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  1. You got a driveway I can borrow?
  2. Any idea if Nonsuch Park is open and/or full of dickheads who don’t need to be there? I’ve got a 10k and a 12k run I’ve missed and it’s nice and flat there.
  3. It was for the greater good. Imagine if it’d been disallowed and we went through in extra time or on penalties. The victimisation levels would go off the scale.
  4. I’m really hoping that last part is true!
  5. Also too many people exiting the stadium in the same direction hence the building over the railway line.
  6. Didn’t feel the need to start a new thread but I bored this morning and a random tweet got me thinking up of cult hero/players who I liked but never really made it XI Went with the Roman years only. Hilario Belletti Boulahrouz Alex Filipe Luiz Geremi Tiago McEachran Deco Demba Ba Pizarro
  7. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink when he came back with Charlton for me, just for the reaction from us!
  8. In a blaze of glory as Chelsea win every game, Liverpool completely collapse and we run away with every trophy available!
  9. You could be a Turk, they’re the best of people
  10. Good job us hideous weirdos stuck to the shadows...
  11. He’s just practicing being a deliveroo driver for when he gets the sack next.
  12. Anything relating to you ‘orrible scummers should be instantly disliked

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