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  1. Yes, sorry. Thank you for sorting Slojo out! I have been a bit stressed for a while. I will message you tomorrow. X
  2. Listen to the lyrics to see the connection.
  3. Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn Sadly Helen Reddy died last week. Please will you post this for me?
  4. Rag 'n Bone Man - I'm Only Human Chiffon = rag in French
  5. Mod, I love you dearly, but I haven't noticed any differences. I just concentrate on what people are saying. And, needless to say, I have absolutely NO.IDEA what a dark mode is. Please don't anyone feel.the need to enlighten me.
  6. Where have you been, my sweet? Alas Geezer left some years ago, but Valerie is still going strong!!

    1. DMerchant


      I will bid Valeries a Witaj. I am back and still unmarriage.

    2. moi


      And still wearing the same knickers!!!

    3. DMerchant


      The fabricate is very lasting. I have a message from Talal. Is he a new friend here.

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