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  1. It's The Same In The Final 3rd, No Movement, Everyone Was Bloody Static Of Course We Won't Create Anything If You Don't Bloody Move
  2. f**k, We Have No Control Over The Game, Frank Needs To Make A Sub To Bolster The Midfield
  3. Don't Know How We Got A Point, But From How sh*t We Played It Was A Good Comeback, We Need To Play With More Urgency Each Game, We Usually Start Sloppy, Maybe Nick A Goal Then Revert Back To It, Mindset Needs To Change
  4. I Feel Only Kai Is Moving Into Space But Then Not Getting The Pass When He's There, Can't People Look Up And Find That Pass
  5. He's Finding Space, But Then No-One Is Passing To Him In The Space
  6. So The 2 Holding Midfielder's Are Basically Playing As 2 Extra Attackers Instead, Just One Of You Drop Back, It's Not That Difficult To Do Isit
  7. Lampard Looks Like He Will Just Throw Some Of These Player's Out With The Look On His Face
  8. Whatever Team We Play, The 50-50 Balls Our Guys Never Seem To Win Them
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