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  1. Tbf He'd Fit Right In At CB, We Can Never Have Enough Dodgy Defenders
  2. Never Seen Someone Move So Slow, He's Basically Meant To Be A Box To Box Midfielder With How Our 3 Are Set Up, Yet He Can't Seem To Track Back Quickly
  3. People May Say Emerson Has Been Our Worst Player Today, But For Me Barkley Has Been Shocking, He's Offered Nothing In Midfield, So Slow, Haven't Seen Him Sprint At All
  4. I Still Don't Understand Why Zouma Didn't Just Drop 2 Yards Down, He Can See Christensen Dropping Back Into His Place, Then Zouma You Drop Down, Just Simple Stuff
  5. Both Zouma And Christensen Marking The Front Post There
  6. Poor First Touch From Mason, Took Himself Too Far Wide
  7. He Did Receive The Pass Which He Then Played Back To Callum
  8. The One I Remember That Happened A Good 15-20 Seconds Is Bournemouth Vs Burnley

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