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  1. Credit to our defence...we nullified that c*nt Suarez and joao felix and made it look easy
  2. Exactly what we needed before the Atletico match...a piss poor performance and weird team selection including poor subs...☹️
  3. If we win tonight (and we will), we definitely get City away in the next round. Just our luck
  4. Also I live in Germany, the local sports shop had a sale on international kits. My brother got me the 1999 Autoglass shirt (my first shirt ever) and somehow since then I became a blue (I was still very young) and resisted to be a Bayern fan like all my other siblings Still got that shirt 🙂
  5. Why no one is mentioning Allegri is beyond me. Classy and experienced coach
  6. Feels like the movie Space Jam where someone took Timo, Kai and Hakim‘s strength
  7. Wow, Mason will never get a rest and really is undroppable
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