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  1. Not surprised. They honestly thought they were going to when the treble when a 37 year old Ronaldo came back.
  2. Not to mention we've also had two or more players injured every week since the start of the season.
  3. Can't believe that at the start of the season Scholes said with a straight face that Chelsea (the European champions) are the weakest amongst united, city and liverpool. Three months later and his precious united are getting thumped 5-0 at home while we sit at the top of the table.
  4. Not everyone is going to be Messi or Ronaldo where they are playing at the top of their games even as teenagers. 21-22 is very much considered young in football.
  5. It'll probably take a couple of seasons and they'll be challenging for top four. Even if they cant attract top talent now, they can attract the key players from the teams around them and also collect the deadwood from the current top teams. With a good manager, that would be enough for them to get to Europa and then its only upwards from there.
  6. Haven't been impressed by him this season, had high expectations after the tail end of last season and his performances in the Euros. However, I still believe he will imrpove and come good, the idea that he should be sold isn't one I agree with.
  7. Another good performance. He's still 4th choice behind kante, joghi and kovacic but definitely ahead of Saul. I also like that he offers us something different than the other three.
  8. For all the talk from some people on here saying his presence in the team is affecting us score goals, we won another game with 3 goals without him even scoring. This agenda that he's affecting other areas of the pitch needs to be put to bed. The team is quite capable of scoring from other areas of the pitch regardless of if he starts.
  9. Im not usually one to say that we were robbed but if we drop points we were robbed in this game.
  10. On the plus side, I've really enjoyed RLC this game. He really offers us something different in midfield compared to Kante, Kovacic, and Jorginho. As much as I love those three, RLC offers us that attacking midfielder role we haven't had in awhile.
  11. If VAR is going to go so back to deny goals, then so many goals should be denied this season. My issue has never been with VAR but more about the consistency of it. Their goal posts on decisions, at least in the premier league, seem to change from game to game.
  12. I don't think its fair to use the big games we've played this season as a reason to say Lukaku is not a big game player. Against Liverpool we had 10 men for half the game and were forced to defend for half the match and against City for whatever reason we chose to play defensive. In both games, Lukaku was basically one striker on an island surrounded by defenders. If anything, our other forwards didn't do enough to link the midfield with the attack. And even if you want to use the 'big game' route, why is Lukaku being isolated as the only one not playing well against top teams? Last time I checked, Havertz and Ziyech were just as poor today and it had nothing to do with Lukaku. If anything, Lukaku was our only forward that wasn't giving the ball away carelessly in the final third. Blaming Lukaku for other player's poor performances just seems like grasping at straws. I also see people continuously bring up last season as if we were some master goal scoring team, but if I remember correctly, we were missing chance after chance last season and had one of the worst chance to goal ratio in the league. We won a lot of out matches by lone goals and it was really our world class defence (And Kante) that bailed us out half the time. That reason was the main one why we signed Lukaku, why should we go back to playing the same forward line last season against big teams?
  13. I don't fault him in anyway for this performance. A draw away to Juventus would be a good result for any team, they really defended well. The team is to blame for allowing them to score at the start of the second half. Shouldn't have fallen asleep. The good thing is that they were our last beg team in the difficult run of games we had so now we can build some momentum and pick some points off the smaller teams.
  14. This just isn't accurate and seems like a narrative that the people who don't want Lukaku are building. The team has been doing all that and more in previous matches that we have won. Just because our attacking players haven't performed well in the last few games, that doesn't mean Lukaku is the cause.
  15. Voted CHO. Don't think any of the starting eleven played well.
  16. Not sure I agree. I don't think Juventus just parked the bus, they defended well, and I think that's what separates top teams parking the bus versus teams like Burnley, west brom etc. It was almost similar to our defensive display against Liverpool.
  17. I’m not surprised. A lot of the people that didn’t want the signing were just waiting for their “I told you so” moment.
  18. CHO played well today but to be fair he hasn’t made the most out of the opportunities he has been given in previous games. I don’t blame the manager starting ziyech and co ahead of him. He needs to be more consistent and play the way he played today more often if he wants to start.
  19. That City game really showed that if we didn't play negative and actually attacked them we would have been able to beat them. We showed them way too much respect on our home ground.
  20. I'm not denying that Mount is one of our key players, but IMO it just seems like a lazy excuse to blame a loss on his absence alone especially since there were other issues like our approach to the game. If Mount played and we played as negatively as we did, we still would have lost. Focusing on Mount and/Ziyech misses the bigger picture of the game.
  21. I don't believe the issue is as simple as Mount not playing. He definitely would have been a factor in this game, however, if we played with two forwards beside Lukaku and actually played to win, we would have been able to beat city without Mount. This City is only dangerous if you allow them to play their game.
  22. If way played like that in the Champions league Final, we would have lost. Tuchel got everything wrong today unfortunately. From our negative approach before the goal all the way to the decision to play 2 strikers and 3 midfielders. Showed way too much respect City despite us having beat them in the last 3 times we've played.
  23. Started the game too negative. Should have been playing this way from the first minute instead we allowed city to play their game.
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