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  1. 15m apparently. Arsenal the clear winners out of this.
  2. Just did them a big favour in more ways than one. As usual. Chelsea the mugs who are always determined to strengthen rivals
  3. Even if his end product is normally pretty poor, I have to admit, he's not looked too bad defensively. Of course it helps quite a bit he normally has Azpi directly behind him on the pitch.
  4. 35m. Hehehehe. I wonder in what though. 35m in dirty, shrivelled toenails maybe.
  5. It's a wonder he's scored the number of goals he has. Incredibly slow, bottles it in front of goal, every time I watch him, he seems to have very little threat about him... Always happy to see him in the arsenal side. Out of Dzeko, Giroud and Slimani, I'd take the other two first, even though they're all pretty meh. Giroud, Dzeko both 31, cost more, will demand bigger wages and expect more game time. Slimani not as good all-round but younger (29) more aggressive style, cheaper both wages and fee wise and will probably be happier with less time. Also available for Cl. Plus he's probably got the desire to prove himself, seeing as he had an excellent record at sporting and will probably feel he hasn't been hasn't been given a proper shot.
  6. (Just checking Bakayoko for some illegal substances.... No. Nothing this time. Clean. I'll get you next time! )
  7. So... A 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 then. Fabregas has two behind/beside him. Some width further up ahead and close to the striker Sorted. (Bah! I should be a manager. These people always over-complicating things.)
  8. If Hazard decides he's better off at Madrid, and Courtois, and you see more and more players turn down Chelsea for other clubs... Could soon find ourselves reading the transfer columns and excitedly keeping tabs on players like... Andy Carroll and Ashley Barnes in the future. :p
  9. I honestly don't think it's the board's fault here (re. Giving youth the chance). It seems there are certain players Conte just doesn't trust enough to do what he expects of them (which seems a bit of a silly thing to say given the Baka situation), while others like Christensen and Ampadu he's taken a liking to. Morata looked like a great buy, but all of a sudden there are some pretty big question marks over him. That's one you can't really fault the club for. He was one of the few top young striker's about who were available. Batshuayi - if Conte had such little faith in him, he really ought to have left the club over the summer and someone else bought in. There was interest from Marseille or Lyon if I recall, with a decent fee quoted. Frustrating thing is all the areas of weakness remain. Maybe the Dzeko and Emerson deals (and Barkley) will prove better business... We'll just have to wait and see.
  10. True of course, but it should still get you 5 or six, very good to top level players... For other squad roles, there are (were) players on loan, in the youth team and others that can be bought in for cheap at a good price with scouts doing their job. There are places, other leagues with talented players who don't cost ridiculous amounts... Positions needed to be strengthened. 2 Wingbacks - 2 Central midfielders - (At least one of those could have been filled by Loftus-Cheek, Van Ginkel, Chalobah, Ake - if the latter two would have been given playing time.) 2 Forwards (one striker, one winger/inside forward?) The winger could have been Traore. He's scored 6 goals from 16 starts, mainly as a right winger for Lyon. So really... 2 Wingbacks, a quality central midfielder and a quality striker for 250m. 62.5m a player on average
  11. Assuming the lineup is: Courtois Azpi | Christensen | Cahill Moses | Kante | Bakayoko | Alonso Willian | Morata | Hazard Bench: Cabellaro Rudiger Zappacosta Fabregas Pedro Barkley Dzeko Reserves Luiz Emerson Drinkwater Admittedly, you'd have a some good depth, even some variety,, but overall a lot of similar level, average, slightly above average players.
  12. I don't believe so, tbh. Not recently anyway. Any top quality midfielder, more of an all-rounder than Fabregas... That would really strengthen the team if you've got him alongside Kante. Rudiger :) (30m?) Morata :| (60m?) Zappacosta :| (24m?) Drinkwater :| (35m?) Bakayoko :( (£40m) Barkley :| Dzeko :| (£35m) Emerson :| (£20m) That would be £250m more or less on players, and how much would the squad really have improved from last season? When... Zouma could've been kept and done a similar job to Rudiger... It seems like a lot of sideways and backwards steps. The one real bright spot has been Christensen.
  13. Seri apparently being chased by Man United. I could see him really improving the creativity in their midfield. He could be a good replacement for Fabregas here possibly. Only 25-30m as well. Matic Pogba Seri Martial Lukaku Sanchez Pretty strong. Has a bit of everything (on paper.)
  14. A: "Spoon. It's all about the spoon, mate. I'm tellin' ya!." B: "Geddaaara here! Can't attack that piece of meat with a spoon can ya?" A: "Yeah, well. You tried havin' soup with a fork?" B: "Fork all the way, mate! You ain't got a clue!" A: "What a mug! You seriously reckon a spoon isn't better than a fork..." (Etc, etc...) ------- Ps. I can't believe people are seriously saying Joe Cole was comparable to Hazard. I loved Cole. Was one of my favourites. But he was inconsistent, injured, off the pace fitness wise at least half the time he was here. At his best he was very good. At Hazard's best he is sensational. Joe Cole lost whatever pace and abilities to beat his man pretty early on in his career, imo. He lost that agility and quickness as his body changed into a chunkier, slower one. He was tough and tenacious and still had moments of brilliance, but it was just not often enough. Technically he might have been fantastic behind the scenes on the training ground, but on the pitch he wasn't as great as he probably could have been. He was still very successful here, and nothing but fond memories of him, but Hazard is at least a whole level better - and that's from someone who reckons Hazard is a little bit overrated by people sometimes.
  15. Scratch that! I put the PS4 up for sale. These things waste too much of our time, tbh. Better to avoid altogether, getting too old for these things as well...
  16. Hmmm... Could be Mr Conte likes what he sees. In fact, if those quotes are right, I'd say he sounds quite excited. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.goal.com/en-gb/amp/news/conte-reveals-his-plan-for-ross-barkley-and-wants-him-back/shoi35jyeymx1k56fh6wsc2qb
  17. Hehehehe... You said Metro And reliable Within two words of each other. Ps. Moussa Marega. Porto striker. Never heard of him before. Has Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink found a way to reverse time? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5244819/amp/Man-United-Chelsea-make-contact-Moussa-Marega.html
  18. Thorgan. Metro. Ie. Done deal.
  19. I'll be honest, I find myself scrutinizing every pass and every bit of control, every occasion he's trying to do something that looks like pressing... In a way I'm not scrutinizing any other player. I think a lot of us are doing the same. Like Edinburgh blue says above, he needs to be taken out of the firing line for a while. Give him a chance to work on his game and rebuild some confidence. He's hiding on the pitch a bit atm.
  20. Was reaching for my next unfunny Carroll joke but just not in the mood after that Mahrez news. :|
  21. Hmmm... I really don't think so, personally. They've lost an unsettled Countinho and added a player who is in his prime, knows the league and will be really hyped up to prove his quality at the top level.
  22. Getting plenty of chances to shine. Not taking them... A little bit different but should have just bought Jean Micheal Seri from Nice if they wanted a midfielder from the French league with a bit of quality and who was available. He still is... I wonder if Nice can be tempted with a swap.
  23. Should be getting the sack shortly. Won't last too much longer.
  24. All Everton goals... He's actually scored a lot of good ones.
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