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  1. right, Fair play to both of them and the likes of Oscar and Cesc. but for Willian and Eden it must been very hard to watch us lift the trophy thinking: what have I done?
  2. I really wonder what the likes of Eden, Snake, Willian and David Luiz thought last night?
  3. Now I want to win another PL Title and also the Club World Cup. The only official title we haven’t won yet. it has always annoyed me we bottled it in 2012 and I want to Chelsea wear the World Champions Badge on our shirts
  4. was thinking the same yesterday. But I guess if TT doing something like that, he will be choosing Kepa. We all know how bad Edouard is at pens, Kepa is much more experienced. Willy of course is the best of them, but TT won't go that far.
  5. Rather get another transfer ban! no thank you
  6. That Arsenal game really f*cked us. A win there and we could prepare for the CL Final.
  7. Kane making sure he will play CL next season…with us 😂
  8. Liverpool and Leicester doing their jobs. Seems like the Arsenal game comes back to haunt us
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