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  1. I f**king Hate The Fact I'm Currently Working
  2. If VAR Isn't Going To Be Consistent Then It's Pointless, Any Other Time That's A Goal Kick
  3. Ummm CHO Is Booked For Diving From A Push In The Back, Yet, That Is A Penalty?
  4. We Need Another Winger Just To Rotate With CHO, Pulisic And Willian, Pedro Offers Basically Nothing
  5. As Poor As Pulisic Was, Pedro Is 10 Minutes Has Been Worse
  6. Jesus 2 Goals In 2 Games For Willian, He's A Changed Man
  7. We Are Slow When We Have Possession, We Need To Move It Quicker N All
  8. So Now It's Jorg Taking The Pen Instead Of Either Pedro Or Barkley

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