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  1. considering leeds tend to leak goals against top sides its definitely 2 points dropped!!
  2. it has got to be a back 4 with that selection.... Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger Chilwell Kante Jorginho Ziyech Mount Pulisic Havertz I dont think either Pulisic or Ziyech can play the right wing back role effectively...
  3. I may go James over CHO. Other positions same choices for me too...
  4. Should play Chilly and James in this one as Leeds only know one way of playing...attacking...
  5. I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere near our team if he wasn't one of our boys.. I dont rate him as a top 4 player..But I wish him all the best at say a mid table club..
  6. The most pleasing thing from this match is Havertz coming back to form... TT revolution seems to be on!! Early days but he had good enough tests...Get past Atleti and its definitely on... Hope to get to top 4 and a trophy..
  7. If it's from both teams MOTM got to be Pickford...
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Everton.. Werner 20 min.. Sorry bit late..net issues...
  9. Based on recent form Everton will be a bigger test.. Carlo will set them up for a 1-0.. Need to be careful..
  10. Looks like it will be chilwell and james vs top teams.. And Alonso and CHO against bottom.half teams..
  11. What a performance.. Thoroughly deserved 3 points..
  12. I have Hope's in Werner..He may come good.. I know it isnt easy but wish we got Haaland to partner Werner.. Anyway if 3 at the back is here to stay we have Ziyech, Pulisic, Mount, Werner, Havertz, Giroud, Tammy for 3 attacker slots.. I am counting CHO as RWB..
  13. Expected this game would be a dull nil nil affair.. Atleast TT has made us look unbeatable..He has indeed steadied the ship that was sinking.. Top 4 looks like a good possibility now.. And hope football style will get better next season... We need a clinical finisher...
  14. What a boring team this Atleti is.. Their tactic is always to go for a 0-0 at home and try to nick a 1 nil win or 1-1 draw away...
  15. Win or lose... Need some logic from manager... Yes we will win even with Kepa...
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