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  1. Both pool and spurs go through........
  2. Seriously my man, did you expect any different? Its pool afterall.......
  3. Pool scores.....not good keeping that.
  4. Most of them are horsecrap......and they get paid very well to be biased. Them producers should be ashamed and sacked.
  5. He would be the ultimate partner for Rudi.........shame it aint happening. Thats until Salah gets similar medicin......then you will see.
  6. Not sure.....Inter must win, and spurs must not win.....cuz then they would have the same amount of pts, but Inter are better head to head. And that could easily have been a red Card for their new Saint van dyke.
  7. Yeah but if they respect the competition they would field a slightly better team......spurs just have to not lose and they are through.
  8. Nice of Barca to field their second team for spurs.....Inter must be livid.
  9. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Sadly its looking more likely he goes.....and he should zip it about RM. We get it Eden, you loved them since birth, but zip it a bit while you are still here. 2 Things will help us, we get CL footy Next season, and the Club shows ambition and get quality players that will blitz in the first 11 and improve us.
  10. atomis

    Alvaro Morata

    I hope its true...he just aint got the mentality to lead the line in League as epl.......a Club like Chels really ough to have a quality striker and we simply dont. Our rivals all have far far superior forwards.....in many cases several of them.
  11. atomis

    Antonio Rudiger

    Rudi is quality.....can game through the back 4 and deliver. You can easily see it on him that he loves playing for Chels nand his stock has gone up since coming here. One of the best defenders in epl but hardly get any credit at all......they w**k over van dyke laporte stones etc so often.
  12. atomis

    That Sterling Incident

    Awful fan if proved to be true, and like you I've heard nothing on the audio. But note how Lineker actually stopped the MOTD show last night to make a grave announcement, I thought someone had died, he stopped it to announce that a Chelsea fan is racist and there should be punishment. Ian Wright nodding solemnly in the background. Seriously, they are working hard to make sure the anti-chelsea narrative comes out even when we get good results. Imagine if their beloved Liverpool or Spurs had beaten City (which neither did) we would be hearing about it 24/7. What did they say on MOTD last week when the "I'm not racist I'm a Greek Cypriot " Spurs fan threw a banana at Aubamayang ? f**k ALL.
  13. What does that tell us about the refs and FA? That none of them have any integrity or want the best for the game. Needs sacking if its anything like that.
  14. atomis

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Yup...exactly what we needed and he delivered.
  15. As mentioned it tells its own story.......they cant refute or argue as Fellow Chels fans, no, they must do the opposite. f**k it, lets enjoy an impressive win.