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  1. You seem to have all the inside knowledge, are you cheating on Carlo?
  2. Showing your age now mate, we on FIFA20 nowadays.
  3. You really are obsessed with cats aren’t you!
  4. You’ll die 3 days before the deal starts
  5. Like one of those massive tricky sh*ts that make you feel like you’re about to pass out...
  6. I want to watch it now just to see how sh*te it really gets!
  7. I am unreasonably happy at this news.
  8. What are the odds on toiling at 0-0 until the 96th minute then conceding on the counter to Hulls first shot?
  9. Hilario and Carlo are both knocking about the club.
  10. Maybe when they’ve bought his flight we should put a bid in? Try to go two for two!
  11. I was probably on here posting stupid gifs or pictures of cats
  12. I think they just tried to put too much in to the first season of The Witcher, it basically covers the first two books (which are actually the last two full of lots of little stories as a prequel to the whole series). They’re are full of lots of little stories, a lot of which was missed out on. I watch the first two episodes of Dracula and have been told to not bother with the last one because it’s terrible!
  13. I disagree with one, might be worth a go.

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