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  1. They are indeed. I don’t mind giving Sarri another season to see if his belief that a lack of pre season is to blame and it also gives lampard another season to continue learning his craft but after next year I think we should be looking to bring Frankie back as manager.
  2. He’s certainly got some pace looking at that goal. Him and odoi would keep full backs busy.
  3. I think there’s still a chance he might stay. We’ve been annoyed for his flirting with the media but I think he’s been honest and is generally in two minds, on the one hand his childhood dream in Real but then on the other he’s living the dream at Chelsea and he is a Chelsea man through and through now. I’d be gutted if he left, especially after reminding us how good he can be last night but I think there’s still a chance he commits.
  4. Finally some reward for players who performed well!!
  5. Think some of it’s stemmed from the manager now being “head coach” leaving a lot of responsibilities behind and in our case they’re picked up by Marina who could be a brilliant buisness woman but doesn’t know football.
  6. I don’t know where we’d go in terms of a manager but I think that’s it now Sarri has to go. I have no idea what Odoi must be feeling after putting in such a performance midweek to not even get a sniff today, add to that Loftus Cheek and we’re throwing away our future, Mount and Tammy won’t want to be any part of this at the moment.
  7. I'm sure we are guilty to some extent but as you said guilty until proven innocent is completely ridiculous. Looks like Sarri is going to have to use some more youth and i hope this is then a blessing in disguise and some of our prospects actually save us tens of millions in transfers that we can then invest on a world class signing or two instead of squad players .
  8. Sorry if this is a bit dense but if we appeal the ban and are found innocent (unlikely) in say September we've then been punished for nothing! These things take a while so you'd assume the appeal wont have a conclusion until after the summer transfer window.
  9. Liking the two subs today but would have liked RLC earlier
  10. How has Zinchenko still not being booked that's what over 5 fouls now?
  11. Lost the plot? We played like this against them at the bridge and won, we then played "sarriball" at the etihad and lost 6-0. Sarri can't win, there's no Alonso and he's trying something different but now it's not good enough? F**k it back to sarriball and let's go try be beaten 7-0 this time.
  12. Barkley starting and CHO benched both disappointing but no Alonso!!!!
  13. Sure we can delay it but should it be that we can't I'm trying to see the small potential positive of being forced to use some of the talented youth we have around.
  14. The midfield change we've wanted!! Excited maybe sarri is finally getting it that he may have to bend ever so slightly. What does this mean for subs though...Barkley and Kova already on.
  15. I think there's more to it than not getting results. We are not playing well at all and Sarri has shown nothing in regards to being able to adapt even slightly to change our fortunes. If we were making progress or Sarri was trying something different to turn this around I'm sure we'd all be happier but it's the same week in and week out regardless of how bad the result was or how poor our performance.
  16. He's just tracked back to our box and then sprinted back up in an attack. Are you watching the game?
  17. The fans have turned on that sub and Brucey didn't look happy, I think there's a chance this is the end for Sarri
  18. I was all for giving Sarri some time but does he really deserve it? Every game is pretty much the same 11 regardless of form and then depending on which 11 of 15 players start you can guess the subs. What's the saying, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is madness...oh and as I type Barkley for Kovacic hahaha
  19. Going to be interesting to see if the trigger is pulled she we lose tonight. Potential rebound affect teams get going into the Caraboa cup final...
  20. Higuain should have done slightly better with both chances but we're looking better with him it the side and an option in the box for once.
  21. It was the result we wanted but far from the performance we wanted and to top it off the subs were baffling. I have a feeling if Monday is similar to the Bournemouth game he's gone.
  22. This guy has hit the nail on the head :)

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