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  1. f**king hell @coco you’ve screwed up the date massively on this one!
  2. From any fans of Scrubs out there Zach Braff & Donald Faison have been doing a rewatch podcast during the lockdown. Lots of funny and/or interesting stories about each episode, some trivia about the show, guests from actors to crew who worked on the show. They can be quite long because they tend to get side tracked talking about random sh*te but it’s still hilarious and worth a listen.
  3. I couldn’t remember Begovic but got some of the randoms who played 1/2 games. I liked Begovic too!
  4. If only Robbie was born 10 days earlier - would have been the perfect storm!
  5. Felt bad for Cech in this game. His last professional game and we put four past him!
  6. I am working, though now overtime so I’m down at least £200 a month and still miles better off! He has, there was picture from training of him with hair.
  7. When was it ever about anything else?
  8. I’m not really arsed about it coming back right now, it’s been nice to have a proper break (no internationals or anything) and my bank account is feeling the positive effects of it too
  9. It’s only the second isn’t it? Milan first who he impressed at until he mouthed off at Gatusso and was bummed off. Monaco this season.
  10. The DLC is just as good, if not better, than the main game.
  11. Apparently some experts have said that Liverpool’s champions league game against Atletico is probably responsible for some corona related deaths. Same old scousers, always murdering.
  12. Now take your blue tinted specs off and see if you can drive 30 miles. Reece is very good but he’s still got a lot of learning to do. He’s showing all the signs that he can get there though.
  13. I did it for the platinum trophy! Then they added new game plus which they said they were never doing and more difficulty levels. Maybe one day I’ll do it again but it’s a long bloody game!

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