMENT CHELSEA
  19. We are just feeling the effects of playing our first team against Porto and Mancity with little rotation. It was bound to happen.
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