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  1. I actually can't blame the young lad for keeping his options open. We don't have a good track record with youth, I think things will definitely start changing now because we have no choice. If CHO starts games I think he'll sign, you can't blame him, if he signs a 5 year contract who's to say the club won't bench him and send him out on loans for another 5 years? We need to earn a good reputation for giving youngsters a chance first before we start complaining and calling them disloyal.
  2. I think Rudiger's passing of the ball is very underrated, I think we've just been spoiled with Luiz's output that it overshadows how good Rudiger is at playing it out from the back.
  3. Petition to get @coco unmodded you think? He's just blasphemed Lord Terry twice in an hour.
  4. I thought Terry had excellent passing and control.
  5. I regret defending this spineless twat for 2 years. If he's not good enough, that's not his fault, I won't berate him for that. But to try and blame Chelsea fans and the club for why he's not good enough and can't finish a one v one is such a bitch move.
  6. Good, he's done nothing but disrespect the fans and the club. He's made me look a right nob for 2 years defending him.
  7. With how inflated prices are now and Maguire going for 70 million, you would be stupid to let Zaha go for 40 especially when he has that many years left on his contract.
  8. I'm sure they'll add in another pound to sweeten the deal.
  9. He's 25 guys... Yeah he didn't blow people away last season, but he's always been a scouted talent for years, and we've seen at times he can possess great ability. He has all the time in the world to improve and even if he doesn't, he's still a valuable addition to the squad. With how negatives things have been looking I think losing Kovacic aswell would have really hurt us.
  10. I'll actually be really happy if we've managed to keep him here.
  11. It doesn't translate to success though, look at the class of 92, they're absolutely clueless.
  12. Can't get optimistic about Frank in charge I'm afraid, I think we're robbing him of his managerial development giving him an offer he can't refuse. No doubt the players would love it, but as soon as things turn sour what then? We've seen it time and time before but Frank lacks the experience compared to all the other managers, even AVB.
  13. Haven't really been online a lot, but I think I'm the only one who's really depressed and pessimistic about our upcoming season, I don't even think I can see a top 6 finish at the rate we are going. It's the worst I've ever felt about football and Chelsea ever, as I can't really remember pre Abramovich. I'm sure many think I'm just being dramatic here but it's really painful to see how things are turning out.
  14. Oh thank you! Just thank you, I see that you really care for mental health.
  15. I love going to games, but I think you get a better view and insight from watching it on TV, sometimes it can be difficult to make out which player is which when the game gets scrappy, depending on where you're sitting of course. Whenever I've been to games I've downloaded the match and watched it again.

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