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  1. Monaco look like they’re going to loan Adrien Silva which might be the end of their interest in Bakayoko.
  2. I see from the choice of not being a knob or being a knob he went for the latter. See kids, sometimes having a choice is not a good thing.
  3. Just a suggestion. I remember back in the day another forum (cfcnet I think) used to do it. It also got you access spare ticket part of the forum to help keep touts and various other degrees of w**ker at bay. The ads don’t bother me anyway as long as they don’t take over the whole screen. I know they’re a necessary evil!
  4. Boxing Day games are quite popular to be honest but it depends on how well the team are performing too. You need to link all the accounts via friends & family online then one person can buy all the tickets together. Buying hospitality tickets is the safest option like coco said.
  5. Two of them spend a lot of time in the injury room though so I don’t think they’ll all be available too often.
  6. You could offer the choice of a subscription service without ads if that would economically viable?
  7. He really isn't. He was a car crash of a full back or wing back or whatever position he was asked to play. Defensively he was caught out of position more than the French military and when getting forward there was more chance of his crosses hitting a seagull than a Chelsea player. I'm glad to see him punted. There was certainly more chance they’d hit the back of the net than a Chelsea player. If only he could play against FC Carrierbag every week.
  8. Probably best he can’t ‘showcase his talent’. That’d drive the price right down. A year in obscurity at Chelsea might make people forget how sh*t he actually is!
  9. He could come out and call us all a bunch of c**ts if he likes, he won the Champions League with one leg and a Luiz
  10. Not good news considering how much he smokes! Hope he recovers quickly from it.
  11. To be fair on match days I tell my boss I can’t work because I have to go to church...
  12. Unfortunately there are idiots of all ages, races and genders.
  13. It’ll probably be released in time for the next home game. The tourists have had their time to get the home and away kit now. I got one of the training tops on Sunday now I just need to get to the gym

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