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  1. I’m sick to death of people lumping every single person in the world in together like we’re all exactly the same and anyone who happens struggle should be cut adrift.
  2. Don’t need gloves mate, I’d fill the entire goal without them.
  3. Great news. Now I need my new contract, come on Roman! Sign me up!
  4. @coco please take note for the Forest thread (I think the club might be in on it too)
  5. Munkworth

    Nathan Ake

    You’re not helping us get away from the rent boy chants here...
  6. We couldn’t negotiate with Palace for him anyway, they’re still in talks with Reece James to have him released from his pocket.
  7. I hope not. He’s too good for them. Maybe he can come back to Chelsea and be Franks mentor
  8. That's possible and would explain it but not sure it's the thing to do when CL qualification isn't secured. Big game at the weekend though, we like to give the worst teams in their sh*ttest run of form three points and a moral boost.
  9. RIP Jim Smith. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11883289/jim-smith-former-portsmouth-and-derby-manager-dies-aged-79
  10. I thought both the CHO and Mount changes were strange ones. I wouldn't have brought CHO on at all. Less of a disagreement with bringing Mount on but I would have hooked Jorginho instead and moved Kante back. Probably trying to give Kova a rest, he’s played a lot of 90 minutes lately.

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