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  1. Ledgerson

    Zinedine Zidane

    Story broken out by the S*n. He’ll demand a total overhaul of the squad and we won’t provide that. I still think he’s waiting on the Juventus job or French NT. If Allegri don’t deliver a CL this year with Ronaldo in the team, I can see it happen as early as this summer and knowing what we do, we’ll go for the pragmatic Allegri.
  2. Ledgerson

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Either stick with him or go back to your roots but I doubt a manager with a great CV will come to this mess. Maybe Mourinho won't mind a third spell but personally, I don't want him back.
  3. People were pissed Sarri was all smiling after Spurs defeat, now they’re pissed he went straight to the tunnel.
  4. Yeah, I don’t get the thinking of losing so Man City could be kept in the title race. Even if we beat them, Liverpool play at Old Trafford after a Bayern Munich game midweek and on current form United can do them which makes tomorrow even a more must-win game cause they’re on our toes. Liverpool being champions will be insufferable, yes but it be a lot more damaging for us, as a club 2 seasons in a row without CL.
  5. Well, City to win their next 2 games - Arsenal and Everton, then lose to us. Liverpool to at least draw one of their next two games and the gap is 3 points with 13 games left. Liverpool will have a game in hand but still. So I say beat them on Sunday but what happens, happens.
  6. Ledgerson


    I'm not falling for this again. I come to accept he'll be a Chelsea player until the end of days. Unless he throws a tantrum and demands to leave, I don't see it happening? And why should he leave? He'll probably be on the same wages at PSG, given he'll be a back-up and the moment Neymar returns, he will be automatically on the bench. Here, he has 1 good game in 2 months and still play all the time. Dream job, if you ask me.
  7. Ledgerson

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    Guess the dominoes will start to fall off now.
  8. Btw, guys, they changed the rules again this year. If it's level, it goes straight to penalties. No extra time this year.
  9. Ledgerson


    https://twitter.com/angelomangiante/status/1087078470440628225?s=21 Probably this is why. First Monday, then Tuesday, now Wednesday. Tomorrow will probably be Thursday or Friday. I’m tired, Robbie.
  10. Ledgerson


    This. I guess Italian clubs don't like to do business on weekends. And with our luck ofc, they'll wait until Tuesday probably because both teams face each other on Monday... Cheers.
  11. Ledgerson


    Well, I'm not sure about the official rule for the domestic cups, but everywhere I looked, everyone says he could even if he didn't play in the 1st leg. The only positive is they'll be without striker too or Llorente at best, but mostly I'm just tired of the false 9.
  12. Ledgerson


    New 20 - Milan and Genoa have met regarding Piatek but we'll continue talks on Tuesday.. Big chance Higuain could not be here in time to be registered for the second leg against Spurs. I love Italian clubs.
  13. Ledgerson

    Leandro Paredes

    PSG have made an official bid for Paredes, while Chelsea have not taken any official steps for the player. Well, I guess that's that then.
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  15. Ledgerson


    And the Lord is on it too: