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  1. We Do Need Some Sort Of Injection Of A Transfer Also To Think Lampard Is Just Looking For A Payout Is Stupid, He's Been Handed A Crap Hand, And Is Trying His Best To Figure Out What To Do. You Lose A Player Of Hazards Quality And You Can't Even Replace Him Is Massive, As Stated Either In This Thread Or Another Thread, Hazard Took Maybe 2-3Players From The Opposing Team, Currently No-One Really Does That Give Lampard This Transfer Window As Well As The Summer One, And If He's Still Not Doing Well Around This Time Next Year Then Think About Moving On. But It's Way Too Early To Even Think Of Given Him The Sack Or Even Thinking About It
  2. We Need To Dip Into The Transfer Market ASAP, With Their 2nd Goal, Clearly Tammy Had 1 Leg, Why Wasn't Bats Tracking Back Instead But Please Pulisic, Hurry Back
  3. That's True, But Still By The Refs Standard Today He Should Of Stopped Play
  4. Ref Clearly A c**t, Should Of Stopped The Game By His Standards With A Player Down Injured
  5. Tammy Is Injured Though, But Why Hasn't The Ref Stopped It, He Stopped It For Cramp And Hurt Balls, f**k Off You Prick Of A Ref
  6. I Don't Put This On Lampard, I Put This In The Outfielders Inability To Put This Game To Bed
  7. We Need To Start Passing It Quicker, This Slow Passing Is Allowing Arsenal To Get Back Into Shape
  8. We Need To Be More Clinical Infront Of Goal, Too Many Games Like This Where We Can't Take Our Chances
  9. 2 Good Corners From Emerson, Can't Believe The Positive Words For Him So Far
  10. Why Stop The Game, They Only Stop The Game If It's A Head Injury, Testicles Aren't Heads

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