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  1. I agree with your assessment. IMO I think this problem has been ongoing beyond this season. The board hasn't been able to fix our attack ever since Costa left and Fabregas' form began to decline two years ago.
  2. That's what I'm beginning to think too. At this point, I think the only reason Sarri isn't playing him is because of stubbornness, that is he doesn't want to look like he is caving into the pressure from the fans and media to play him.
  3. He said he doesn't like to be involved in transfers so I'd hope the board hire a director of football that can buy players that meet his system. However, he did mention recently that he has already been discussing the players he wants next season with the board so I don't know what to expect
  4. Yeah, when he said he doesn't like to get involved in transfers my perspective was kind of tinted by the clashes between the board and the previous managers so it didn't really bother me, but now looking at, Sarri's stance is basically the other extreme which is equally unhealthy. Any manager that has a specific brand of football has to have specific players that fit that brand which makes his input extremely important.
  5. I agree CL is definitely important given the transfer ban ahead. I just hope if we go that route (firing Sarri) then the club is also preparing for the next manager behind the scenes vs what happened with Sarri's hiring in the summer. I'd hate for us to be scrambling to hire a manager again in the summer
  6. Never actually thought about that, that's a good point
  7. As someone who finds themselves in the middle that is one of the questions that keeps me from shifting to Sarri out. We might be able to bring in Holland to give us a honeymoon period until the end of the season (and even that isn't guaranteed), but where does the club go from there? Unless there is some sort of post-Sarri plan and direction from the club I really see no reason to fire him since we will probably be in the same position next season under another manager (or maybe even worse since we have a transfer ban and Hazard could be leaving).
  8. Honourable mention for Kepa and CHO when he came on, everyone else played like they didn't want to win
  9. The players on the team lack attacking instinct which IMO is one of the reasons why they struggle to score. You watch CHO and that it what looks like a player that wants to attack. It's a shame the manager still lets him start off the bench.
  10. These crop of players have no spine when they fall behind in a game
  11. If we go through and Arsenal get knocked out I think we have a high chance of winning this competition. Napoli IMO would be the last threatening team to us winning the competition. We haven't had the best of seasons but it would be nice to get a trophy and also qualify to the Champions League. Good luck boys!
  12. I think it's an oversimplification to put all the blame on Sarri. IMO firing him isn't going to change anything. The team were bottling matches even last year under Conte. If anything, the problems in our team have been festering since the season we finished 10th under Mourinho. Yes, Conte won us the league the year after but that achievement papered over the cracks of the team. Conte himself said it was a miracle.
  13. I dont think it's negative. If we can't beat wolves at home then it is looking highly unrealistic that the league will be our chance to qualify to Champions league. Unless something drastic happens like the change in formation and mentality that occured after our 3-0 loss to Arsenal under Conte, which lead to an unbeaten run, then I don't see us not dropping points between now and the end of the season.
  14. this was a game we should have won hopefully united and arsenal draw
  15. lmao and to think earlier in the season pundits were putting spurs in the same length as man city

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