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  1. it's like comparing a snail to a slug!
  2. Wash your mouth out. Coco in a wonderful member of the Shed End.. I have special willy shrinking spells for people who insult him. Save your insults for Trump!
  3. Can you explain what they mean when they use the expression EXCESS DEATHS? Is there a base line of expected deaths they are working from in any one year? Is there an equivalent EXCESS BIRTHS recorded per year?
  4. We should employ Modulicious and Lozloquacious - between them they could solve anything. Cocodelectable could lend a hand then they get stuck.
  5. I am dying to know what you do in the nanosecond of time you save by writing 4get instead of forget? I can only think of rude things. Will leave you to imagine them for yourself! But QW will give you a hint...
  6. You are gorgeous. @Phillip And you cook your wife such wonderful meals. I hope she is not nagging you!!!!!
  7. Yes, I watched the first series of Homeland but got fed up with it after that. Claire Dane is a brilliant actress but enough is enough! I am currently rewatching The Walking Dead, and watching for the first time The Man in the High Castle (not simultaneously!) I have been isolated for 3 weeks now and am beginning to get a bit fed up of having no one to talk to face to face. If I am not careful I will end up envying married people - Heaven forfend! (bloody machine has put a red line under forfend - ignorant bastard!)
  8. All my very best good wishes to your wee brother and his family. I hope for a speedy recovery, after which he can binge watch his favourite series until he is out of quarantine. X
  9. Gosh, there are some real w**kers in the world. In response to Loz's question elsewhere about whether the bible is a true story, I say NO, because if it were true the w**kers would be taken first!
  10. Davie Cooper was SO beautiful! Made that Cudicini bloke look very ordinary @Valerie I met Davie once when he came to our local town with Mo Johnston to talk to the youngsters about football and be interviewed b y the local paper. I also remember the first game Mo Johnston played for Rangers - the first Catholic ever to be signed by Rangers. After the match local TV journalists were interviewing the Weegies as they poured out of Ibrox. There was one wee man with a Rangers scarf wound tight round his neck and a dowp hanging from his mouth. When asked what he thought of the signing he wailed "It's a f**kin tragedy, so it is!"
  11. and I also wish the clap upon all these stupid bastards who are putting others in danger.
  12. Hahaha! So very grateful to you for explaining to us ignorant Brits what New South Wales is, @Jezz Seriously though I agree with every word you say. Here in France the whole country has been on lockdown for some weeks now. If you need to go outside. YOu fill in your name age and address and tick one of FIVE reasons that entitle you to be out 1. to buy essential items of foodi 2. for reasons of health - so visiting the doctor, nurse or chemist 3.. to go to help the vulnerable e.g.to go to see elderly parents or to care for your grandchildren 4. To go to your place of work ONLY if your job can't be done from home 5. To take exercise alone or with your dog to keep yourself fit - but NO walking in groups If you are out and stopped by the police and do not habe that [piece of paper filled in and signed, you will be fined. The supermarkets have barriers just like going through immigration at airports. You stand at least a metre behind the person in front of you. They allow 20 people in at a time and as one person exits they allow ne more in. And no body loads up with more than a fair share of goods. To be honest, I am loving being left alone. I am binge watching my favourite series and reading all day long.
  13. Nibbles on a delicious chocolate biscuit (or cookie, if you insist) while watching an old TV series about three retired detectives who get together to take on cold cases and solve them.
  14. They could steal copies of the Sun, especially if they are Scousers. Oh no, they DON'T buy the Sun. Oh well, maybe they could go looking in waster paper bins for discarded copies of the Sun. Especially ones with pictures of Trump or Boris Johnson on the front page.
  15. Why don;t they just buy The Sun?

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