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  1. Yes, sorry. Thank you for sorting Slojo out! I have been a bit stressed for a while. I will message you tomorrow. X
  2. Mod, I love you dearly, but I haven't noticed any differences. I just concentrate on what people are saying. And, needless to say, I have absolutely NO.IDEA what a dark mode is. Please don't anyone feel.the need to enlighten me.
  3. Where have you been, my sweet? Alas Geezer left some years ago, but Valerie is still going strong!!

    1. DMerchant


      I will bid Valeries a Witaj. I am back and still unmarriage.

    2. moi


      And still wearing the same knickers!!!

    3. DMerchant


      The fabricate is very lasting. I have a message from Talal. Is he a new friend here.

  4. Witaj moi, it is good to see random topic is still there. Say Witaj to geezer and valeries for me please.

  5. Is anyone old enough to remember this one?
  6. Every team should have an inferiority complex about Chelsea!
  7. Davie Cooper was SO beautiful! Made that Cudicini bloke look very ordinary @Valerie I met Davie once when he came to our local town with Mo Johnston to talk to the youngsters about football and be interviewed b y the local paper. I also remember the first game Mo Johnston played for Rangers - the first Catholic ever to be signed by Rangers. After the match local TV journalists were interviewing the Weegies as they poured out of Ibrox. There was one wee man with a Rangers scarf wound tight round his neck and a dowp hanging from his mouth. When asked what he thought of the signi
  8. This young woman phoned you tonight to make sure you were still perky, but I had to leave a message. Give me a ring when you have time! Hugs and kisses from moi! oxoxo
  9. Bluebeard is alive and well. Next time I speak to him I will pass on the nice comments you've made about him! And yes, the old chat room was wonderful.
  10. Bloody hell! That could be dear Yorkley's grandpa. He is a charming slim young man about town who could charm the birds out of the trees!
  11. What did the racist instagram say, @dkw? I am beginning to be a bit doubtful over what is really racist and what isn't. For example you could say Moi is a f**king old Scottish c**t. And the only bit I would object to is the OLD. Of course, there are other people who would lose their bollocks for saying that!!
  12. It is now 20 minutes into Christmas here in France, so I have opened a few presents. All good so far! Merry Christmas to you all.
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