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    BlueLilly reacted to yorkleyblue in Chelsea vs Sheff Utd (PL) SATURDAY 31st Aug 15:00 GMT   
    The "worst team in the league" who are above us on goal  difference and on the same points as Spuds and Manure

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    BlueLilly reacted to axman2526 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Banned from signing new players, giving our youth a chance, lost our best player of the last 7 years, has arguably 5 first 11 players injured at the start of the campaign.
    Do we expect him to win the league or finish top 4? I do not, he is learning just as our players are. Now is not our time to be amongst the best.
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    BlueLilly reacted to coco in Atmosphere at the Bridge   
    We sat next to the away fans, they called themselves the blades, but when they say blades it sounds like bleeds, they sing "we are the bleeds, we are the bleeds...."
    10yo Grandson: "Why do they say Chelsea red boys" ?
    Grandad: "They're so thick they can't tell colours apart"
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    BlueLilly reacted to Boston Blue in Tammy Abraham   
    I'm not exactly sure where these expectations for our young players have come from.  Tammy & Pulisic taking some heat on these forums.  These are 20 and 21 year old players who have 3 games of Premier League experience under their belts, and some here are expecting them to be playing like they have been in the league for years and are at the peak of their careers.
    Allow them to develop.  Enjoy watching them develop.  Support them.  We can't write them off after a game in which they don't score, then hail them as world class when they score in the next match.  
    It was no secret there was going to need to be some development this season, yet some seem surprised we are going through it.
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    BlueLilly reacted to Backbiter in Following our ex`s...   
    I'm shocked.
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    BlueLilly reacted to mwblue10 in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    3 games in and 20 years old.  He’ll be just fine.  Nobody was over the moon with Hazard right away either.  Even the best needed time to adjust when they were young and first moved to the PL.
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    BlueLilly reacted to Zeta in Pre-Match Predictions - PL - Week 3 - Norwich (A)   
    Overall Scores so Far:
    Zeta 11 Amputechture 6 dansubrosa 6 BlueLilly 6 chiefBlueCFC 5 big blue 5 Chelsea Buzz 5 Scott Harris 2 Bonzodog29 1 erksblue 1 DP2 1 Jackson27 1 AlexTommo 1 haidertalal 1 TJB 1 DidierDrogbalala 1 PloKoon13 0 Salato 0 coco 0 Andy North 0 Nevamind 0 Jezz 0 dkw 0 2211 0
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    BlueLilly reacted to Spiller86 in Norwich vs Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Aug 12:30 GMT   
    What a day to be a Chelsea fan. 3 goals, all scored by Academy grads. One of own on the bench getting his first win. 
    It's not going to be perfect this season, and we saw that with some rubbish defending at times, but it's going to be fun.
    Just to cap it off David Luiz makes an arse of himself and makes two classic Luiz f**kups as they get a smashing. Thanks for the 8 million Arsenal. Good riddance to snakes in the grass.
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    BlueLilly reacted to General in Tammy Abraham   
    Got his own song. (Albeit highly unoriginal) took his goals superbly.  Both technically challenging with perfect geometrical execution. Motm, and some people, especially the anti CFC media doubted his ability at this level, unlike the manager  & likewise questioned his potential. May this brace be the 1st of many for our new number 9.
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    BlueLilly reacted to coco in Tammy Abraham   
    How foolish we are for getting excited.
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    BlueLilly reacted to just in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Yesterday we had our youngest team for 25 years on the pitch. We are already playing with more tempo, directness and forward movement than we did at any time under Sarri. As a result, we are far more enjoyable to watch. And we have 5 more quality players to return from injury.
    I truly cannot see what there is to be negative about.
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    BlueLilly reacted to bluedave in Norwich vs Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Aug 12:30 GMT   
    It must be horrible to watch football and only be able to notice the negatives. I don’t know why some of you keep coming back.
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    BlueLilly reacted to dkw in Norwich vs Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Aug 12:30 GMT   
    How can we have failed our finishing 100% but scored 2 goal? 
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    BlueLilly reacted to Liam in Server Move - Aug 2019   
    You're an absolute legend Mod. Thanks for all the work you on our behalf.
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    BlueLilly reacted to ForeverCarefree in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Has it been a good start to the season? No.
    Should we be overly surprised? Not really.
    Let’s not play down how big a transition this season is. A lot was said about needing patients with Sarri because he was overhauling our playing style so drastically, well Lampard is overseeing a change in playing style, a squad overhaul and cultural shift in mentally to player selection. It’s a huge task he’s undertaking.
    This is a playing squad that lost leadership and experience in Hazard, Luiz, Cahill and replaced it with youthful promise.
    When Jorginho, a player who has only been here 12 months, is spoken about as a leading voice on and off the pitch that tells us a lot about the make up of this squad.
    We’ve got a brand new centre back pairing who need to develop an understanding. A new shape to our midfield. Youthful talents of Pulisic (let’s not forget he’s only 20 years old), Mount, Abraham being entrusted with large minutes of playing time.
    I’d love to see us going out and smashing Leicester 5-0 today but we’ve got to be realistic about the state of the squad and the expectations we have for it right now. 
    It’s early days, now is not the time to judge Lampard or these players, especially those playing their first full seasons for Chelsea.
    Keep the faith. In Frankie we trust.
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    BlueLilly reacted to dkw in Chelsea vs Leicester (PL) Sun 18th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    I don't think so, we were excellent in the first half, but looked a tired team in the 2nd which is understandable considering we played sunday/Wednesday, 120 minutes plus travel. Liverpool were the same yesterday. 
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    BlueLilly reacted to Mod Stark in Eden Hazard   
    I think you’ll find at least from the Chelsea side dan, it is tongue in cheek sarcasm!
    I’d love him back even with his burger belly!
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    BlueLilly reacted to coco in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    More women officals means less room for twats like Clattenburg, who lets not forget has openly admitted allowing fouls to continue in a game because he didn't want to be the person who f**ked spuds over.
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    BlueLilly reacted to Imran_CFC in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    The biggest difference for me was actually the attitude of the players towards the Ref, there didnt seem to be this constant running over and moaning at each and every decision. Not sure if it was due to a female Ref or a lack of clear and obvious errors however you get players moaning even at the correct decisions in the league so who knows.
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    BlueLilly reacted to goose in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    I just want good referring, that’s all that counts. Shouldn’t be able to notice what gender they are or would it matter. For what I’ve seen of the match, which really was only the second half, thought the game flowed well.
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    BlueLilly reacted to RMH in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    And she did it much better than any male referee we've endured recently. Very good letting the football flow, not many errors (tough call on our penalty and wrong call allowing the penalty missed by Tammy), and very impartial. I was positively impressed and I hope we got more female referees in the PL and European cups.
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    BlueLilly reacted to evissy in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Great introduction of a woman referee + lineswomen to mens games. She did everything as well as a man would have done. This game being a big occasion was a great place to start the discussion for a thing that should already be normal.

    Playing is a different thing (thinking about mixed squad's) due to our genders differences in physical strenght but as a referee or any other official or manager a women has a same chance of succeding as she did.

    For women this does a great deal for their confidence in pursuing this job as any other. You could say an able men lost this gig but I feel this is far more important. Good thing this one and she handled it very well.

    You should broaden your view and think of what it could do in the long run. And on top of that behave in this forum.

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    BlueLilly reacted to bisright1 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    She's reffed in the French first division and reffed the womens world cup final. Her CV was good enough to be given this glorified friendly 
    If this gets more women into refereeing then great. There clearly aren't enough top refs in our country and so the more the better. 
    One bad decision a bad game does not make.
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    BlueLilly reacted to Munkworth in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    I didn’t even notice the officials, the game flowed nicely without lots of stupid cards. The only debatable decision was the penalty that went in our favour. 
    Maybe there should be a drive to send cranky old buggers like yourself to be sent back to the Middle Ages? 
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    BlueLilly reacted to Upsetter in Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT   
    Well I think you're talking out of your arse. But hey ho, that's just my opinion.

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