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  1. Jorginho really allowed us to control the game surprised frank hasn’t given him a go since the restart. Gilmour did okay but it’s pretty clear he has a lot to learn
  2. I disagree he was sloppy in the last game and only improved by the second half. He had a decent second half even and he wasn’t as good as he was before the break
  3. Let’s be honest the British media (especially pundits) have always criticized Jorginho and been dying for Kante to play deep, they’re more likely to be quiet now that they’ve got their wish
  4. Does our team know how to defend without conceding cheap free kicks?
  5. We really need to win this game. Hope the players can channel the pressure into a positive result
  6. I hope the whole Kante needs to play in the cdm role to improve our defence can finally be put to bed. We haven’t had a clean sheet since the restart and he’s been playing there in all 3 games. The fact of the matter is that our defence isn’t good and Kante playing deep or up the pitch doesn’t make a difference.
  7. Given the only attacking threat of the match was 1 winger I personally don’t mind us investing in our attack. But yeah we definitely need at least 2 defenders this window
  8. Agree on mount but Jorginho should have come on instead of rlc imo and kova shouldn’t have been removed
  9. Poor performance all round sh*t defending, sh*t attacking, and sh*t subs from frank only player that actually Played like he wanted to win was pulisic
  10. Was about to say this but unfortunately everyone and their mother thinks he’s sh*t here. Frank should have brought him on instead of RLC and shouldn’t have removed kova
  11. Midfield is doing a poor job at controlling the game

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