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  1. I guess the board is so clueless, they won't sack him to let us suffer even more. I am pretty sure we will miss out on the Top 4 and let's be honest, till now we didn't face one strong team in Europa. Maybe we will eliminate Praha, but how we play at the moment, we will surely not win against Arsenal/Napoli. That's how far we've fallen. I hope I am wrong
  2. Have fun there. But if you want to see the EL Final, you will have to book tickets for Baku though!
  3. Playing Slavia at the Eden Arena...Perfect Match
  4. Finally....back at the Bridge after four long years (last games Chels - Liverpool 1:1 in 2015). Can't wait, even though Wolves are the most dangerous teams outside the top six. But after three important wins, I'm confident for this one: Kepa Dave Rüdiger Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pedro Higuain Hazard Even though I wish RLC would start instead of Kova
  5. What I want: Kepa Azpi-Luiz-Rüdiger-Emerson Jorginho-Kante-Kova CHO-Giroud-Eden What I get: Kepa Azpi-Luiz-Rüdiger-Alonso Kante-Kante-Kova Willian-Eden-Pedro
  6. Should do it like Arsenal does it in those games. Playing a bunch of young players like Ampadu and CHO and also some bench players like Emerson, Zappa, Willy
  7. want to see: Willy Zappa - Cahill - Christensen - Emerson RLC- Cesc - Barkley Willian - Giroud - CHO but it will be more like Kepa Zappa - Cahill - Christensen - Emerson RLC - Cesc - Kovacic Pedro - Giroud - Eden
  8. It just looks like, he does't want to be here. There is a YouToube Video on his misses last season...I really think he is the reason for us playing in the europa league now instead of the CL. These clear misses were awful and he could have easily 25+ Goals last season instead of 10. And his recent form is just a replay of last season.
  9. me too, but he will stick with Morata up front
  10. this would be a perfect time to start Tammy...I mean, If he is not allowed to play instead of Morata/Giroud, then he is not to play in the future for us anyway. But of course, they loan him to villa, this poor guy
  11. Hopefully no far away trips to russia, ukraine or turkey. Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Rangers would be nice!

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