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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from coco in Tammy Abraham   
    Let's not fortget, he hits the woodworks against United. With more chance he could potentially has 3 goals in 3 games. 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from GhostOfDembaBa in César 'Dave' Azpilicueta   
    Decent performance today
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from Sexyfootball in César 'Dave' Azpilicueta   
    Decent performance today
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    Cyborg7 reacted to IliyaKrostin in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    He must be given a chance with us next season.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to bisright1 in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    What people miss with RLC is what a fantastic loan this has been. He's got more minutes, he's worked on his defensive aspect of his game (he's had to) and improved significantly. Without the loan he wouldn't have got a look in this year.
    Shame he got injured midway through the season, I wouldn't mind him staying at Palace for another year to keep improving and getting minutes. 
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    Cyborg7 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    For both I would have thought as part of a 3 man midfield with either of them given license to get forward. 
    Barkley would probably suit playing in the #10 position if we went back to playing a 4-2-3-1. 
    I don't think either is suited to playing in a midfield 2 (neither is Fabregas really) that we are currently playing and they're not suited to the wide positions in the front 3 either. I think we need to have a serious rethink about our formation for next season if we want to get the most out of some of our squad. 
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    Cyborg7 reacted to Bloo in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    'Amazing chance' ?
    We shouldn't be in the realms of 'chance'.  For sure City have dominated but its only a dozen or so games back that we were slugging it out with Utd for second place.
    And then Conte downed tools as witnessed by his massive reduction in technical area '12th man' activities.
    Our play in 2018 has generally been dire - defensive (wouldn't have been quite as bad had our defence been water tight) and with limited attacking purpose.
    The guy needs to go as soon as the season ends.  No way does he have anything in his managerial toolkit to make the much needed changes next season.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to ducavis in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Now he is having a right moan about our top scorer having one 12 goals. Isn’t this down to him and how he sets up his team? Only once in his managerial history has his front man hit over 20 goals in one season. It just never seems to be his fault.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to didierforever in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    In my opinion, he has been reluctant to play any new signing apart for morata and baka (both which were apparently "Conte signings").
    For instance, Palmeiri. The guy has been CLass. Literally. But you have to wonder, would he have started a single game had alonso not been suspended? Maybe the PL game before the soton semi. None except for that. Would not be surprised if Alonso goes back in the team against salah and has a complete mare.
    Same goes for DD. In his "few" (and i am using that word lightly here) starts, he has been the most obvious partner choice for kante. Yet he has been sidelined. Zappa has found it difficult to have a look in despite moses being poor/below average for a large chunk of the season. 
    Morata needed to be worse than sh*t and giroud needed to get us to win from 0-2 down, for conte to finally start starting giroud. If giroud had started against WHU, we would have won the game and hell would be in a decent position for top4.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to Ernie_blue in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I don't think Conte knows how to manage a big squad to win multiple competitions. Last year Fabregas didn't get a look in when playing in a midfield 2, now his playing every game. Granted Baka has been awful but Drinkwater barely gets a look in, since he has joined he hasn't really had a good run in the team, I can't remember the last time he played some minutes. Then you have Barkley who he rushes on not match fit into a cup semi final which was a sh*t decision.
    Moses form has been awful for 4 months, his first name on the teamsheet. I personally think Zappacosta has played better than Moses recently, but he loves the golden boy doing f**k all with 10 crossing opportunities. Emerson simply hasn't has a look in either, he would rather let Alonso run himself into the ground.
    Waiting till the 80th minute to make changes is absolutely awful management, even when your winning or drawing and can see the game turning against your team, he does f**k all. I don't think he knows how to change a game and being so stubborn has had such a negative impact on results.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to didierforever in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    1. Thats a real toughie. Given that our midfield gets dominated every game, how about cesc off and DD on? For starters. Hazard looked knackered, Morata had not done a single thing right in the 2nd half. Maybe one of those? And yes, bring on CHO.
    2. & 3. & 4. Really? zappa is worse? And that is based on what exactly? He did more in 30mins against barca than moses did in 150. The guy has looked good whenever he has played. The manager's job is to get the best out of the players. DO THAT. Stop moaning like a little bitch. How many of us were fans of the alonso buy. Hell, how many of us thought moses would be a starting 11 player in the league winning team. Its about getting the best out of those players and playing to the strengths. Which conte did last season. This season, like a little bitch, he has done nothing but throw tantrums and put the players/board and literally everyone under the bus except for himself. Makes sense now? Palmeiri, zappa, DD, giroud are good players. Easily rotatable with the current first teamers taking their spots. The only issue is Conte's ego. Also I would taken a pedestrian DD over the over-hill grandpa Cesc. And "every supporter" knows it? HAHHAHA. All you have to do is go over the last 2-3 pages and you would get atleast 10 posts of people saying the same thing - Cesc does not work in a 2-man mid. Or you can go to the match thread and see their opinion over the team sheets. The only people who think choosing Cesc in a 2-man mid is the right thing is Conte and a couple of his fan-club. Most of the supporters see it for what it truly is. A sham of a tactic.
    5. So just because he did not get his target, he would simply not play the player? Well, that seems a perfectly legit solution to me. GREAT, indeed! Was not Palmeiri's Juve's target to replace Sandro? Oh well, if only conte could get his over inflated egotistical head out of his ass.
    6. And thus Hazard was played as a false 9. Hmmm. Our best player and our greatest threat, nullified because Conte could not play to a player's strength. Our best who has iterated over and over again that he simply does not like playing in that position. Ends up with the fact that we cant go long as their is no aerial presence and our defenders normally screw up playing the ball out of the back. That is great, again, is not it the manager's responsibility to adjust his tactics based on the players available?
    7. "You have not seen guys giving up?" - Which games are you watching. "Most money" - WTF, are we really down to this arsenal-ish excuses? We spent 200mil pounds this year. We have a squad atleast at par with Spurs and Pool, and yet we are 10 points behind each with one of them in the semis of CL. So dont give that Money is the paramount sh*t. As i said, would not have mattered if we missed top 4. Its the way we have gone down. Without fight, playing the same way, same tactics, same players. Last season we won the league because Conte made the changes - personnel, formation, tactical. This year, he has simply gone through the motions, as have the players. The only "Fight" conte has put up is in bitching and moaning. Making a negative environment for the players, who clearly seem impacted by the lack of faith the manager has shown in them. 
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    Cyborg7 reacted to Zeta in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
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    Cyborg7 reacted to Argo in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    You have just totally destroyed your own argument mentioning Spurs. Do you think Pochettino wanted to wait until deadline day to make any signings? And even then do you think Aurier Sanchez and Llorente were anything near his first choices? Do you think he wanted to lose what were upto that point his two most vital cogs in making his system work? Walker to a transfer and Rose to injury. Did he whine? No, he has got on with it, adapted and made the most out of what he has. You also mention Liverpool, well Klopp identified three players to take Liverpool to the next level and begun the season with one, he only eventually got given VVD because the sale of their best player has covered the fee (no way would Liverpool spend so much on a CB without getting anything back), has he acted like a school child over it? The lineup @The Liquidator posted sums it up, had we had those players about 7 of them possibly 8 would be considered not good enough by supporters and used to excuse Contes failings, well guess what? They just smashed argubaly the best team in Europe.
    You  can use the money logic to excuse Conte if we were 3rd and behind the Manc clubs, but behind Liverpool and Spurs, winning 3 games in 4 months and losing 7-1 on aggregate to Bournemouth and Watford is on him, and only him!!!!
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    Cyborg7 reacted to The Liquidator in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    And Conte was crying that we didn't sign Alex Sandro for 65 million
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    Cyborg7 reacted to The Liquidator in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Games like the one tonight don't reflect to well on him at all. Look at Liverpool's line up tonight:

    Which makes his excuse of lack of backing in the transfer market all the more shallow and downright laughable. Liverpool attacked City ferociusly in that 1st half. Not just when they had the ball but without the ball they pressed City high up the pitch and didn't give them room to breath and to recyle possession. De Bruyne and Silva were stifled. 
    Conte on the other hand rarely utilizes a high press. He goes into games against teams like City with the mentality that his team has to "suffer". When City have the ball we immediately put 10 men behind the ball and hope for some misplaced pass by City to pounce for the sporadic counter-attack. 
    We have a better squad than Pool, a team that were title winners before Conte's arrival. It's obvious Conte's biggest problem this season is tactical and he doesn't have the big advantage of playing 1 game a week to help the players with preparation and rest from his rigourous training methods. Conte's rotations, in game tactics, personnel use and player management have been well below the required standard this season. Not getting top 4 is just unacceptable. 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from Brutos in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from Famous CFC in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 reacted to didierforever in Cesc Fabregas   
    Totally agree with most on here. We need to let him go. 
    I feel the only reason we actually won the league last year was because cesc was on the bench for the majority of the season. He brings a LOT more negatives to the team as whole than he brings positives. Honestly dont think the supposed creativity he brings to the team can be offset by the defensive nuance of a 12 year old boy, running and physicality of a 60 year old man.
    We need a modric/verrati-ish player next to Kante. That can give the likes of Hazard and willian the freedom to do what they do best. 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from Slojo in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from the special one in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from ForeverCarefree in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from Strider6003 in Marcos Alonso   
    First call-up for Marcos with the Spanish National team !! Well done Marcos 
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    Cyborg7 got a reaction from didierforever in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Not a unprofessional manager but a man without class and respect.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to abramovich in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I actually think Conte would have been much better off if he left last summer when it was made clear to him that the board wouldn't get him the players he'd expected. I'd have respected his decision under the circumstances, as I'd imagine most CFC fans would and he would have left with his reputation intact and a head held up high. Instead they offered him more money without extending his contract, so basically he stayed for money.
    But even if he did stay only because they offered him more money, then why bitch and moan for months about how hard your life is as a Chelsea manager? Either leave on a high and show that you're a man of principle or take the money, shut the f**k up and get on with the job. You can't have it both ways.
    I've defended him since his first summer at the club and still feel that the board let him down in the transfer market, but Antonio didn't do himself any favours this season. His behaviour has been appaling and the team suffered because of it.
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    Cyborg7 reacted to IliyaKrostin in Olivier Giroud to Chelsea   
    Yeah, he missed a big chance but what I like about him is the way he plays for the team, he doesn't have that ego. Tracks back to win balls, strong, works for the team, deserved to score but I'm sure he is going to score very soon, would be amazing to see his goal against Barcelona. 
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