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  1. Not a fan of a Fuller’s ESB to be honest. Don't forget you a cold beer for kick off, a new on for the first drink break, a new one for the start of the second half and a final one for the second drink break. Hydration is important in sport!
  2. Important questions about how I line up my back four tomorrow. I brought in a pairing from Wychwood Brewery flanked by a Hogs Back Tea and a bottle of Spitfire for the Palace match. Worked well. Any suggestions?
  3. McGoldrick has been sent racial abuse. Seeing as it’s just after his brace against us it’ll probably end up being some brain dead Chelsea fan once again dragging us all through the mud yet again. Hope I’m wrong.
  4. I spent 40% of the match in the kitchen comfort eating instead
  5. Sideways and backwards has been our policy for years!
  6. Would be the first time a Rhianna song could be used on the terraces...
  7. Is it time to retire the number 9 shirt?
  8. The essentially target whatever side Dave isn’t playing, we only have one full back at the minute.
  9. I Think You’re On To Something Here, I’m Going To Join The Fun Too
  10. That’s the hope, if not then Watford so I don’t have to look at Troy Deeney anymore.
  11. Thank you Bournemouth. I hope they stay up despite always taking points off us
  12. We’re due a 3-2 if we just had a 3-0. Either way, nobody can be sure anymore.
  13. 3 up and Sheffield still look the most likely to score
  14. Leave off, Kepa should have kept every goal out using the force obviously!
  15. Giroud is on so let’s not get another player anywhere need him to work off him...

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