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  1. I wanna see morata score for his hat-trick just to see his over the top celebration
  2. He knew he was offside that's why he kicked it over, top man
  3. So that's a booking, but yacob hasn't been cautioned
  4. Ummm Yacob throwing Christensen down
  5. Well that was dreadful
  6. Morata can't catch a break sometimes
  7. Only change i see us really making is emerson for barkley, put emerson out wide and loftus back in the midfield 3
  8. Hazard's first corner, not bad, beat the first man
  9. Can we recall pulisic from loan? lol
  10. Good play, but good save from gunn
  11. Willian's first corner was good, but since then he's not done too much right
  12. Just did a nice little flick round for barkley who didn't really run
  13. Good build up just a shame about the cross from alonso
  14. Would like to see alvaro have a good game just to give him some sort of boost