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  1. 4th ± 1 I'm putting my money on fourth but I think we can finish 3rd or 5th depending on other external factors such as the teams around us having bad seasons, some of our players improve from last season, or the older ones continue to get worse.
  2. Im not convinced lampard is the right man for the job but Ill take him compared to the other people we are linked to like Garcia etc.
  3. Embarrassing comments from him
  4. Im really hoping the bolded part happens. Going back to pragmatic football is just a step back and unworks everything we've done this season and then we have to adapt to a new style of play again. A vicious cycle.
  5. I don't think the board are sacking him. If anything, Sarri is the one that wants to leave and tbh I don't blame him considering how many of the fans made him seem unwelcome. Most of the people we are being linked with seem like a downgrade IMO and as the saying goes "be careful what you wish for".
  6. Next season does look dire on paper but I still think this squad without hazard and transfers is still good enough to finish top 6. Top 4 might even be possible depending on whether youth are able to step up, whether pulisic proves to be an improvement to the current players on our team, and whether some of our signings from this year like Jorginho and Kepa continue to adapt to the league and improve. It also helps that Arsenal and Tottenham most likely won't be strengthening so the light at the end of the tunnel might not be so dim!
  7. The Juventus rumours don't seem to be stopping, I'd like the board to sort out the manager situation as soon as possible so we don't end up like last season where the manager only gets half a pre-season. I personally would have no problem with Sarri staying another year, but I also won't blame him for leaving after all the verbal abuse he has got from some of the match going fans.
  8. It's this moment that made me have a lot of respect for Hazard especially when he said he would only leave Chelsea on a good note. You look at Sanchez and Suarez, for example, and they both left their clubs because they wanted to get off the sinking ship at the time. Hazard could have done the same not only that season but also last season when we dropped from first to fifth, instead, he stayed with the club and waited for us to be in a good position again before he left. That is class, and I'll always remember Eden for that.
  9. Thank you for the memories/Merci pour les souvenirs, Eden
  10. When Barkley's performance is par people say he played great but when Jorginho's performance is par people say he played sh!t. A common trend I've noticed all season.
  11. As a fan of Jorginho, glad to see he is getting into his own
  12. He's most likely leaving what I don't understand is why the British media is pushing him to go/ want him to go.
  13. Our defence being affected by Kante playing higher up the field is a huge myth IMO. Looking at the stats we have pretty much conceded around the same amount of goals as last season when Kante was playing deeper. I personally think, and you don't have to agree, that putting Kante in defensive midfield isn't going to change anything. Our defensive woes this season and last season have more to do with the defensive line if anything.

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