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  1. I think Rudi will get the highest fee of all our defenders and that's the reason he will leave so we can reinvest the money in Rice.
  2. German Football Newspaper Kicker saying Barcelona are considering a move for Rudi. Hope buy him instead of a loan so we can reinvest the money
  3. Somehow I feel Mendy won't be our big saviour like everybody else here. It's just our bad luck, almost like our goalies wearing the number 9 shirt.... hope I'm wrong.
  4. There is no question Kepa has to be benched, but what about our Goalkeeper coaches? I've often heard that there are many better coaches than Hilario? Of course he isn't responsible for Kepa's performances, but I would question him a bit too?!
  5. I had almost the same thought...I think this would be brilliant formation that can hurt them
  6. I have strange feeling that Kepa's gonna win us this game...
  7. I hope we have a buy-back clause on Lamptey. That guy is so talented
  8. No card for Ryan?? At least he should have get yellow?!
  9. So no Ziyech, Chilwell and Thiago Silva as expected. Also Gilmour will be out for several months. So I guess it will be: Kepa Azpi Zouma Rüdiger Alonso Kova Kante Mount CHO Werner Pulisic
  10. Can't see any of the new signings to start this one besides Werner. Is Silva already in training? Kepa Dave Zouma Rüdiger Alonso Kova Kante Mount CHO Werner Pulisic
  11. Just read that Bayer Leverkusen are interested in a loan for Sarr. Maybe that way we can save one or two million on Havertz 🙂
  12. It's official. 5 year contract and will be immediately go on loan. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/08/27/sarr-signs-on
  13. BILD in Germany reported this: 80 Millionen Euro soll Chelsea demnach sofort überweisen. Zehn Millionen Euro Bonus sind Bayer so gut wie sicher. Sie werden fällig für die erwartbaren Erfolge wie etwa das regelmäßige Erreichen der Champions League und der K-o-Spiele innerhalb der nächsten fünf Jahre. So lange läuft auch Havertz' Vertrag in London. Weitere zehn Millionen Euro Bonus sind für Titel bis zum Jahr 2025 vorgesehen wie zum Beispiel dem Gewinn der englischen Meisterschaft, dem FA-Cup und der Champions League Means, 80m EUR up front. 10m if chelsea reaches top four in the
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