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  1. So it’s not deep fried vomit like @Valerie suggested, interesting...
  2. How long until he goes out on the piss, does/says something stupid and gets his head kicked in and/or stabbed?
  3. Can you shed any light on wtf a McKroket actually is?
  4. Must win game. We’re 6 points behind them right now.
  5. I was at the match with my old man. We had a running bet every season - if Mikel scored I forked over a tenner. He went for a piss moments before this happened and I managed to lie about who the scorer was for sometime
  6. Well you’re prediction is spot on so far - with one of those 5 defenders getting the goal
  7. Rudi did quietly go about having a good game, unlucky not to score too.
  8. I agree, came on and look positive. Brought something different, a very direct player.
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