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  1. Is this your way of saying Giroud should start upfront?
  2. We can’t clear out the deadwood, we’d have no squad left!
  3. Seems like a dodgy one mods, ban him I reckon.
  4. No he looked a JT slip away from winning it.
  5. Avram Grant; Champions League finalist
  6. Munkworth


    I think (Wembley moment aside) Kepa has had a good season. He’s had a few goals where he could have done better but he’s young and only human. Imagine if we had Tibo still and played the ball around at the back like we do!
  7. Burnley aren’t pushovers, it’ll be hard work tomorrow.
  8. He’s looks he’s retiring soon, another African with a dodgy date of birth Tongue was firmly in cheek (not Ruben) mate!
  9. I’d rather have their left back, Digne. It’s probably the easiest area for us to improve.

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