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  1. When Barkley's performance is par people say he played great but when Jorginho's performance is par people say he played sh!t. A common trend I've noticed all season.
  2. As a fan of Jorginho, glad to see he is getting into his own
  3. He's most likely leaving what I don't understand is why the British media is pushing him to go/ want him to go.
  4. Our defence being affected by Kante playing higher up the field is a huge myth IMO. Looking at the stats we have pretty much conceded around the same amount of goals as last season when Kante was playing deeper. I personally think, and you don't have to agree, that putting Kante in defensive midfield isn't going to change anything. Our defensive woes this season and last season have more to do with the defensive line if anything.
  5. Should have put Kylian in the title, this was click bait 🤣
  6. Great servant for the club and appreciate everything he is done, but an embarrassing way to end his Chelsea career. He's entitled to his opinion but he could have shown class and waited until the end of the season to speak his truth. Hopefully, his departure marks the beginning of the end to player power at the club.
  7. Does it matter though? We might not be able to buy players but I'm pretty sure every fan in the world would prefer their team getting to champions league. And as others have mentioned the club will make more profit. I'll also add that people would be more likely to join us whenever we can buy players again if we qualify this season and qualify again next season (Since there would be a sign of consistency in getting to Europe). There is also the hope of convincing hazard to stay if we qualify to champions league. Not qualifying to champions league while also not being able to buy players IMO is worse.
  8. Was hoping for a win but given the results a draw isnt too bad. Making top 4 is now in our hands, we just need to win our last two games
  9. I predict if we get to champions league the board will keep him on board, but I don't think they will offer him a contract renewal. Based off the stories about the board shaking up the technical part of Chelsea, I think next season will be akin to Pellegrini's last season at Man City where they will be preparing the way for the next manager rather than rushing into a decision this summer like what they did with Sarri.
  10. I agree with him in the sense that winning the Champions League doesn't mean you are the best team in Europe since there is an element of luck involved from the draw, not facing all the teams, etc. However, I disagree with him in terms of importance. Football has become as much a business as it is a sport and getting far in the champions league gives your club more exposure around the world, more revenue, more prestige, and players will be more likely to join your club. On the other hand, if you don't qualify you could lose money, sponsorships, and people will be less likely to join you.
  11. Carragher does a lot of selective outrage. I'll never forget when he slagged chelsea for our firing and hiring cycle but used the same argument to defend arsenal firing wenger. In his words "they aren't ruthless enough" as a club. I don't like Neville or most pundits on sky sports but at least he's consistent in his points regardless of the team. Carragher on the other hand is a hypocrite and changes his words depending on which team is doing well/team he likes
  12. Just when I'm starting to think that Sarri might be starting to get onto something he brings on Barkley...

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