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  1. His tiny penis was a very difficult spot indeed - nearly had to get my ninoculars out.
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Man City Lukaku 63’ @Zeta as Gol’s prediction about me was wrong I think not only should be forfeit his points this round but @Mod Stark should also be deducted all of his points and have them awarded to me. Thank you.
  3. I have fixed your terrible mistakes and demand payment.
  4. Working tomorrow can’t wait to start my mon-fri job with no weekends!
  5. Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it yet but the was a player called Lampard Bogarde on the bench for Villa last night. He’s the nephew of a Chelsea legend…
  6. The rules are changing on October 4th. If you’re fully vaccinated and aren’t in a red list country you only have to take a day 2 covid test and fill out some form. No quarantine unless you test positive.
  7. I thought RLC had a good game - no real standouts though.
  8. Was Ashley Young playing? Couldn’t tell from my loft perch up in the Gods.
  9. Can someone clarify whether all the penalties/handballs/dodgy tackles/general sh*t decisions by the ref were as bad as they seemed?
  10. Nicki Minaj won’t be happy about this!
  11. There is the option to give @Mod Stark a blowie behind the bike shed too.
  12. Sorry, you mean this Nicki Minaj? Yep, seems like she’s a pretty switched on individual.
  13. Bit of a dog pile going on at poor old @just in here!
  14. We have our very own Paul ‘King Canners’ Canoville doing exactly this.
  15. This opinion isn’t biased by the fact we sign him and not a certain other player is it? Taking the knee, for me, has just become a standard bit of practice before kick off now. I’d go as far to say I don’t even notice it anymore.
  16. I hope this is confirmed soon - he’s silently gone about becoming f**king brilliant!
  17. This is the main reason for wanting the ad free version! Used to drive me mad - I couldn’t keep up with all the bollocks me & MaltaTurncoat were chatting.
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