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  1. That's The First Time We've Played Quick Passes And Look What Happens, Too Many Times We Are Slow As Hell
  2. They Are All Over Us, And Lampard Thinks Yeah We Are Doing Okay No Need For Subs
  3. Reece Should Just Clear It Out Of Play, Don't Try Keep That In With No Idea Of Where It Would Go Or Who's Behind
  4. Pass And Move It Quicker, Last 20Mins We've Been Playing It Too Slow
  5. After We Scored The 2 Goals, We Went Back To Our Slow Build Up Play Again
  6. Well At Least Werner Looks For The Forward Runs From Other's, No-One Seems To Look For His Forward Runs Though
  7. Surely A Booking, Blocked Him Off No Attempt To Play The Ball
  8. Karen Saying We Like To Play Through The Middle A Lot, Are You Mad, We Are A Play It Out Wide Cross It In Team
  9. Surely Lampard Can't Be Saying Before The Game, Listen Don't Attempt To Play Through The Middle, Knock It Out Wide Cross It In And Hope
  10. Same With Havertz, In Space Behind Their Midfield, Doesn't Get The Ball, We Just Look To Pass It Wide
  11. Ooooo Look A Leicester Player Put A Through Ball In, Wish A Chelsea Player Would Do That
  12. James There, Scared To Pass It Forward To Either Werner Or Abraham Making A Run
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