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  1. How about you both donate £10 anyway?
  2. Probably because Roy has a special set of skills, he’ll find them and when he does he’ll beat seven shades of sh*t out of them!
  3. That league really is trash, how one team can dominate for ten years straight is ridiculous and completely boring.
  4. As a recently graduated google expert on hamstrings it could be a few days to 5 weeks depending on how bad it is. I don’t think it’s a strain more than a tear because he was stood in the tunnel watching at the end. It’s a good time for him to put his feet up and have a deserved rest though!
  5. That’s what we call the first team nowadays. Best give the U9s a ring.
  6. Ivanovic is available on a free... I’ve had people who don’t give a sh*te and rarely watch football asking me about the referee yesterday just to highlight how f**king woeful that performance was. I’m with Frank though, we still weren’t good enough over 90 minutes.
  7. He’s doesn’t have the luxury of saying it how it is unfortunately.
  8. Dave seems to play as all of CB/RB/RWB when we play three at the back allowing Reece to move inside. When he went off Reece needed to change it up but didn’t.
  9. Graham Poll masterclass, nobody is talking about anything other that the ref!
  10. Is it too late to try and wind you up with a fake score? Pedro just scored a 70 yard screamer to make it 5-2...
  11. That champions league one does take up a lot of room, as no other club in London couldn’t tell you...
  12. His hamstring went two/three steps before he shot, what a f**king hero for getting his shot away!

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