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  1. Win the first five games and we’re laughing!
  2. Am I alone on the planet by seeing that goal as offside?
  3. You’d think he’d just won the whole competition the way he’s celebrated the c**t.
  4. Penalty now. I really don’t like Portugal.
  5. sh*t goal doesn’t deserve to win the game.
  6. Can confirm through my contacts that Palinka kills COVID so they’re all good.
  7. I put the game on not long ago and the first thing I saw was Morata falling over and looking like he wanted to cry. Mark Lawrenson on commentary, hopefully he’ll give us one of his famous Top Tens don’t you agree @Ballack & Blu?
  8. I’m the opposite there’s lots of good lads from Scotland, a few on this forum, and I know Matty Ritchie (I think he’s still out injured) from back home. I didn’t know you could be born and raised on the south coast of England and be Scottish but he’s done it! I hope this whole everyone hates the English and the English hate everyone bollocks dies out soon. Can’t we all just get along?
  9. We’re not as quick on the dvds as Spurs - they’ve got more experience.
  10. I don’t think it’d happen, it just seems a tad daft given the circumstances. Saying that I’d still be an idiot and go - I missed the last one because my w**ker Gooner boss at the time put me on an all day shift.
  11. The rumours are trueish. They’re putting in rail seating in the Shed & MHL with a view to safe standing being given approval in the future. As a fat c**t I welcome the larger seating anyway
  12. Maybe it’s time for the big clubs to breakaway and start their own league?
  13. Why would you bump this thread - thought he was going for round three with Sir John Cancer!
  14. You’re right, with everything going on in the world I forgot about that farce. It’s perfectly fine for thousands of low paid locals to die to build all the stadiums in time though, don’t forget that one.
  15. World Cup next summer too. They want to change that to every two years then you know UEFA will follow suit. Like you said they might get stupid money but they trade that for the best years of their youth and all that time missed with family (no Christmas for UK players etc.) and now they can’t even get a few weeks in the summer.
  16. International players haven’t stopped since last season restart after the lockdown really. People need to rest physically and mentally.
  17. I know you probably mean that it’s not fit for purpose for a club of our stature but there are many stadiums in a much worse condition than The Bridge that are still going.
  18. I only watch it for Alex Horne - need to get him and the band more involved. Just like to note that if they do World in Motion with Alex doing the John Barnes rap then that was all my idea!
  19. Have they ever been 2-0 down by half time with him on the pitch?
  20. Current Stadium news; STAMFORD BEACH IS BACK FOR THE SUMMER!
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