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  1. The whole man city played a b team argument is redundant considering we also didn’t play Thiago silva, mount, Jorginho, and havertz (all players who have been key for us in recent weeks) and Christensen went off injured.
  2. Between James and Werner for me but I’ll give it to Werner because of his match winning assist.
  3. Mount would have really added some spark here but I understand Tuchel resting him. With Christensen already injured, it’s not worth it playing him today.
  4. That mount goal made me tear up, can’t believe we’re in another champions league final.
  5. He’s getting better and better with each game that comes by. I think he’s starting to come into his own and next season might be a good one for him.
  6. I feel similarly. I feel like he has good attributes that help the team in attack but I don’t think he’s the striker to lead the line. We should keep him but invest in another striker.
  7. His problem is that his feet moves quicker than his mind. That might have worked last season but it isn’t this season. He needs to take his time and think a bit before shooting, that would honestly solve a lot of the chances he has missed.
  8. Kante hands down commentary even described him as the 12th man tonight which is the perfect description
  9. We played well but wasted way too many chances. Should be 3 goals up if we put our chances to bed.
  10. Yeah it feels like people are misinterpreting our attackers not putting their chances away with “a non attacking team”.
  11. One of the few times he’d get it but I’m giving it to Werner, even though he missed a sitter he scored our winning goal and was involved in most of our chances.
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