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  1. Discalimer: Just treat this post as my fantasy... Once upon a time there was a champion manager named Conte..He wanted to buy another world class striker but realised his director of football was a stingy b***h.. He then scripted a drama of fallout with his main striker and managed to get his wish... Now the happy gaffer made peace with Costa and all the 3 of costa conte morata lived happily ever after..
  2. maybe they are still bargaining on wages!!!!
  3. apparently he can play on the left as well...
  4. hope he hasnt been hijacked enroute to the our medical!!
  5. Sky reports he is in london to finalise a deal... 4 year contract..23 million..
  6. Weren't we interested in celtics mousa dembele some time back?
  7. Yes so I am happy if this go's through...
  8. We could bid for belotti as well..
  9. If conte wants him he must be good...I trust in conte...
  10. Not very excited. But dont mind either if price isnt any more than 30 m ideally 25... it wud be insane if we paid him the 40m we got for matic...
  11. Spain striker Diego Costa, 28, is edging closer to rejoining Atletico Madridas Chelsea consider a new bid of £49m. (Sun)
  12. yep...those 2 might happen...thats it..
  13. i think this will go through atleast as the player seemingly want to join us...
  14. not very keen on him esp if we have got the ox now... but dont mind if he come on a cheap...
  15. conte is pure class... hope he stays with us for a long time...
  16. the good thing is RLC and zouma can comeback first team ready... wish chalobah and ake was loan as well...
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