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  1. I agree its a bit defeatist but to be fair we haven't faired too well against big teams this year. Even when we played well against Liverpool, Man Utd, and City to some extent we still lacked that something extra to get us past them. I dont know if we will ever get that something extra but I wouldnt mind getting Leipzig at least in the round 16 before meeting the bigger teams.
  2. Praying we get Leipzig. Unless we get a few signings in January I don't trust us against any of those teams.
  3. UEFA apparently giving us the time we lost in that game SMH
  4. I see what you mean, but I honestly don't blame Frank. We're facing Lille's B team, we should be able to hold onto a 2 goal lead without Tammy and Pulisic. There's also a tough fixture list in December and we need to rest some of our best.
  5. Id rather we get knocked out in the round of 16 then spend another year in europa. If anything at least it will give the team experience and hunger to get there again
  6. Will be really disappointing if we aren't able to close this one out
  7. The Premier league pundits before the game were saying that Frank shouldn't rush to buy anyone because it will upset the balance of the team and the youth coming through. I disagreed when they said that and I disagree even more after that game. If we want to make top 4 we need reinforcements in our defence in January, at least 1 CB shore things up. Otherwise I'm getting nervous about making top 4, there are a lot of teams below us starting to pick up points and we've already dropped points against two bottom half teams. I dont even think Rudiger is enough to solve out problems (I haven't forgotten some of the mistakes he made last season).
  8. I get that he hasn't been playing well but felt he could have helped out toothless team today. I don't know if it's just me but whenever he's absent the team lacks direction moving forward
  9. I defended him a few games ago and said that we should give him a season before selling him but at this rate I think we need to at least but another keeper to challenge him.
  10. Whatever words Frank said half time really worked. Better performance in the 2nd half and glad we got 3 points!
  11. I thought it just looked like quick handshake to get off the pitch, but I might have missed something
  12. Im going to start December being positive. I predict a 2-0 win, if Tammy is back. If he's not I predict a win by one goal.

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