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  1. On 02/07/2021 at 15:17, Munkworth said:

    I can come talk about socks here for a bit of relief or we could repeat the same two arguments for another 145 pages?

    At least the Jorginho conundrum has finally put an end to the seemingly endless ‘what if we’d never sold KDB/Lukaku/Salah bollocks!

    P.S. @moi constantly lambasts us in the random chat thread for talking bollocks, feel free to join her every now and again!


    Define "constantly" please.


  2. On 10/04/2021 at 20:31, PloKoon13 said:

    If David Moyes listens very closely he might hear the sound of a gauntlet being laid down.

    Take your pick.








    @moi Is it laid or lain in this context? I think I'm right.

    Indeed you are right with laid, though thrown might be better! XXX

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