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  1. Accumulated yellow cards now only apply to the competition they’re collected in to stop players picking up tactical bans where the sit out a game they wouldn’t be playing in anyway.
  2. The main one I had was certain points of the game not progressing meaning but you just off yourself and it works That happen three times in a row early on and not since. The other stuff if pretty superficial...
  3. If you vouch for him then I think it’s fair to say he’s dodgy as f**k and should be immediately banned.
  4. I have so many games saved I’ll never play I’m actually really enjoying Mafia 3 despite its bugs, if anything it’s got a great soundtrack.
  5. I’d got it in my head this was a Friday night one but luckily @coco has saved the day again! I’ll be moving my beer & curry plans to the next evening instead.
  6. Microwave? Too technical. One of those breakfasts in a can over a burning tyre. When the can explodes it’s ready.
  7. @Boyne you’ve never mentioned you’re a Rangers fans...
  8. You’re a good lad Yorkers! It needs to be accessible for @Malta Blue, he’s from Southampton so it needs to basically be a child’s meal to fit with his mental capacity.
  9. Hold your horses their buddy boy, you can’t just turn up last orders and stick yer nose in our long drunken ramblings! Our terrible Shed End full English has been painstakingly crafted through many an awful football match. While most have been having a pop at everything Chelsea because we don’t win every game and every trophy by a million goals or Frank doesn’t player the player they support (as opposed to the actual club), a few brave souls have soldiered on with the important things at hand. You’ll try telling me Heinz are better than Branston next you mad bastard!
  10. Please change your pick - it appears to be of some sort of silly c**t... (I’m aware of the irony of this with what I’ve got going on but I couldn’t resist!) Who’d have guessed it’d end 4-0 though? Nobody, that’s who!
  11. Of course he goes on to score a hat trick within about 30 seconds. The c**t.
  12. I believe the phrase is “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.
  13. That lad who scored for Spurs is a bit of a test isn’t he? Leathers a tap-in from millimetres from the line in to the back of the net and does a stupid celebration like he scored a worldly against a world class team. Knobhead.
  14. I haven’t voted for anyone. I can’t make up my mind.
  15. Well done Crawley. Marine are up next to make it a magical FA Cup weekend
  16. Where the hell are these players getting haircuts? Everywhere’s been closed since before Christmas!
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