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  1. Not a fan of this set up. We need ziyech or havertz. There’s no one helping the team to transition from defence to attack.
  2. This game is really screaming for a ziyech, havertz or mount. Tuchel really gambled with this formation and while we’ve been solid defensively, it hasn’t worked in creating chances. Need to sacrifice a midfielder for a forward.
  3. His demands are ridiculous but I also hope him and the board can meet the middle ground. He’s been so vital for us and I hope he doesn’t leave this way.
  4. Played better yesterday but still has a lot to do if he wants to break into the first eleven. I read his interview after his first premier league game and glad to see that he is determined to improve. His attitude is really what we need at the club unlike others who have come here from other leagues in the past and sulked when they dont play well or don't get game time.
  5. Chillwell didn’t really make a case for starting ahead of Alonso. Offensively, he was poor this game.
  6. CHO always doesn’t know what to do in the final third
  7. Does anyone else on our team know how to finish other than Lukaku and our defenders?
  8. Even though spurs didn't really trouble him, he looked confident every time the ball came into the box. The supercup win must have been a huge confidence boost which is a positive for us since he'll be starting for us while Mendy is away at AFCON.
  9. Like others mentioned, I think he started the season well and that goal at Liverpool capped it off. However, his last couple of games he has been poor. Needs to be dropped so he can fight for his place again.
  10. As Scott says, he looks a bit burnt out and probably needs to sit out a few games. I believe he'll eventually get back to his form though.
  11. The usual folks will say we haven’t been tested by the smaller teams unfortunately. We can’t ever win.
  12. Lots overreactions here at halftime. Glad the team pulled the game out and silenced the hate.
  13. Mount should be way higher, 85 or 86 is what I expected. There rest I guess are pretty reasonable.
  14. Saul is reminding me of when Jorginho first came here. He’s going to have to pick up to the pace of the premier league quickly if he wants a sniff at the starting 11
  15. It makes me wonder whether the club are just going to pay the release clause, there's no way we go into the season without a defender after letting zouma go and now loaning ampadu out. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  16. It looks like the complications of the zouma transfer are really what affected this transfer. If zouma left earlier, we would have met their deadline for a lower price.
  17. Is this deal still happening? Haven't been following as much over the last couple of days.
  18. He's really starting to develop into the player I thought he'd be when we signed. It's only onwards from this point and he'll get even better as the season progresses.
  19. Think people are being a bit harsh on him. We had 10 men and he was all alone for most of the second half (And this is coming from someone who didn’t want him to sign for us initially)
  20. I hope we wrap this one up soon. Even though I know little about him, I'd love us to finally put the transfer window behind us and focus on the season.
  21. Its been a long time since a player rejected us because of fear in not getting minutes to play. Even though we don't get him I suppose that is a good sign since it shows we have a competitive team.
  22. This has definitely been one of the craziest transfer windows in years. I wonder whether city will make one last ditch effort for Kane now that Ronaldo is heading to united.
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