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  1. You are really positive aren't you! ???
  2. Loving the fact we are above spurs and arsenal. I hate spurs a bit more though, hope we end up above them. On a different topic i dont see many articles written about Chelsea making champions league, yet there will be dozens of articles if there is just a tiny bit if unrest or things not going our way!
  3. Thats the one. I will never forget that game. I remember it vividly watching it in a pub in south ken, gronjkaer was immense that day and ultimately changed the history of this club with Abramovich taking over. I feel we are entering a new chapter now too. Hope we win Uefa cup and this would have being an exceptional season in my view.
  4. Wonderful... what an amazing day. Its the same feeling i had when Ranieri got is into CL in his final season for us.
  5. Whos that guy? Pisses me off how biased he is... Prick
  6. Whats with these commentators!! "It should never be 3-0" ... chelsea dominated second half you bastards.
  7. Exactly that. Who in their right mind would keep higuain and kovacic! Champions league is a priority since we are so close, either by winning uefa cup or top 4. If we cant achieve that at this stage of the season and the position we are in, i dont know how Sarri will be able to motivate the team next season minus Hazard.
  8. Conte is superior to Sarri in every way when it comes to being a winner and winning titles. He took a Juventus who were finishing 7th and made them into serial title winners. That doesn't matter now though we have Sarri as our manager and fully back him up if he can get us into champions league, integrate the youth and create an attractive attacking football. There will be alot of ups and downs ofcourse but when you have players such as Hazard and Luiz praising his methods i dont see anyone else available at the moment who could do better than Sarri.
  9. Alonso is terrible. Really only quality players we have are Kante and Hazard.
  10. Yes, you are right man its just hindsight talking. I guess am dissapointed he got injured so badly.
  11. Bollox or not the guy just turned 18 and he should not have being rushed into the first team.
  12. Hence Sarri didnt want to play him or loftus cheek every game. Let them know the system well, gain some experience here and there until they were 100 percent ready to go in the first team.
  13. We said the same about the previous managers. They were too defensive or too negative. Not pragmatic enough etc. Last 3 managers including Sarri have being top top class yet they have failed in terms of building an identity. In my opinion even Guardiola cant make these players world class. This teams needs huge investment with or without Sarri. I read somewhere that Guardiola has spend £700 million and he already had de bruyne, aguero, kompany and david silva in the team.
  14. Loosing against lesser teams is a mentality issue with the players though. They are all lightweight compare to our previous teams.
  15. No leaders in the team. Kante is a huge player for us even from attacking point of view.
  16. But who do you think is the right person to rebuild though? Mourinho was not. Conte the same. Now we want Sarri out when we dont even have DOF in place, new stadium cancelled, owner nowhere to be seen lately. Like Gary Neville said, we need to get rid of the weeds first if our team is to thrive again because if we get rid off Sarri same problems will occur again.
  17. What a beautiful sunny day in London today and when i checked the score arsenal lost, man utd lost 4-0 haha amazing for us. Some of us looked at Solskjaer at the beginning and how well he was doing, some thought perhaps if we changed Sarri we could get similar results with a Solskjaer type manager. Grass always looks greener in the other side until it aint. If we get top 4 i would be delighted with Sarri as he has being the only manager in the Roman era willing to play the kids, he has no potent striker, had no pre-season, changing the style of football to more attacking which is not easy in the first season. If we can add a decent striker and either ziyech of ajax or nicolas pepe providing that we are allowed to sign players we would be a very decent team next year as Cho and loftus cheek would be a year older and more experienced too.
  18. Allegri will not last half a season here. His football is boring as hell. Only reason he has done well with Juve is because Conte build the foundation and Juventus is by far the best team in italy. If Sarri is indeed fired at the end of the season the Ajax manager deserves to be looked at as this Ajax team is outstanding young team with beautiful quick football.
  19. Totally agree with you. Am not Sarri's biggest fan but no one gives a name who they would replace Sarri with!?
  20. Azpilicueta is very important to this team. He is developing as a leader very well, I thought he did very well last night. We cant be naive in thinking that having 4 or 5 youth team players at the same time in the team we will still be competing for the title.
  21. Reluctant to rotate the team and play the youngsters!!! Lol There were 7 changes yesterday and 3 youngsters on starting 11!
  22. I have never being so confused about a manager than with Sarri. One moment i want him gone and games like yesterday i want him to stay. Who else would have played THREE academy players from the start and play so well, Christiansen seems to have cut out the errors, loftus cheek is back to full fitness and making the lampard position his own, CHO is gaining experience and game time more than any 18 yr old before him at Chelsea. I see them three being in the first team regular next year. Also, Ampadu will get game time next year with Kovacic leaving. Reece James will be with the first team too next year. IF we finish top 4 and win UEFA cup Sarri would have done excellent for his first season.
  23. Honestly who has used youth more than Sarri in the past 20 years?
  24. Bollocks! What you on about? Like some of your posts but such language is ridiculous and very unproductive. I am not an accountant but did follow the Ronaldo juventus deal and guess what they did make a profit and Ronaldo was sold 100 million where as hazard would be surprised if he went more than 70 million as it's his last year with us. How about Mbappe being quoted for 250 million? Or us getting Pulisic for a ridiculous amount? Don't you think commercial aspects don't influence fees? Anyway back to the topic would love for him to stay but if he goes all the best to him, we had big players leave in the past and the club continued to do well.

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