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  1. Embarrassing result to say the least. The defence needs sorted out as soon as possible. I'm not sure if that's going to be by rudiger, kante and james coming back from injury or us hoping CAS grants our appeal and we can sign a defender in january. On a positive note I'm glad tammy scored again, Im hoping we might finally have a goalscorer now after two seasons of struggling for goals.
  2. Frank just needs time and lets not forget he didn't have a transfer window compared to all our rivals
  3. Great performance! Im glad the board didnt sell him as he's starting to come into his own. Also think that under Frank he has more freedom and is playing under less pressure
  4. Great game! I hope the penalties doesn't overshadow the performance. The midfield of the team was really the part of the team that impressed me the most. Jorghino, Kovacic, and Kante have a lot of potential moving forward.
  5. Regardless of the result I think this was a positive performance after the 4-0 loss to United
  6. Yeah agree. Even my united mate admitted that way were the better team before the penalty and actually thinks our squad has potential.
  7. Watching our defending makes me worry that this transfer ban probably hit us harder than I thought.
  8. What a way to start! At least from this start to the season we can only go upwards
  9. It wasn't a bad half, unfortunately the penalty is probably going to shadow that. I think the team played okay and we should have put our chances to bed. Zouma and Barkley are the standout bad performances on the pitch atm. I saw a lot of hype towards Barkley from Chelsea fans across different corners of the internet during the week so that was a surprisingly bad performance.
  10. 4th ± 1 I'm putting my money on fourth but I think we can finish 3rd or 5th depending on other external factors such as the teams around us having bad seasons, some of our players improve from last season, or the older ones continue to get worse.
  11. Im not convinced lampard is the right man for the job but Ill take him compared to the other people we are linked to like Garcia etc.
  12. Embarrassing comments from him
  13. Im really hoping the bolded part happens. Going back to pragmatic football is just a step back and unworks everything we've done this season and then we have to adapt to a new style of play again. A vicious cycle.
  14. I don't think the board are sacking him. If anything, Sarri is the one that wants to leave and tbh I don't blame him considering how many of the fans made him seem unwelcome. Most of the people we are being linked with seem like a downgrade IMO and as the saying goes "be careful what you wish for".

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