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    Night-T reacted to Strider6003 in Random Rumours   
    Maybe despite that final misunderstanding Sarri knew how to give him confidence.
    Will be amazing if Sarri takes some of the wider squad, yet no mention of Jorginho this time.
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    Night-T reacted to Sindre in Achraf Hakimi   
    I don't necessarily disagree with your thinking. But I do think you'd be surprised about his contributions in attack from even from RCB. It's far from a traditional CB. Even in the season that was you more often than not found Rudiger "fighting" in midfield areas instead of deeper as a traditional CB would have. And you also had him going on marauding forward runs a lot of the time. If we had James going on those instead of Rudiger I think that could only be good for us.
    And at least on paper Hakimi is an even better attacker from wingback and if we could get both him and Reece James performing at a top level I think that would be fantastic for us.
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    Night-T reacted to LongtimerLurker in Achraf Hakimi   
    Looks nice doesn't it? We would need to sell all the deadwood though just to finance this. If Hakimi at best is £60m and we can bring Rice down to £70mish with add ons all that's left is Haaland £130-50m?? bringing us above the £220m we spent last summer on 5 new additions but this time only on 3.

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    Night-T reacted to axman2526 in Random Rumours   
    Jonas Hoffman at 40mill euros
    Cause TT briefly worked with him
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    Night-T reacted to ForeverCarefree in Random Rumours   
    By all accounts it was as good as done him going Barca but PSG have apparently swooped in, doubled the wages on offer and just blown Barca out of the water. 
    As he is a free agent he was free to change his mind because he hadn't put pen to paper on the Barca contract yet. 
    That's not to say I don't agree about ITK accounts though. 
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    Night-T reacted to big blue in Erling Haaland   
    Heard wages are more like 300-350k. Transfer will be about 130m-140m, and Raiola probably gets 20m-30m. Also a chance we pay even less than that, and he stays at Dortmund a year, like what Liverpool did with Naby Keita. 
    Really cant see how anyone wouldnt be excited for this, no point worrying about hypotheticals like Raiola being a nightnare, or Haaland pushing for Spain every window. 
    Who knows how this plays out, Haaland might might sack Raiola after a year. His Dad is there to advise him, and you can bet he will have something to say if Raiola is having a negatice impact on his sons career. Lukaku sacked Raiola after his big move aswell. 
    If we can afford it, then great. It wasnt that long ago we were linked with ashley barnes, Im glad the club are showing real ambition to take advantage of the super clubs going through a tough time financially. 
    From all accounts Tuchel really wants him aswell. So why not back the manager when possible? 
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    Night-T reacted to dansubrosa in Next new Striker   
    Of course I’d take him, regardless of the price and wages. He’s one of these talents you only see every now and then, like Mbappe, Neymar etc. I’m not going to put him in the same bracket as Ronaldo & Messi but he certainly has the potential.
    My point is that you simply don’t let these opportunities pass, if we stand a chance, it has to be done.
    What if we have a bad season and fail to finish top 4? Would Haaland still be interested when he’s got offers from the best clubs?
    This summer is our biggest chance and we need to do whatever it takes.
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    Night-T reacted to doctorblue in Next new Striker   
    Happy to see Tammy sold...will never be good enough to be a primary striker for this club...ifnwe can get £40m for him, then happy to spend that money on someone else...
    Need a big clear out this summer...all of these can go...
    Alonso, Bats, Tomori, Emerson, Jourinho, Barkley, Abraham, Bakayoko and Kepa amongst others...TT needs to make up his mind about CHO and Ziyech too...
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    Night-T reacted to SFL82 in Next new Striker   
    If it’s not Haaland or Kane we shouldn’t buy a striker just for the sake of it, the best or nothing, spend it on top class in the other positions we need, we are the champions of Europe we don’t need squad players. 
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    Night-T reacted to Malcolm9 in So who do you think is realistic   
    I think it is clear that we need a top striker, we should have killed off so many games over the season.
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    Night-T got a reaction from mojo in Next new Striker   
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    Night-T got a reaction from axman2526 in Next new Striker   
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    Night-T reacted to axman2526 in Declan Rice to Chelsea?   
    Julian Wiegel reported as a cheap back up option to Rice for 30mill euros.
    Dont want us going for lower quality personally. Either get players who improve the squad or dont bother at all.
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    Night-T reacted to Boyne in Roman Abramovich   
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    Night-T got a reaction from axman2526 in Declan Rice to Chelsea?   
    Even if it would play in our cards.
    I really want Gerard to join Everton, with my brother being a Liverpool fan (I know, the bad genes in the family). 
    He's already disgusted just that Steven is being linked to Everton (gave me a big smile this morning reading his frustrated messages) 🥰
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    Night-T got a reaction from WeatherMan in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    He had a left orbital fracture and a acute nose bone fracture. 
    I think that is a very valid reason to leave the pitch. 
    Even if he wanted to play the doc would never let him play. 
    The medical staff has to be very cautious with head injuries nowaday. 
    Try heading with an orbital fracture or getting the ball kicked in the face from close range without a mask (and even with). 
    Him leaving the pitch was the only sane option. 
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    Night-T reacted to Brigadeiro in Romelu Lukaku   
    Honestly I'd rather we pay now Dortmund a higher fee than Haaland's release clause for next season and let him stay there for another season than getting Lukaku or Kane now and most likely ruining our chances to be in the running when that clause activates. 
    Having Haaland for the next 4-5 years least is just too good of a option for us to miss, just like getting Hazard was back then. If that's what it takes to get him here, I'd do it and believe in our strikers and TT to get us through next season with reinforcements in other positions. 
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    Night-T got a reaction from Strider6003 in Good tweet that puts things in perspective. Chelsea is truly a member of Europe's elite now.   
    It does make sense to me. 
    In the Premier League you are competing only with the best teams of 1 competition. 
    In the CL you are competing with the elite of that same compeition plus the other elite teams from all over europe. 
    I reckon that is much thougher. plus 1 mistake is enough not to win it, while in the prem you stil have a chance after a few lesser games. 
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    Night-T got a reaction from Jangz in Andreas Christensen   
    I just can't get used seeing him with hair 🙂
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    Night-T reacted to dansubrosa in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    I’m not going to hold it against Tuchel if we don’t win the league next season, despite whoever we sign this summer. (Unless we sign Mbappe, Haaland and Neymar then maybe I will).
    Liverpool signed a very good center back to partner VVD, City are going to spend a fortune after losing, plus Man Utd will try to strengthen.
    It’s going to be a really tough one to win. I think it would be unfair to expect Tuchel to deliver us the title, but I hope we’ll be there right to the end.
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    Night-T reacted to Strider6003 in Good tweet that puts things in perspective. Chelsea is truly a member of Europe's elite now.   
    Two things on that,
    Firstly City above Bayern Munich seems strange, do the Arabic supporters buy that many shirts?
    Spurs above Arsenal much as I like neither just don't see Spurs being bigger or more successful than Arsenal.
    Would be interesting to know their rating formulas.
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    Night-T reacted to Gol15 in César 'Dave' Azpilicueta   
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    Night-T reacted to Munkworth in César 'Dave' Azpilicueta   
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    Night-T reacted to Ballack & Blu in Roman Abramovich   
    You just know Dave would be your most loyal mate..
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    Night-T reacted to big blue in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    Just finished watching the game again, and whilst kante was fantastic and deserving of his motm award, I think Havertz was the best player on the pitch. Absolutely majestic, all the cute touches were coming off, he was winning duels, movement fantastic, dribbling and passing were exquisite. 
    He took his goal well, but he also couldve had 2 assists, with a couple of pieces of brilliant play setting up Werner in the 1st half, and Pulisic in the 2nd. 
    Really excited to see him next season, I actually think he will be our best player next season. 
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