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  1. I'd sell Batman and keep Giroud as a 3rd choice. Keep alonso and sell emerson Pedro bye bye Cesar keep And Willian is the one im stuck on if we're really gonna go after Sancho then i'd sell him if not i'd give him another year.
  2. Disappointed Ruben hasn’t made the bench, if he’s missing match fitness at this point why was he on the bench last weekend? Pleased Billy is getting rewarded for schooling Liverpool!
  3. They're definitely to blame. Conte was and still is a world class coach and although he liked to winged they didnt back him whatsoever and we lost him, i'm still a little bitter about that haha. There wont be a dominance in the league like Fergie had with Utd due to the number of quality teams now but you only had to look at how they operated each year bringing in one or two players to directly compete with the starting 11 to keep it fresh, we bought players after title winning seasons as if not to upset the balance of the first 11 and let the new signings sit it out on the bench or worse. Whilst that's going on the starting 11 get complacent as they know they'll play no matter what. No harm in healthy competition, keeps everyone on top of their game.
  4. Exactly that! Poor recruitment and planning in that department has caught up with us. As good at getting the best price Marina is you have to hope that with Cech now acting as a liason between the coaching staff and the board we get back on the right track. It seems as if Zyiech is a Lampard signing which is a good sign of the set up working well, now we just need to get through the season and back him properly.
  5. I was expecting the same but what a shocker of a season it has been so far. I hope we keep him, his style of play will suit Roman and many of us after years of pragmatic football but a the same time he needs backing from the board and at this point in time i think he'll have to admit he may need some help with the defensive side of things and bring in a different coach.
  6. I'd like to think he would be safe. At the start of the season who would have had us in 4th realistically? However if we end up 6th or worse which at the moment wouldn't be suprising i could see the trigger being pulled but then i would seriouslt worry about us as a club, to hire a club legend who if you look at the bigger picture from the start of the season has us above expectation without any signins in two windows whislt all the rest improved and then sack him! That would be something even for us.
  7. Who else is going to do better with the current set of players and injuries?
  8. Even without the injuires i think this is the weakest i've seen chelsea in the last 15 years. Granted the younger players will improve but i think we need 3-4 players bought in to go straight into the first 11 or we will be struggling next season, our spine in particualr which was so strong for so many years is seriously weak.
  9. Think it's all to do with leaking goals at the back playing 4-3-3 at least whilst defending we should have 5 back. The positive is we've looked dangerous early on in the season with Jorginho and Kova in midfield with Mason further up the pitch. I like the line up, i think Frank knows right now this is probably the best set up to get a win which is what we need, were not going to look amazing going foward until we get Pulisc, CHO and Tammy back we have to get through it as best as we can and i think this is the best way. Hoping for a solid win and 30 mins of Ruben.
  10. That's it, we need to actually give a manager time to build a team or we have a group of players who are all suited to a different style of football and the merry go round of managers continue as they struggle to create a team that works for them. The benefits are there to be seen in Jose's first stint, that team pretty much got us through a decade or the spine of it at least. Then if you have a squad suited to a style of play you simply hire managers who play that way.
  11. I'm a fan of Giroud, would have started him last night and against Leicester. You could see how much Hazard, Pedro and Willian enjoyed playing with him when Conte was here and we could do with some of that. Agreed with him work with Tammy, Mount and James! Under other managers they'd have been loaned out or sold and we'd have spent millions on Drinkwater and Zappacostas when we have better in the academy. I see what you mean and like Spiller's point we have Giroud who is more than capaple but if Frank wanted something different and either there wasn't anyone available or the board didnt follow through which we have seen before. Overall i'm still happy this season and with Zyiech coming in its looking promising lets just hope we can get a run of form going after these next two games, but with RLC, Pulisic, Tammy and Odoi to come back in hopefully at least the goalscoring can improve.
  12. Think this sort of hits the nail on the head. All of the mistakes we can see Lampard making were to be expected, after all he is a young inexperienced coach and we all knew this. However being 4th is probably still exceeding expectations at the start of the season, they've only grown in stature because of our good run and Arsenal, Utd and Spurs shortcomings. The most disapointing part for me is the boards failure to sign a goalscorer, as much as the defence is wobbly and conceding we are still making chances but since Tammy has gone cold we have no one to put them away and this is killing us. The Leicester game was a prime example, the amount of quality balls into the box from James in particualr warranted a goal but we have no one to finish it, had we had a Droga or Costa still we'd be walking out of that with a 3-2 win even with defencve frailties and we'd have picked up antother what 3+ points just from having someone capaple of scoring other than Tammy.
  13. Well it’s no wonder he hasn’t started a league game since January 2018
  14. Don't actually mind if he's out, if we start Giroud.....the number of quality balls James put in against Leicester with no one on the end of any was frustrating. At the very least Grioud could knock it down for any one making runs into the box.
  15. I really hope so, with the games coming up we could do with the points. S
  16. Agreed. He must be hoping James/CHO can cause enough issues down the right to break them down as it doesn't look as if that will come through the centre.
  17. I’ve just read another article saying our interest has cooled and Spurs are in the front seat, fingers crossed!
  18. Your guess....so you haven't actually watched these games which makes me wonder how you've come to this conclusion.
  19. No Jorginho! Not sure if I’m keen on this set up.
  20. In reality I would still say the position we are in is above pre season expectations. Come January we will know where to strengthen and hopefully push on and secure top 4
  21. Missed the team news 😂 Now I’m glad rudi is back and mount is benched but Pulisic and Willian were poor last outing and I would have loved to have seen CHO get a start.
  22. Hopefully Rudi is back!! Would like to see Pulisic drop out for CHO although willian was poor against Everton.
  23. I'd have liked to see some Jose in Frank at half time with changes to show he wont stand for this lacklustre performance!! Oh and another goal brilliant!!!
  24. Gives me the feeling thats its sentimental for his service to the club, throw in the fact he's captain and perhaps he is hard to drop but at the moment he is a real burden in the side.

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