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  1. I think we should go for Kane if we can't get Haaland. With City going after grealish for 100mil there is no way they will go after Kane as well in the same window.
  2. Yeah Im not too concerned about height especially since we already have a lot of tall players on our team and probably will buy a tall striker
  3. glad you got the sarcasm 😆
  4. I watch Ligue 1 and I think he's an amazing signing.
  5. Not sure how accurate this journo is but looks like the rumours around Rice are picking up.
  6. That's a fair point but the other side could be argued the same way on whether it's a safer bet going into the season with a "hybrid-striker" and youngster that doesn't have experience at the top level. With Giroud gone we really don't have a "target man" kind of striker which is really worrying since the teams we struggled to score against season were teams that parked two buses.
  7. Im surprised a lot of people are content with us going into the season without us signing a striker. Not only did we have a finishing problem last season, but we just sold Giroud and are short on strikers. Even if Werner, Ziyech etc all hit the ground running, that isn't enough considering there's going to be a larger Champions League this year and we're going to be competing for 5 rather than the usual 4 trophies. Getting an extra striker is a must this summer.
  8. The lewandoski rumours keep increasing, I hope they aren't true especially if they are at the expense of CHO going to other way. We need a fresh and young striker, not someone in their 30s.
  9. It looks like a lot but that's the expected fee for top talent these days tbh. Even coutinho, who I didn't really rate, left liverpool for almost 150mil a few years back. Haaland's being talked about as being potentially in the same bracket as neymar and mbappe if he continues to play the way he does, so 120mil should be the minimum we should expect to pay without clauses.
  10. Im not familiar with him, is he reputable?
  11. I think he can still come even if faced with competition (We are that big of a club), I just think it isn't worth the risk and headache when we can literally get him this summer without any competition.
  12. The problem is that I highly doubt we will get Haaland next summer if we miss out on him this summer. His value will be far cheaper and everyone and their mother will be after him.
  13. I wouldn't be too concerned, it was an international tournament season and most transfers are going to generally be slower than last year. Even City who generally complete their transfers early haven't signed anyone, most of the people who have signed players are signing people who they were linked with months ago.
  14. The numbers being reported are ridiculously large and aren't worth it. However, if Roman is paying it from his pocket as had been reported, I won't complain.
  15. Had a brilliant tournament! Hope he can carry on that form into the new season.
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