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  1. They obviously put a lot of effort into the cup, like Bobby said they didn't really balance the two, like we did. Could be a reason why they looked very jaded in the league.
  2. How is he wrong? Napoli and Valencia are two very good teams.
  3. Same here, everyone I heard talking about the match feels Arsenal will win it. Don't worry Wallosh lad, we're in it to win it, Eden's final game, he wants some of that glory.
  4. Plus it would only hurt Lampard's career, I think AVB had a promising career but took a big job too early, there he was a 32 year old man who's never had experience playing football at pro level telling a 34 year old legend like Lampard what to do. I think it's better for Lampard to get his Derby side to the Premier League and focus on building his career, his managerial career is still very young, no need to throw him into the deep end.
  5. Anybody else hate Euron in the show? Can't help but think he's extremely corny and cringy. That "I killed Jaimie Lannister" had me cringing, can't believe people written that and thought it was a good idea.
  6. Oh fair enough, I don't gamble so I never know the odds, everyone I've spoke to keeps saying Arsenal are going to win it. I can see why many think it, they've got more to gain, it's a must win for them and we seem to very inconsistent.
  7. Seems we are pretty big underdogs, I think that's a good thing. Their front 2 is what we need to be wary of that's obvious, Hazards final game, let's hope we get the best performance from him because he's a game changer.
  8. Found this on facebook. Patch Notes 8.5: - Nerf Scorpions - Nerf aim - Buff Dragon dodge - Buff Dragon fire x10 - Rocks no longer melt but now explode - Mass Rez Unsullied & Dothraki from patch 8.3 - Bells now have a maddening effect while mounted on a dragon - Golden Company is no longer immune to Fear Spell - Golden Company health nerfed to 1 from 100
  9. You got to expect some realism in fantasy lore, whether it's LOTR, GOT or whatever, but immersion is important, otherwise it's impossible to get invested emotionally into the characters. I'm actually surprised at how many people hated this episode, I thought it was one of the better episodes. Whereas a lot of people loved episode 3 and I loathed that with a passion. But sadly Mod Stark is right, I read the spoilers on Reddit on saturday, usually I avoid stuff like that but I don't really care that much anymore and the spoilers have been spot on, everything happened in the episode that was on reddit. So I'm warning you, the last episode is possibly going to be very disappointing by the looks of it.
  10. LMAO That for me was one of the best parts of the episode, it showed you the bad guys being good guys, and the good guys being bad guys. The glimpses of Lannister soldiers helping random families in the street get to safety while Dothraki and even Northmen are murdering and raping random women in the street. I thought it was pretty powerful, maybe I was stunned by the visuals I'll have to watch it again.
  11. I enjoyed the episode and you hated it? Now there's a plot twist GRRM would've been proud of.
  12. If you look down the line, Liverpool have been ridiculously lucky, they were absolutely sh*te for the first 3 months of the season but kept winning games, it was always an offside goal, Salah diving for a penalty, I've not seen luck like it since the Ferguson era, I mean that Spurs own goal in the last minute just about summed it up. City have been by far the better side. That West Ham offside decision will go down as one of the worst linesman decisions I've seen in football, absolutely disgusting how they got away with that.
  13. Yeah, same characters that can't seem to die also, I thought the Cersei and Jaimie ending was very underwhelming to say the least. Danerys going that mad is forced, this is why it should've been longer. And the OP ballistas, absolutely useless this time, can't seem to kill one dragon.
  14. One of the better episodes I thought!
  15. But what's more amazing is how he managed to get in TOTY lmao! His own fans are brutalising him and he got in TOTY because he had a good 2 months under Ole.

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