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  1. moi

    Who's to blame?

    Thank you, @just for bringing this to my attention. Be afraid, @loshlosh, be very afraid! The wrath of @Valerie and @Beerqueen, not to mention @moi will be arriving soon! Barricade your doors!!!
  2. moi


    I'm with Argo on this. Like most people I loved him (or more accurately in my case, lusted after him) during his first incarnation. But in his second incarnation he turned into a narcissistic menopausal middle-aged diva who had temper tantrums on and off pitch. I never want to see him associated with Chelsea again. Anyway he is stinking rich - need never work again in his life. So waste no sympathy on him.
  3. moi

    That Sterling Incident

    Well said! I watched the YouTube that someone posted of Jordan Peterson and a presenter whose name escapes me. What a vile pair of self-satisfied twats. He started his self promoting ramble by announcing that "Thinking is offensive ..." No, you f**kwit, thinking is silent. It is your hatred inciting loud expression of your foul thoughts that is offensive!
  4. moi

    That Sterling Incident

    ???? You think the Nazi regime was pro-freedom?
  5. moi

    Advert pop ups

    Sorry to disappoint you, Richard, but I am fairly sure Aldi's don't give out vouchers for 200 smackers.
  6. moi

    European Super League

    I can vouch for the veracity of @yorkleyblue's assertions. He is as loyal to Chelsea as he is to his wife Ermyntrude. How many times have myself and my young friend Valerie tried to tempt him from the paths of righteousness? Val with her direct approach of "Fancy a shag, me old mucker?" And me with my slightly more circumspect " Well, young man, care to indulge in a game of houghmagandie? " Does he respond with enthusiasm? Does he nick! He says "f**k off, you dopey Dutch trollop. Get knotted, you soppy Scotch harlot. " And he races back to the arms of his beloved Ermyntrude. Such is also his devotion to Chelsea.
  7. moi

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    @jack h Yes, I started watching that again the other night. I was convinced the first time that both he and his rather simple nephew were innocent, and I am even more certain now. Steven is guilty of not being a very attractive personality, and of coming from a "white trash" background. Neither of these is a crime. P.S. We are Shedenders, not Sheddites!
  8. moi


    @Luciana Ferrari Ignore @Munkworth he is just a cheapskate! @Mod Stark is worth far more than that! But @coco is very kind. I'm sure he will help you. Good luck.
  9. moi

    Film Discussion thread

    Has anyone here ever seen an excellent film from the nineteen nineties called At Play In The Fields Of The Lord?
  10. moi

    Zlatan on Loan

    In that case, I am sure you will enjoy this.
  11. moi

    What are you listening to?

    Ooh yes @Boyne this was the concert I was at. If you get a shot of the audience and you see a devastatingly gorgeous brunette in the middle of the front row of the balcony, that'll be moi!
  12. But I love the idea of censoring wrongly used apostrophes!! And "I would of" instead of "I would have" deserves a four hour ban!
  13. Bloody help, BQ I thought my favourite Bluebeard had returned. It has always amused me that f**k is asterisked and Bugger isn't.
  14. Bless you, @bluedave I entered this thread to say the same thing! @Mod Stark @coco Can this be removed, either by us as individuals or by you tech blokes for everyone, please.