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  1. I feel the same way. He’ll give them goals but he won’t solve their midfield issues.
  2. Love seeing the Man Utd fans losing their heads because of the Ronaldo and City rumours.
  3. Romano is also tweeting that the deal is in danger, apparently the issue is with the agent.
  4. I feel bad for him, he's stuck at that sh*t club and forever doomed to be trophiless.
  5. I imagine the club still has one eye on Rice next summer which is why they are choosing to loan rather than go all out for a midfielder this summer.
  6. Amazing introduction of Lukaku. Can’t believe there were people that didn’t want us to buy a striker this summer and wanted us to continue with our same forwards.
  7. Heard a fan made a negative comment to him during the team's training session and I'm honestly embarrassed as a fan. People are allowed to criticize their players but its embarrassing when you start shouting at players to leave during training sessions. Hopefully, he gets love from the match going fans this weekend at the Emirates.
  8. Romano says were still interested in signing him. This might be one of our late transfers for the summer.
  9. I know little about him so I'll just watch and see how this story develops.
  10. I disagree about Palace not being a good measure. People went on about us struggling to beat the smaller teams like Palace last season. It was the bigger teams that we had no problem against last year, at least under Tuchel. The fact that we beat them without a full lineup is a good sign.
  11. Really enjoyed this game but I have to also ask why the hell Scholes is hired to do punditry? He literally can't even admit that Chelsea played well and blamed the keeper for both our first two goals (completely ignoring the movement that led to the second goal and the superb free kick by Alonso). I've never seen a pundit as bias as him, at least United pundits like Ferdinand are happy to admit when their rival teams play well. Scholes can't ever say any positive thing about Chelsea or any team that isn't United.
  12. I feel we can win it this year. I honestly dont see any weaknesses in our team after buying Rom.
  13. Yeah I honestly don’t get people still trying to justify him as a bad signing. He’s joined us now, the best we can do is support him since he’s our player. Criticizing his weight etc now that he’s he’s our player literally does nothing but make us look like fools to other fans.
  14. If anyone was to intervene last minute Id put my money on CIty since they can't get Kane and were interested in Romelu earlier in the year, but I honestly feel that this one is going to happen since Lukaku actually wants to come.
  15. They have a well rounded attack but they haven’t fixed their biggest problem last season which was their midfield.
  16. I was against signing him initially but since he’s signed I’m going to 100% back him and hope he does well for us. Hopefully he proves all us haters wrong and leads us to a premier league title or another champions league. Welcome back home Romelu!
  17. Right! Not to mention I don't think there is anyone in Europe that can afford his wages without selling half the team (unless he's willing to take a massive pay cut).
  18. As much as I wanted us to signed him, I honestly don't even believe we were interested in the first place. Romano has confirmed that we never made any proposals and it looks like everything in the media about us having bids rejected was hearsay and Lukaku was always the primary target. The media stories were probably the Chelsea press machine feeding the media with large figures to influence the Lukaku transfer after Inter said he was "untouchable".
  19. Clubs transfer policy probably changed between then and now. Since the transfer ban the club have been willing to spend more compared to previous years.
  20. Can’t believe there were people saying bakayoko was doing well in italy
  21. Glad our first team players are hitting the ground running. Can’t say the same for our loanees like bakayoko etc
  22. Di Marzio has just mentioned that Romelu is 'flattered' to join Chelsea and his agent is pushing for the move. Chelsea are expected to make a 120 million euro bid in the coming hours and it is expected to be accepted. It's looking like this deal is close to done. I would have preferred we bought a different striker but if he is coming then I'll back him and hope he does well for us this year.
  23. I've honestly lost hope in this deal sadly, and us spending 100 mil on Lukaku means Haaland joining us next season is highly unlikely.
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