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  1. I'm More Worried About The Battle For 6th With Wolves
  2. Should Be 1. Score A Goal 2. Wait And See If Chelsea Can Score 3. Repeat 1 If They Do 2
  3. Wouldn't Say He Was sh*te, Majority Of Games The Players Just Give The Ball To Hazard And Expect Him To Do Everything, No-One Else Tries To Help Him Out
  4. Do We Actually Work On Any Attacking Play In Training, Because None Of It Is Being Shown In Half Of Our Games
  5. Nah That's Rule 4, Rule 1 Is Play Plan A, Rule 2, Do Rule 1, Rule 3, Swap Like For Like In LCM, Rule 4, Swap Willian And Pedro On RW Each Week
  6. CHO Has Looked Quite Bright Since He Came On
  7. How Many Times Do We Start The 2nd Half So Sluggish And Either Let Them Score Or They Just Have So Much Pressure On Our Defence
  8. Kostic Has Looked Good On Their Left Hand Side, Put In A Few Good Balls Already
  9. Boyko has kept this tie over the two legs to 7-0 at the moment, it could easily have been about 10 Or 11-0

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