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  1. Frankie8Lampard

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I don't believe he is a bad player based off his performances before coming to Chelsea. I think at the moment he is struggling to lose the opponents that are marking him (Which has basically become everyone we face). Everytime he gets the ball there is someone there which I believe has played a huge role in him misplacing passes and getting pushed off the ball easily. I wonder if that has to do with him not fully adapted to the league strength and pace, or whether another creative player upfield might help take the heat off him.
  2. Frankie8Lampard

    Arsenal V Chelsea (PL) Sat 19th Jan 17:30 UK

    We desperately need to speed up the play in the final third. Arsenal don't have a good defence, just the few moments of them game where we did that they were back-peddling.
  3. Frankie8Lampard


    That's honestly a shame. I was one of those in support of a loan move, but if they want us to break his buy out clause then I guess its best we ride out the season with what we have.
  4. Frankie8Lampard

    Chelsea v Newcastle (PL) Sat 12th Jan 17:30 UK

    Im not arguing against spending. It's simply impossible to get a striker in January, so either we make do with what is available in Higuain and wait until the summer or we don't spend and rely on the false nine until the end of the season. It's pretty obvious we need a striker right now so I personally wouldnt have a problem with the former option
  5. Frankie8Lampard

    Chelsea v Newcastle (PL) Sat 12th Jan 17:30 UK

    Honestly, there's no one else on the market atm, I don't believe getting Higuain on loan until we get a more long term striker is a bad thing tbh.
  6. Frankie8Lampard

    Random Rumours

    Yeah I'm not believing that rumour, it sounds suspicious.
  7. Frankie8Lampard

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    I thought this was a good performance despite the result, we completed dominated it and I think its pretty evident that we need a striker. Good thing there are two legs, hopefully we can get a striker by then.
  8. Frankie8Lampard

    Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Wed 2nd Jan 19:45

    This unfair. COnsidering the man said the team still need to work on their "offensive phase" in his last press conference it pretty much shows he knows what is wrong with the team atm and is willing to work on it
  9. Frankie8Lampard

    Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Wed 2nd Jan 19:45

    To be fair, there were signs of "clicking" in the first month or so of the season. The team were playing with urgency with two-touch football and scoring a good amount of goals. I think what has happened over the last month or more, in my opinion, is that the players have overdone the initial game plan which was a two touch pass system and now they are passing more times than needed which has resulted in slow and toothless performances with a lot of possession. In other words, a "growing pains" of the system for lack of a better term. It's similar to a junior tennis player learning how to hit groundstrokes for the first time and they start overdoing their shots and make errors everywhere. Of course, factor in the injuries and our lack of a threatening striker. At this point, I think it has less to do with the system being a problem, and more about Sarri getting the players back to basics and at least getting the personnel that can buy into what he selling. And IMO I believe Sarri deserves time for all of that to happen which I feel not just the board has to give him but also the fans.
  10. Frankie8Lampard

    Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Wed 2nd Jan 19:45

    Thought the team started passing quickly at the ending of the game which started causing problems for Southampton, would have loved to see that throughout the game.
  11. Frankie8Lampard

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    My thoughts exactly. It's either the board are horrible at spending and wait until the last minute to buy players or they are overspending. The board can never win on anything unfortunately.
  12. Big 3 points! Onwards and upwards!
  13. Frankie8Lampard

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Watched some of our most recent games and I honestly feel that he is growing into this position. His attacking movements have been improving and his ability to win the ball back in the opposition half has been very useful.
  14. Frankie8Lampard

    Club finances and general CFC news

    So it's going to be a 4 window transfer ban?
  15. Frankie8Lampard

    Watford V Chelsea (PL) Wed 26th Dec 19:30 UK

    Great win, Watford away is always a difficult place to go.