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  1. This is out of context, Im pretty sure that's not what he said. When he said hazard is individualistic, it clearly wasn't a criticism highlighting tension.
  2. At this point, I think whether he will leave is dependent on a combination of whether Madrid is actually interested and whether we get to champions league.
  3. I might be too optimistic but I like to give players a benefit of the doubt especially since he's only half a season into a new league. He might be ill-suited to the league, but I honestly feel that it's too early to tell. It takes a lot of players about a season to completely adapt to the intensity of the league. One thing I do agree that he needs to be dropped or at least rotated as I think fatigue might be one of the things hindering his performance.
  4. I don't believe he is a bad player based off his performances before coming to Chelsea. I think at the moment he is struggling to lose the opponents that are marking him (Which has basically become everyone we face). Everytime he gets the ball there is someone there which I believe has played a huge role in him misplacing passes and getting pushed off the ball easily. I wonder if that has to do with him not fully adapted to the league strength and pace, or whether another creative player upfield might help take the heat off him.
  5. Yeah I'm not believing that rumour, it sounds suspicious.
  6. My thoughts exactly. It's either the board are horrible at spending and wait until the last minute to buy players or they are overspending. The board can never win on anything unfortunately.
  7. Watched some of our most recent games and I honestly feel that he is growing into this position. His attacking movements have been improving and his ability to win the ball back in the opposition half has been very useful.
  8. And there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. If we are going to flip-flop between formations and style of playing whenever we lose a match than what was the point of bringing in Sarri? Sarri's style has potential, we've seen a lot of great performances this season and at this point, it is more about fixing the kinks and flaws, the players getting used to it, and getting personnel where needed such as a striker. It seems to me that every time we lose people are quick to say that our style and formation isn't good but they ignore the good performances we have had this season.
  9. As much as I love him and value his contribution to the club, I am disappointed by his comments. I personally do not condone any player flirting with other clubs in the middle of the season. There is nothing wrong in wanting to go to Madrid, however, it's not that hard to remain quiet until the end of the season. This can have an effect on other players. I didn't like it when Courtois and Costa did it and I don't like it now. It's unfortunate how much professionalism modern players lack these days.
  10. Very disrespectful and childish by Willian. That looks like something a high schooler would do.
  11. Imo that's why I think its best we get 'less-known' manager rather than someone like Luis Enrique. Otherwise, it's going to be rinse and repeat where the new manager comes, makes demands from the board, doesn't give youth a chance, and then when the board doesn't meet his demands he will throw a tantrum and then end up leaving the club like Mourinho and Conte with hefty payout. Had Luiz not had a fallout with Conte, I doubt Christensen would have gotten a chance.
  12. I honestly think he still will. I think him leaving will have more to do with his relationship with the board than performances. I honestly believe if he had no problems with the board and Chelsea finished out of the top 4, the board would still keep him.
  13. Its inevitable he's leaving at the end of the season. He throws the board and players under the bus at every opportunity he gets (did again in his last press conference). And now he's saying the FA cup isnt important. I'm happy that he won the title last year and I think he's a good manager, but continuing to moan like this really speaks a lot about his character.
  14. Doesn't offer anything to the team anymore imo, time to start looking for a younger playmaker (either from our crop of young players or from buying) that can play beside Kante. His passing and assists used to be the saving grace, but without that, he's just an average playing running through the midfield and chasing balls.
  15. Im sorry but that squad should be good enough to finish in the top 3 and maybe even reach the champions league quarters had we finished first in our group and not got barca.
  16. If the board is bringing in another manager then they need to bring in someone that is going to go on alongside their long-term goals, rather than just looking for short-term success. The last two managers didn't meet eye to eye with the club on transfer policy and youth policy, and the team has suffered as a whole. I see no point in bringing in a successful manager if that manager is going to end up clashing with the board eventually when they don't get who they want. Either we hire an in-house manager like what Barca have been doing (that is someone from within the club or a former manager) or we bring someone that meets eye-to-eye with the board. It's about time CFC start having a vision.
  17. Club has to keep him at all costs and give him whatever money asks for. Today's performance once again shows that he's not only the best player on the team, but the most important and is irreplaceable at this point.
  18. Even though the board failed to get his targets, this squad should still be good enough to beat the likes of bournemouth, burnley, watford, norwich etc. At some point we have to stop looking at the board and look at the man picking the team and tactics, and also the players on the pitch.
  19. why would the board buy conte players if they were planning on firing him?
  20. Conte is delusional if he says the team were playing at maximum
  21. West ham did deny any dealings with Chelsea for Carroll so it could have just been rumours or smoke screen.
  22. I agree. I think he deserves more time before people start calling him a "bad signing", not to mention he's still only 23 and started his Chelsea career off a really bad injury, I was only a lurker on the forum then but I remember similar attitude towards Salah back in 2015 inside the Mohamed Salah thread and now look where he is now after we sold. We've had too many players leave the club in the past few years and succeed at other clubs, its time we start giving patience towards the players we've spent money on or find ways to work them into our team.
  23. He already said he is going go through with his contract, and I'm going to go on a limb and predict that the Chelsea board will offer him a new one at the end of the year. There doesn't seem to be any reason why they would fire him considering they were willing to stick with Jose when he was doing far worse 2 years ago. I think we just got to keep our heads up rather than thinking of the worst outcome. KTBFFH!
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