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  1. So TT will fuk up Mendy's confidence too.. Just imagine Kepa of all being selected ahead of you.FFS!!!
  2. Good win.. Some good fixtures coming up too.. Can we try Alonso as a striker? Cant do much worse...
  3. I expect a narrow win.. But a morale boosting demolition job would be very welcome..
  4. Glad to see Marcos back... I think choice of attack minded Alonso and CHO is good considering Burnley are a defensive team.. Hope to put 3 or 4 goals past them.. Come on Blues....
  5. Sorry to say this.. Sack now.. I project a finish lower than 10th if he is in charge..
  6. Looking at teams around lacking consistency I dont think we need a magical manager to get top 4..I ain't talking about title challenge... I dont know who will be available to be snatched mid season.. I am sure managers like carlo or even Roger's would secure top 4 with our squad..
  7. The only way we may score is a corner or a penalty... We just keep passing sideways and no penetration or desire to get into opposition box...
  8. Hope he is put of his misery soon.. Dont want to see fans turning really badly against a club legend... I think we can still claim top 4 from here with the right manager..
  9. It's so difficult to watch us playing... Just running around with no plan...
  10. The sooner we get a new manager the better... It can save our club legend more embarassment as a manager..
  11. Hope city decide to pass in midfield and conserve energy..
  12. Hope it's going ahead.. Any news from city forums?
  13. What will be acceptable league position at the end of season? Top4? top 6?
  14. I am surprised we only used only 2 subs.. I would have thrown in tammy as well.. Felt like we could play all day without scoring..
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