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  1. On 05/10/2021 at 05:03, thebluekid said:

    For the life of me I can't understand how people think he's young. 21/22 isn't young in regards to 'experience' these days. 'Young' players are clocking up 150 odd matches+ by their 22nd birthday. I wouldn't start a job on 50k a year and justify it to my employers by saying 'I might be amazing in 5 years, so you should definitely pay me a quarter of a million for the luxury of finding out'. 12 more months I say before we have to consider our options. I'll get booted and laughed at for this but replace him with a John McGinn and we'd be a better team.

    Not everyone is going to be Messi or Ronaldo where they are playing at the top of their games even as teenagers. 21-22 is very much considered young in football. 

  2. It'll probably take a couple of seasons and they'll be challenging for top four. Even if they cant attract top talent now, they can attract the key players from the teams around them and also collect the deadwood from the current top teams. With a good manager, that would be enough for them to get to Europa and then its only upwards from there.

  3. For all the talk from some people on here saying his presence in the team is affecting us score goals, we won another game with 3 goals without him even scoring. This agenda that he's affecting other areas of the pitch needs to be put to bed. The team is quite capable of scoring from other areas of the pitch regardless of if he starts.

  4. 4 hours ago, Argo said:

    We had a flawless big game record last season under TT and Kai was fantastic at false 9 in the majority of big games he played. Him, Mount and Werner's general contributions and elite pressing meant we could compete toe to toe against any team in Europe (hence ummmm winning the UCL). Their fluidity and interchanging caused the likes of City and Real all sorts of problems.

    What is so outragoues about saying he has to earn his spot in the big games given we have/had such a successful formula in them? We didn't have such a successful formula in the lesser games and (so far) he looks like he's helping to fix that, great no issues with him starting those. If I'm missing something then feel free to enlighten me but what has he shown in the biggest games (both so far for us and in general) to justify us ripping up a formula that won us the second biggest club competition in football with consumate ease?

    I actually think his stat padding vs the lesser sides may drag us into a title race and if he was used in that horses for courses way I'd have no qualms with him atall, however if you think our big game/UCL record is/will be as strong this time then please unleash your analysis because I'm genuinely curious as why you think so.

    I don't think its fair to use the big games we've played this season as a reason to say Lukaku is not a big game player. Against Liverpool we had 10 men for half the game and were forced to defend for half the match and against City for whatever reason we chose to play defensive. In both games, Lukaku was basically one striker on an island surrounded by defenders. If anything, our other forwards didn't do enough to link the midfield with the attack. 

    And even if you want to use the 'big game' route, why is Lukaku being isolated as the only one not playing well against top teams? Last time I checked, Havertz and Ziyech were just as poor today and it had nothing to do with Lukaku. If anything, Lukaku was our only forward that wasn't giving the ball away carelessly in the final third. Blaming Lukaku for other player's poor performances just seems like grasping at straws.

    I also see people continuously bring up last season as if we were some master goal scoring team, but if I remember correctly, we were missing chance after chance last season and had one of the worst chance to goal ratio in the league. We won a lot of out matches by lone goals and it was really our world class defence (And Kante) that bailed us out half the time. That reason was the main one why we signed Lukaku, why should we go back to playing the same forward line last season against big teams?


  5. I don't fault him in anyway for this performance. A draw away to Juventus would be a good result for any team, they really defended well. The team is to blame for allowing them to score at the start of the second half. Shouldn't have fallen asleep. The good thing is that they were our last beg team in the difficult run of games we had so now we can build some momentum and pick some points off the smaller teams. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, SFL82 said:

    It’s not about blaming him as an individual it’s the fact that having to play everything through him destroys our creative football, no overlapping wing backs runs, no runners off the ball, no short runs around the box, it’s killed our style of football. 

    This just isn't accurate and seems like a narrative that the people who don't want Lukaku are building. The team has been doing all that and more in previous matches that we have won. Just because our attacking players haven't performed well in the last few games, that doesn't mean Lukaku is the cause.

  7. 13 minutes ago, TheSage said:

    Juve didn't play like a big team though. They parked the bus and we couldn't break them down, the same issues we had with compact teams last season.  There's zero creativity in midfield and the wingers aren't also helping matters.

    Not sure I agree. I don't think Juventus just parked the bus, they defended well, and I think that's what separates top teams parking the bus versus teams like Burnley, west brom etc. It was almost similar to our defensive display against Liverpool. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Malcolm9 said:

    I love how Lukaku is being picked out, the team as a whole were pretty poor. We are far to plodding in possession, we aren't going to create chances like that against low block teams.

    I’m not surprised. A lot of the people that didn’t want the signing were just waiting for their “I told you so” moment. 

  9. 1 minute ago, chiefBlueCFC said:

    There is just a mentality that these boys don't have... you either have it or you don't. Ziyech isn't it... great depth, but shouldn't be starting over CHO... but since CHO is an academy player and didn't cost us 45m euros he doesn't get opportunity to waste after opportunity to waste after opportunity to waste.. 

    I was really hoping for a good reaction and great energy from the boys, but I just didn't see it. We have so much individual quality but so many just stand there and expect something to happen... 

    Just very frustrated after that performance - I should add that I didn't see the first half, only the second...

    Really need a positive reaction on Saturday. Give RLC a chance in the middle w/Jorginho -- Chilwell from the start. No Ziyech 

    CHO played well today but to be fair he hasn’t made the most out of the opportunities he has been given in previous games. I don’t blame the manager starting ziyech and co ahead of him. He needs to be more consistent and play the way he played today more often if he wants to start.

  10. 23 minutes ago, Bob stark said:

    The problem is not that simple. We have been playing with 343 but the one player has always been Ziyech or Mount. Their role is to connect the midfield with the two forwards which is our biggest problem today. 

    That is why we need kova or kante to have their a game today but both didn't played well

    It is pretty much the same as last season, whenever Mason didn't play we can't connect with our forward. 


     I'm not denying that Mount is one of our key players, but IMO it just seems like a lazy excuse to blame a loss on his absence alone especially since there were other issues like our approach to the game. If Mount played and we played as negatively as we did, we still would have lost. Focusing on Mount and/Ziyech misses the bigger picture of the game.

  11. Just now, Bob stark said:

    Nope, the problem is simply Mount was not available and ziyech has been struggling otherwise we would have played one of them. 

    I don't believe the issue is as simple as Mount not playing. He definitely would have been a factor in this game, however, if we played with two forwards beside Lukaku and actually played to win, we would have been able to beat city without Mount. This City is only dangerous if you allow them to play their game.

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