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  1. My old man was but I think that was mainly the long drive to Manchester just to watch that shower of sh*te!
  2. It’s unfair to judge him after last night, he’d only spent about 4 seconds with the squad. Hopefully those 90 minutes taught him a lot about his players and we see the signs of improvement on Sunday. Even if it’s just something simple like not leaving Mason on the bench for the Jorgi the Crab or Sir John Can’t Shoot Won’t Shoot.
  3. Sunday 12 o’clock kick-off are the absolute f**king worst aren’t they!
  4. This isn’t the West Lower Stand Forum fella...
  5. He was probably sleep walking, did he touch the ball today?
  6. Is this your first match? The answer is nobody, ever.
  7. That Mason Mount looks a tidy player, he should definitely be getting more minutes...
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