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  1. @cRyptic Fret not! Just having a laugh! His name is Mod - he added the surname Stark when we all got hooked on GOT!
  2. @Mod Stark I am quivering with shock! Did @cRyptic just address you as Stark? Tantamount to addressing the Queen as WIndsor! Send him to the wall to take the black! Oh your Moduliciousness, your loyal subjects are outraged on your behalf. Also, too, as well, that @PloKoon13 is a cheeky wee bugger!
  3. Oh dear, I am such a devious minded old X&*^$ that I can't decided whether you have done this deliberately or not! @PloKoon13
  4. Wonders will never cease! For the first-time ever I agree with something you have said! We ought to mark the anniversary of this miracle, @RIP Mourinho
  5. It is well worth watching. I wish I still had Season 8 of GOT to look forward to!
  6. Am I the only Shedender watching Years and Years on BBC One on Tuesday nights?
  7. Ahem! The word you are looking for is imbecile!
  8. I have just watched episode one of Years and Years by the brilliant Russell T Davies. Very promising...
  9. I expect the cut and thrust of witty dialogue from GOT as well as Dragonglass and Valerian steel. A very disappointing episode! Boo!!!!!!.
  10. @just I bow to your superb analysis of the sartorial nihilism of the toddlers of today! You should have been a personal fashion consultant for Wayne Rooney!
  11. a baseball cap?????? Wash your mouth out, Just! A nice Trilby at a jaunty angle, yes indeed. But a baseball cap is the anti-Christ of fashionable headgear!
  12. @Boyne Thank you, Boyne, I certainly will watch it.

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