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  1. Any Links, I'm Over My Girls And She Ain't Got No Sports Channels😂😂
  2. Crawled Over The Line With Help From Our Bitter Rivals
  3. Only Thing Worse Than Our Performance Was The Performance Of The Ref And We Were sh*t
  4. Grealish Getting Lessons From LeBron James I See
  5. Surprised The Ref Didn't Give A Yellow Or Even A Red For That Tackle On Grealish, Easily Could Of Took Him Out Of The Euro's🙄🙄
  6. So Let's Give Grealish A Warning For His Warning For His Previous Warning
  7. 2 Passes Towards Him, Neither Actually Got Close To Him
  8. Mad How VAR Didn't Magically Make Rudi's Arm Longer And Call It Handball
  9. Bit Pointless Having Ago At VAR, The Officials Who Are In The Booths Are Beyond A Joke
  10. I Rem Look At Liverpool's Pen Against Man City, Basically A Little Touch On Salah's Shoulder, Boom Down And Pen, Timo Kicked Yet Nah Never A Pen According To English Refs
  11. I'm Waiting For A Message About An Hour Later Saying VAR Should Of Given A Pen Like The Lo Celso Would Be Sending Off Last Year
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