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  1. The good thing for Ampadu is that he can comfortably step in to midfield too. I can see him being good cover for Jorginho in the long run.
  2. Saw a stray comment at the end of an article somewhere that Rudiger has just returned to full training with the squad so should be back soon.
  3. Grub planned, beer in the fridge and nothing to do today until the match kicks off!
  4. Jorginho < Jorginho’s Mum
  5. A fitting tribute really but I bet he wouldn’t love seeing away fans in The Shed though!
  6. I loved the series but I’ve never watched the movie. I binged Ash vs Evil Dead last week, enjoyed the movies (even the first one when they were trying to take it seriously), my sort of ridiculous humour! Got two days off work and an agency chef recommended Gotham after talking about the Joker movie. He’s a Palace fan though so his taste is questionable.
  7. I wouldn’t say dismissed, I’d say aimed a bunch of foul language at the poster. BTW Yorkers; if you were ‘arguing’ with quite a large group of people and everyone last one of them disagreed with you, would you perhaps consider you may actually be wrong? Asking for a friend. In fact don’t answer, you’re probably the wrong person to ask
  8. Pretty sure that’s Eddie Newton.
  9. There’s this Spanish bloke at Monaco, Fabre-something, who’d do a good job covering there
  10. Ashley Cole did that 6 times a match

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