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  1. This side is making the impossible - wanting me for us to go for Zaha in January. Can't anymore with Willian or try to make Mount a winger anymore. Just buy one.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, from the Lille game onwards we're not leaving London until the New Year.
  3. Oh, this got over my head but I didn’t watch it on Sky, so.. [emoji28][emoji28]
  4. Zero in 11 games now. On the opposite - I’m not sure, maybe I missheard it but at the Etihad he has scored against them every time.
  5. I agree but we need to get some wins against the so called top 6 for me to believe there’s a chance. Usually you need to be consistent against the rest of the league to be a champion but the last two seasons and the crazy points total showed you need to be consistent the whole season.
  6. It seems Chelsea put an article up confirming the transfer before an official announcement, and then they deleted it.
  7. That's the key word. His daughter is sick... (Hope for a speedy recovery) That's why he's stepping down. No way he'll be back in management any time soon.
  8. At least he made it easier to not feel bad anymore about him leaving lol Need to change my avi soon.
  9. Maybe. There was a Sky Sports article the other day. Don't know where they came from but it said they plan to use him on the right in a 4-3-3 or as a second striker in a 4-4-2. No idea how this is gonna work.
  10. The guys before me were ahead of me but... If we want to continue implement what Sarri did, let’s go for Ajax’s manager. Huge gamble, but it excites me more than the shortlist we have seen these days. And from what I read, he already speaks English and he will use the youth if the ban is not appealed. Problem is, I don’t see a big chance getting him cause Ajax will lose half their team. Doubt they’ll want to lose their coach too in the same summer.
  11. Well, just great. Hollywood FC back at it again a week before a European final. Couldn’t these rumors just wait a bit? All little hope I had for the game, is now gone.
  12. Oh, so much feelings towards this final, especially the date. The worst date for me, personally. And I agree, if we play like anything today, nothing good's coming but I really hope our boys will make us proud and bring the trophy home, and bring me some joy. KTBFFH!
  13. Arsenal sh*tting the bed again (very hopeful) and it’s guaranteed today.
  14. Arsenal sh*tting the bed again (very hopeful) and it’s guaranteed today.

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