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  1. Pretty sure we will win both our last PL games and also think Leicester will lose against Spurs. If we need a win it’s almost certain the manager and the team will turn up.
  2. We won’t score even if we play some extra 90 Minutes.
  3. CHO is so overrated! Just not good enough for Chelsea. Same like Tammy
  4. So nervous about this one, for me almost as important than the FA CUP Final. First because we can almost guarantee top 4 and second I just can't stand Arsenal. The worse they get all these years, the more they get out of the matches against us, like the two lost FA Cup Finals. So let us smash this lot and go to Wembley with a win.
  5. When was the last we won with a man down?
  6. Finally some luck in the CL Draw after all these years. Still a tough team to beat but usually we draw Bayern and City gets Porto. Get in
  7. Havertz to Werner to Ziyech! hopefully that gives all of them a boost of confidence
  8. Have to praise Dave for his last perfomances....normally one of the first who gets a lot of stick. Solid like a rock and a reason why we get many clean sheets. Great Capitan
  9. Credit to our defence...we nullified that c*nt Suarez and joao felix and made it look easy
  10. Exactly what we needed before the Atletico match...a piss poor performance and weird team selection including poor subs...☹️
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