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  1. I agree with all those mitigating circumstances for our new recruits and I also think they will improve. However, I'm not sure I agree that we would go backwards with another striker. I actually think the opposite. After watching multiple matches like the arsenal game where we struggled to break down teams that parked the bus, this team is screaming for a striker that can do more than just run down channels. We need someone that isnt afraid to bully defenders, hold up the ball, and bring something different that we lacked last season. Kai might be able to do that and more, but he's never going to be able to do it as well as a natural striker. If we go into next season with the same attack its just going to be a repeat of us winning against bigger teams/teams that play a high line and dropping points against teams that play deep and park the bus. It might be enough for us to get into the top four, but I don't think it will be enough for us to win the league.
  2. If we bid anything over 100million, Dortmund will be forced to accept otherwise they risk losing that money next summer since they will be forced to sell him at a much cheaper price next summer. The only thing that can hinder this move IMO is his agent and the wages being discussed.
  3. After all our missed chances this year I’m honestly tired of playing false 9s (and I’d rather not risk going into the season with tammy as our main striker). We need a proper number 9 more than anything this summer so personally I’m not a fan of the sancho-rice combo.
  4. Deal for him looked like it was dying down but rumours have it that Roman is ready to pay the money Dortmund are demanding for him this summer.
  5. Same thoughts here! A lot of people would have choked given the circumstances he came into the match but he made it look like Thiago didn't get injured.
  6. best midfielder in the world at the moment
  7. He's improved a lot in the second half of the season and he got us the winning goal of the final. Looking forward to him next season, I think a future of him and Mount as attacking midfielders would be very dangerous.
  8. Don’t know who to choose so many people played well. I’ll give it to Kante and havertz tied.
  9. Havertz’s physique always makes me forget he’s only 21. He has a bright future ahead of him.
  10. There might be more talented people out there but at least with Rice you know that he will perform well in the premier league since he is already playing in the league versus the risk that comes with signing foreign talent. Not advocating for us to turn into Brexit Fc but given we signed a lot of foreign players that failed to repeat the good seasons they had out of the club, it wouldn't hurt to throw some promising local talent like Rice into the mix this summer.
  11. Im mixed about this. I like Eden but I think we should leave the memory of him leaving the club as a good player untarnished. The last thing I want to happen is for him to come here, flop, and end up losing all the respect he had at chelsea and the premier league.
  12. Chose Kante but special mentions to Mendy and Thiago
  13. He gets worse each game and the sad part is that we all know what he is capable of so hurts even more to see how bad he has become.
  14. All round awful performance. It looks like every time we bottle a game he is the main catalyst, definitely not a big game player and we need to invest into a better creative midfielder or give gilmour more game time.
  15. We got to CL but still a disgraceful performance. Hopefully Tuchel can finally realize that pulisic is sh*t ahead of the final.
  16. Chilly’s been our best player in attack, our attackers need to have a hard look at themselves after this game
  17. Who would have thought we’d be rooting for Tottenham to save our ucl spot?
  18. I feel like that’s the worst part of football over the last year. The handballs have been so inconsistent no one knows the rules anymore
  19. He shouldn’t have even started the game, he’s been poor for awhile now
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