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  1. I feel like a lot of people don’t give us a lot of credit for that match. We defended really well in the first half before the red and good chances off the counter. If the red didn’t happen we easily could have won that game by a lone goal.
  2. That was quick, arsenals lead didn’t even last a couple of minutes.
  3. I kind of disagree. Even though Jorginho isn’t as physical as Kante we almost always struggle to maintain control in the midfield if he doesn’t play. Having control of the midfield is a key part of the brand of football frank wants to play.
  4. I’ve been one of his critics but his performance in this game and the Liverpool game (before the red card) kind of makes me see why frank sees something in him. If he can get rid of some flaws in his game he has the potential to be a very top defender.
  5. it would have been a hand ball last season but the new rules prevent it from being a hand ball this season
  6. Personally I think Jorginho should start. He’s not the strongest or most dominant midfielder but his orchestration of the plays allow us to maintain possession in the meddle when he plays.
  7. Hopefully this match is a wake up call for frank and the players. We can’t afford to go down by three against teams like west brom
  8. Kudos to all the academy players getting on the score sheet
  9. Given Barnsley had 8 shots on target it’s not surprising. The difference here is that west brom took their chances. Our defence still has a lot of issues
  10. Good goalkeepers can save matches and this match just shows how many points kepa probably cost us last season
  11. This isn’t true. It’s only a few people here. If anything the media have been more kinder to Lampard than some here considering the consensus is that Chelsea will only get better as the team gels. They’ve literally only been criticizing kepa.
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