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  1. Not sure if Jose is a former shell of himself or Ole has some black magic involved when we play them but to beat Jose 3 times and lose the same amount against Ole is so weird.
  2. I just think Lampard need to start play it a lot more safe than usual. This expansive football is not doing us any favor. 6 months into the season and you can see we don't have the personnel to play the football he wants. He showed us he can do it in the game against Spurs, so I know he has it in his locker.
  3. Because we’re gonna keep a CS, right.. [emoji3]
  4. Poor form aside, what are we actually doing in training? And I do not mean tactically. Are Frank and the staff overworking the players, cause we had so many training injuries. There was a time when we had the least amount of injuries couple of seasons in row, but now it seems there’s a new injured player every week and most of them are not during games.
  5. According to Di Marzio, we're talking with Napoli about Mertens. His contract expires in the summer, we want to bring him in now.
  6. Would like to think so. One things is the U-16 to lose against Villa away, another thing is to lose against Shrewsburry at Anfield where they haven't lost in over a year. But they are on the verge on winning the first title in 30 years, so I guess they will not give a sh*t about it.
  7. Absolute genius this admin lmao
  8. Well, Reece was only a bruising, while Rashford according to reports has been feeling pain for the last 11 months which is ridiculous from United, to not to do anything about it until now. Both cases are hardly comparable.
  9. This side is making the impossible - wanting me for us to go for Zaha in January. Can't anymore with Willian or try to make Mount a winger anymore. Just buy one.
  10. If it makes you feel any better, from the Lille game onwards we're not leaving London until the New Year.
  11. Oh, this got over my head but I didn’t watch it on Sky, so.. [emoji28][emoji28]
  12. Zero in 11 games now. On the opposite - I’m not sure, maybe I missheard it but at the Etihad he has scored against them every time.
  13. I agree but we need to get some wins against the so called top 6 for me to believe there’s a chance. Usually you need to be consistent against the rest of the league to be a champion but the last two seasons and the crazy points total showed you need to be consistent the whole season.

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