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  1. Our game against Bayern was a huge wakeup call imo, we are a long way behind top level, although we had so many good players missing for that game.
  2. This whole "lets think back to when I was 19" is pointless, none of us here had the money or fame at 19 like Callum has. We can't compare our lives to his at 19, he's in the spotlight constantly, people know he has money and unfortunately at times we've seen nasty people take advantage of this with numerous athletes and celebrities in the past. That's not to say I'm saying he's innocent, I'll stress that again, I'm waiting until the facts come out until I make any comments about it. But the comparisons we are making here are just silly imo.
  3. Not world class Argo, Reece has a lot of potential but lets get ahead of ourselves. One thing for sure though is that we certainly don't need a right back, James should be our number 1.
  4. Won't this be the 3rd time of loaning him out with a future fee? Not sure if he had a future fee last time. Can't say I'm confident on anyone buying him for that price tbh, but if it gets him off the wage books until we can offload him then...
  5. His whole market is to report on racism, so he's incentivised to seek it out so even when it's not there he'll make something up. I've lost count of how many times he's apparently seen something in the crowd that nobody else has.
  6. BG3 looks a bit too much like Divinity imo though, even though it's a great game, I expected it to feel more like Baldur's Gate, I'll still buy it though, it looks really good.
  7. It didn't with Remy, he had some awful accusations when he first came to the UK but once he was cleared we never heard about it again.
  8. I f**king loved Mata, but to be fair, he wasn't actually that good under Di Matteo, neither was Sturridge, and those two players were the shining beacons of light under AVB that season. Didier really stepped up though, all the old guard did when needed, that Napoli game was incredible, I remember the moment Ivanovic smashed that in the back of the net, it was just incredible. Napoli were a real dark horse then, Lavezzi, Cavani, Hamsik were 3 players every big club was scouting and they battered us in the first leg, to score 4 goals past them in the next leg felt like an absolute pipe dream. That 4-1 win cannot be understated.
  9. Void Bastards you say? Pretty fitting with what I've been saying to the F.A. lately, but there's a "you" in the middle of it.
  10. So, if we are to restart in June, we won't be finished by July right, like at the very least, so there won't really be a break and preseason for the players at all? Unless you plan on pushing next season back a bit more, again causing another big knock on effect for years to come, because we’ll also have the Euro’s that will be played in the summer that season, then aren’t we looking at a World Cup? After that in January? The schedule is going to be f**ked, all because we are rushing to get this season underway.
  11. Do we have to hear these jokes for another year? Bloody hell!
  12. You forget the fact you're neither rich or famous. We know that famous and rich people have been falsley accused and targeted for these sorts of things in the past. Not saying that's the case here, I'm just saying you can't really compare yourself to Callum, neither of us can. Callum is a bloody idiot for not following lockdown restrictions, but anything beyond that is just pure speculation.
  13. He should be punished on his stupid conduct, but anything else we have to wait until the facts come out.
  14. I really don't like his conduct here, I'm not going to comment on the accusations until there's a trial and evidence has came forward. Pretty sh*tty situation he's put himself into though.

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