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  1. I hated Rafa before the job, but I do think he did a decent job here and salvaged a season, I can respect him for that (a bit). But I still can't forgive him for how much of an absolute twat he was towards us as Liverpool manager.
  2. Depends what you mean by tears, they ended in tears in a negative aspect. That's what the original point was, it's going to end in tears, but in a bad way. However, bluntly yes, everything ends in tears really, good or bad, FSW probably didn't end in tears, we didn't really care about him and still don't.
  3. Happens all the time now doesn't it, especally this season.
  4. ALL midfielders need to start contributing more. Mount imo has been the best out of a bad bunch. Don't get me wrong I'm very glad he came up with the goal at the end, but I wasn't impressed with his performance that day besides the goal. And that's his 2nd league goal of the season, so lets not pretend that's something you can always rely on with Mount. The likes of Kovacic and Jorginho I completely agree, them two are not playing good enough and shouldn't be playing. But that doesn't give Mount a pass, the midfield in particular are letting the side down, lack of ideas and lethargic.
  5. Is it worth keeping the 3 man midfield? Might be a good idea to shot Kai in there now over Kovacic. It's obvious Gilmour isn't going to get the nod.
  6. I think it's Liverpools in the bag, United are riding their luck ridiculously. Liverpool actually have talent. United won't keep this up.
  7. But if United get a point here, that's job done for them.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing him back into the team to see what he can offer. He was pissing me off big time last month though. If he plays anything like he did against Wolves and Everton with his Bakayoko-eske performances I'll be fuming. No reason why a young player should be playing that badly. But he has looked better when he's come on recently.
  9. Goal aside I don't think he's been impressive at all for weeks now, I also think his defensive aspect are very overrated.
  10. Getting a bit emotional are we? I'm sure she wears the pants.
  11. He was actually an Ancelotti signing, they asked Ancelotti who he wanted and he said Torres.
  12. He did well in his first season, but this season? Not at all, let's not kid ourselves. Yes we had some great performances and went unbeaten for a while, but all that work has now been undone.
  13. There's a difference though. Conte ended in tears but he still won things, as did Mourinho, Carlo etc. Although I wouldn't put Lampard down as an AVB situation, Lampard did do a great job last season, a cup final and top 4. But this is his first real test, and it's looking Di-Matteoish. I fell in love with Robbie after his first season here, won us two trophies, and the BIG ONE. After that I thought he was the man, Roman has to give him the contract, but now I see why the board were so reluctant. In the longrun, it was the right decision to axe him after that shocking Juventus game (I th
  14. Whatever we do, we can't go with the same lineup and personnel that we did against Fulham, we'll get torn apart. Got to try something different, play CHO.
  15. Not even including his miss today. Find me a compilation of Torres's misses that match this, besides that United own goal he didn't actually have that many horrendous moments in front of goal, his problem was that he lacked moments in front of goal because he was piss poor.
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