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  1. @just I bow to your superb analysis of the sartorial nihilism of the toddlers of today! You should have been a personal fashion consultant for Wayne Rooney!
  2. a baseball cap?????? Wash your mouth out, Just! A nice Trilby at a jaunty angle, yes indeed. But a baseball cap is the anti-Christ of fashionable headgear!
  3. @Boyne Thank you, Boyne, I certainly will watch it.
  4. Indeed it's at times like this that we wish YB would leap into the breach to say what everyone else is thinking but too polite to say.
  5. @robdog can you ask them to take me with them, please?
  6. Me neither, but if Tycoon dies I will personally castrate GRRM!
  7. What an optimistic chappy you are, @Strider6003! Moi? advise on matters technical? In your dreams. I leave that to clever @Mod Stark I am not having any problems at all - maybe I am.just more patient than you blokes!
  8. Wow!! I apologise for my filthy mind, but when I read the title of this thread, I had an instant mental image of @LiamNeeson masturbating in his seat!
  9. The obvious solution to that is not to allow people into the Match day thread.until they've been members for at least five years! That will vastly reduce the number of whinging wallies whose wails take up precious space!
  10. Thank you, @just for bringing this to my attention. Be afraid, @loshlosh, be very afraid! The wrath of @Valerie and @Beerqueen, not to mention @moi will be arriving soon! Barricade your doors!!!
  11. moi


    I'm with Argo on this. Like most people I loved him (or more accurately in my case, lusted after him) during his first incarnation. But in his second incarnation he turned into a narcissistic menopausal middle-aged diva who had temper tantrums on and off pitch. I never want to see him associated with Chelsea again. Anyway he is stinking rich - need never work again in his life. So waste no sympathy on him.
  12. Well said! I watched the YouTube that someone posted of Jordan Peterson and a presenter whose name escapes me. What a vile pair of self-satisfied twats. He started his self promoting ramble by announcing that "Thinking is offensive ..." No, you f**kwit, thinking is silent. It is your hatred inciting loud expression of your foul thoughts that is offensive!
  13. ???? You think the Nazi regime was pro-freedom?
  14. I see that you joined the Shed End three days ago, and have made forty posts, all but one of which has been in this thread. Do you have a hidden agenda? I don't think @ForeverCarefree attacked you "out of nowhere" as you put it. He pointed out the lack of substance in your posts. You say you will criticise anyone you want. It therefore follows that others have the right to criticise you.I You say you served for eleven years. Was that in the British army? I see from your date of birth that you are thirty years old. How old were you when you joined up?
  15. Amazing! I have read and reread some of the stuff in here and thought, "Where is G3.7? Would that he would return to give us his thoughts on this issue!" And here you are! I must start making more wishes!

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