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  1. Biggest mistake was not to sell him to Barcelona, now his value turn around 10M£ 😔
  2. Let's not fortget, he hits the woodworks against United. With more chance he could potentially has 3 goals in 3 games.
  3. Amazing performance !! What talent
  4. Second wafe after Hazard... LOL with his current level hurry to sell him... No need to keep him
  5. First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos
  6. Not a unprofessional manager but a man without class and respect.
  7. Problem is, we haven't lesser games anymore, we need to win every games until the end of the season. Giroud should be start every ours games until the end and Morata gets few minutes only
  8. Big joke this player, he doesn't take his place in the Celtic's starting, but his complaining of his situation at Chelsea lol
  9. No, Marquinhos was better than him, it's for that he is come back to Chelsea.
  10. It's nonetheless unsettling to see him after 7 months of competition always too soft on the pitch ? What's he doing to training ? Why nobody tell him to strengthen his game ??? Where is Conte ??
  11. The worst thing in all of this, it's that why Conte doesn't want give him an opportunity instead of Pedro mostly, with his abyssal level currently...
  12. With the current level of Pedro, i don't understand why Conte not give him his chance...
  13. I truly liked him against MU, big presence and good ability to complete Kante. If he can keep going like that, bye bye Bakayoko lol

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