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  1. I’d still start him on the weekend. He still contributes to the team in many ways even when he’s misfiring.
  2. I could only imagine how west brom fans feel tonight. The word robbery isn’t even enough to describe what happened in this game.
  3. They’ve been really poor lately and scrapping a lot of late wins but of course the media will always interpret that as a “sign of a good team” because it’s their favourite London team.
  4. Spurs haven’t really played well in their last 2 games despite winning them. I think we can easily beat them with our current form
  5. Definitely looking like the bargain of the season. United fans are kicking themselves knowing they wasted a whole summer on a 120m winger and we only spent 30 for ziyech’s class
  6. I never understand when people make that argument especially against Frank and call him a championship manager. Every manager starts somewhere it’s not as if they all started managing with trophies.
  7. Surprised the commentators I’m watching kept saying it was a clear foul. He clearly got a bit of the ball.
  8. Can’t believe there are united fans that still rate pogba and mctominay
  9. I’ve stopped watching sky punditry these days. It’s so obviously biased towards certain teams it’s become embarrassing at this point
  10. Mendy, Chilwell, and silva have definitely improved our defence but I’m also going to tip my hat to frank. In the last three games the team has look more organized and the players have had a desire to defend and not concede.
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