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  1. The view from the front of the picture posted by @Gol15
  2. Mikel’s first ever goal for Chelsea was a half volley from outside the box. I remember it because my old man had f**ked off to the bog, missed it and it was the start of our ‘£50 if Mikel scores this season’ bet we always had.
  3. Have you noticed that Christensen stays back at corners now? I reckon he’ll smash a 60 yard screamer in at some point or we’ll give him a penalty a la Makelele.
  4. Current champion & suspected time traveller@erskblue isn’t that far behind to be fair…
  5. I’m not some forum clown that exists just for everyone’s amusement! I’m a real boy with real feelings! Wait, sorry, I am the first one thinking about it.
  6. Why do you insist on tagging me in posts relating to the scum today? It’s starting to feel like a hate crime…
  7. It autocorrected me! Frank is a ‘character’ in a pod I listen to so I spend a lot of time calling people Lampards
  8. Probably because Chelsea fans are f**king brilliant people who actually support their players (continuing long after they’ve left too) and Man United fans are a bunch of fickle c**ts.
  9. Well we were all f**king wrong this week! Nice easy weekend for @Zeta!
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