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  1. I honestly don’t get negative comments like these. We are wining games and playing we should be hoping for the best and not waiting for the time the team fails.
  2. Love how united fans and pundits are moaning about the penalty when united have been given so many dodgy ones this season. Justice is finally served.
  3. I feel the same way. I came into the game looking for three points but it just didn’t look like it was going to happen as the game went so sadly just settled for the draw. Felt like both managers played a safe game.
  4. The club really need to look into finding a target man this summer. Not sure how long giroud will be here but I don’t think tammy is good enough to be the leading striker and Werner seems better in his current position as a left 10 rather than leading the line.
  5. Good and solid win! This will give the team a lot of morale ahead of our tough fixture list!
  6. He’s definitely improved a lot since Thiago got injured. Starting see a lot of his old self.
  7. That was my issue too. There was no reason to chop and change in this game. Tuchel should have fielded the team that had got us points in the last few games and rest them once we get a lead.
  8. Honestly that’s the best way to describe his performance. Stil have no idea why CHO was removed
  9. He went from being a spark on the field to one of our worst players since his injury
  10. This has been a hard game to watch. There’s been absolutely no flow in our passing
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