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  1. Came through the ranks at Arsenal... Is the second half next Sunday?
  2. Not a bad window that! Geremi - what an underrated little player he was!
  3. Essien still getting away with murder
  4. Chin up, he’ll be back when he realises the Real fans are a bunch of c**ts and he longs for the proper support he got at Chelsea.
  5. If Mo Farah could play on the left I’d have him over Alonso. Farah has been pretty sh*t too.
  6. I’ve got it on, was going to take the old man for Father’s Day but with TFL being their usual c**tish selves and it not kicking off until late we thought better of it.
  7. Well that didn’t work out too badly for us did it?
  8. You can just make it a legends banner so Ray, Eden and Stamford can all stay!
  9. Well no, you can look back on parts of a good run with fondness but I’d still take a trophy over a good CL run that doesn’t end in a win. Also I think I’m one of the few left that still values the FA Cup as a competition.
  10. Not for me, I’d take the trophy all day long.
  11. 20th. Going down. It’s all doom and gloom.
  12. Met up for the deal on Monday. Took him for a drink on Tuesday. They were smoking fags by Wednesday. Should have signed by Thursday and Friday and Saturday. Still talking bollocks on Sunday. I think the media “source” could be Craig David.
  13. ‘All done by Thursday’ has now passed. What’s the next deadline that’ll be plucked out the air?

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