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  1. atomis

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He was easily just as happy with us the first time around. But still e neglected mentioning us.......a bridge too far for him it seems. His first team here were far stronger overall than any of his teams. We could game anyone from any era.
  2. According the media, twitter, lip readers and rio etc......she is saying merry Christmas and peace upon us all
  3. atomis

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He gives all his previous teams credit but totally forgets Chelsea. How sad our relationship has become.
  4. Who the f**k said it lol? Probably rio......the same dude that claimed utd will finish above us, bellend he is.
  5. 11pts of the top 4.....and a goal difference of 0.
  6. Jose has to be close to a sacking again.......lets see what his post match words will be like. f**k it, we won, all that Counts.
  7. Has to be Worse than Moyes and Van Gaal......a sacking will cost a bomb.
  8. They have gone mental at redcafe lol......I dont blame them.
  9. Their goals were pure luck, but I do give they are good. Klopp done real good there. I our problem aint utd.....its them spurs and arsenal
  10. Yup another defelction........lady luck is a scouse.
  11. And we hand fed them 2 goals at the Bridge........but they really are soul-less.
  12. Thats fair......but deserving does not equal winning. Big luck that goal went in.
  13. f**k......I so detest these Lucky c**ts.....their luck has no bounderies. It will be seen as a masterstroke by klopp.
  14. Utd's midfield is utter crap........slow with almost no passing game. Its too easy for pool's midfield.