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  1. I think he was trying to flick it off the back of his heal to Pulisic who was behind him in loads of space. It just didn’t come off and made him look like a twat!
  2. Wouldn’t a 0-0 bore draw with lots and lots of injuries be the ideal scenario?
  3. You know we can listen to music from other decades right? My old man pretty music drilled all the music from 70s in to my subconscious
  4. They’ve not had to face Miss Marple before though...
  5. Phil Collins is besties with Sting and he knows The Police...
  6. Meatloaf the man or meatloaf the food? A friend of mine took her mum to see him about 15 years ago and said he was sh*t, barely looked like he was still alive.
  7. Ah yes the grunge phase - I used to hang out with the grunge/emo kids (aka my fellow weirdos) at school and developed an appreciation for the music from them.
  8. Bryan Adams is Canadian, kicking ass isn’t in his DNA...
  9. I’ve been listening to Phil Collins a lot recently for some unknown reason...
  10. Excuse me - take your football chat else where, this thread has been hijacked.
  11. Yes they probably feature on the song - lots of artists do this. It’s from the early 2000s so it’s quite an old song but he’s still going. I saw him live at a festival a few years ago, great show!
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