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  1. It did but because a goal happen afterwards, they didnt look at all.
  2. Not a lot will be with you on this one, but I am. Like @Argo said - rather go gun blazing in the competitions we're in that worry if we're gonna be in them the next season.
  3. What a end of the season we were going for and it’s all in the binners. Why should I care whrre we finish if we’re not gonna compete in the CL anyway?
  4. @coco Did you accidentally made a thread for the return leg 😃
  5. If you need anything for the future - https://reedditt.soccerstreams.net/home The subreddit move to their own site, cause they were banned.
  6. Is a scoring draw enough to secure first place because of the away goals? EDIT: No, forgot there’s another game too lol, sorry.
  7. It's a wishful thinking at this present time but I do hope fans are allowed sooner rather than later. Of all the new guys, Silva is a short-term and has a big chance of playing for Chelsea in front of no fans for his whole tenure..
  8. Can you check what’s going on with tapatalk? I try to login but every time I get “Login failed - check your credentials” and I double check every time.
  9. His obsession with wanting Mount to be the next Frank Lampard will be his biggest downfall. I'm not even talking about the penalty. The kid is being runned to the ground where there's absolutely no need to play every 90 minutes in this hectic schedule. Everybody has their favorites but the boy is far away from a world-class footballer to be given this treatment.
  10. Yeah, I noticed it too the last couple of seasons. Especially with Liverpool and their thin squad and almost to none major injuries they are at 6 gear the whole 90 minutes. They will probably run away with the title again but if they finish on a 90+ point season for a third year in a row with COVID schedule and so little depth, it will raise some questions for me.
  11. Even if he didn't and had time to settle and learn the language, good thing Silva and Zouma both speak French. Azpi should too from his OM days, so no biggie. :)
  12. I'm not an expert on him but everywhere I've seen, people say this is how he is in general. A smile once in a while but that will be it. A bit like Ozil in terms of body languange. Here's hoping he's level doesn't have the same fate in a few years. 😄
  13. Haven’t seen a pre-season thread but does anyone know when it starts? The league starts in a month, so I guess players will go on holiday for no more than two weeks, right?
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