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  1. First of all watch your f**king tone.....cuz you wouldnt be saying that in front me. Secondly dont go crazy with your delusions now........that sh*t cant be good for you.
  2. Ohh forgive me good sire for not wanting or knwoing how his f**king name is spelled...........a clear clear evidence im a spurs. FFS what kind of subsntance are you on.
  3. ............sometimes a good medicine for those worthy you see.
  4. You lost this debate long ago.....but I was too kind to point it out and unnecessary. You the troll for saying spurs lovers aint welcome here, without having zero evidence to back it up.....and even have the nerve to say the word welcome.......who the f**k are you to decide that anyway? All are welcome as long as they behave and dont diss other forumers........got long way to go yet my boy.
  5. Where have I been condescending.....show it to me. If I choose to moan, its my will.....you get that kid. And the others you mention are the same culprits who have hounded many decent forumers out of here. Its a forum....you get it yet? A place where folks can talk about stuff, you are not forced to reply or even make an account.......get it yet my boy?
  6. Nahh not here anymore unfortunetly........we have seen it many times. The only things such members light up is their own insecurity and narrow thinking.......you dont lose anything by it, I dont lose anything by it.
  7. I tried to be nice and civil but you absolutely had to stoop to silly levels........what is this love in you talk about. So no one can give any team or manager credit just because we are Chels.....or cuz we hate them? Go lie down....have a cofee or whatever the f**k ever you do and take a breather.
  8. Sometimes possibly......but you also have to take into account the quality of players too. That they are bottlers and cant get over the line trophy wise is whole another matter.
  9. Dont stoop to silly and childish BS please.......we can and must do better.
  10. Wy does it have to be moaning? Why cant it be criticism......especially if its validated. And if a Chels says Poch is good it means he or she is spurs fan? Did I get that right?
  11. Your only making it more obvious how far we have fallen. Why do you keep repeating yourself......is it somes sort of clever dig? Let me ask you this, would we be better or worse than we are atm of Poch was the manager?
  12. Where do you get your 12 weeks from.....not from me thats for sure. Again no, im not making judgments, merely pointing current flaws in our play and tactics, the way I see it. Counts for nothing if we dont get top 4........and yes Poch is good manager, has done wonders for spurs while spending next to nothing compared to his rivals.
  13. Well time will tell I guess.........hope you are right and it all goes well. Regarding poch, Nahh I have seen him change his formations countless times depending their opponent.....seen him mix it up etc. And no I didnt foresee he would get spurs this good and consistent.
  14. Well there you go........exactly why we say you have to adapt and do whats best for the team. If its gotten so competitive and tough then you have to show flexibility......unless you have 500M to spend that is, and Sarii dont. Lets get that top 4 and take it from there......many things depend on it imo.
  15. Who gives a f**k what other teams are doing as long as you do your best and most optimal, havent we beat many of the great possession teams by playing our way, teams that were far better than us at it. And I cant agree with you on this, most teams play fast direct footy Eng.
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