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  1. He is a decent outlet on the left hand. Needs to concentrate more on the defensive side and i think he could be really good. As a team though we could be using the wings a bit more to stretch teams and open up space in the middle. Needs to concentrate more and create a few crosses. I like his attitude too.
  2. To be fair i lost count the amount of times he overlaped Hazard but he never got the pass from Hazard to whip it to Higuain. On the other side willian passed to azpi and he shot it towards higuain which we got the first goal. Hazard and willian keep it far too long in my opinion and always dribble around the centre. Palmieri could benefit alot from his runs IF someone passed the ball to him. He is better than alonso on all aspects except scoring.
  3. Sarri has proved a few people wrong including myself. Lets hope it continues. Koulibaly is a dream and in my opinion we dont need him now, Rudiger is a beast too. What we need i think should be a scoring midfielder and a decent striker, jovic is young and talented. I also believe that if CHO is patient next season he will be a starter under Sarri.
  4. Atm Sarri is choosing the right team and the likes of CHO and Loftus Cheek are getting minutes. I even see them breaking into the team if Sarri stays. He needs help though. The Kepa fiasco has shown that Sarri is not getting any help. As much as i love Zola, he is too nice and was doing nothing when Sarri was going crazy. I wish we had Terry or Wise besides Sarri. You dont want to mess with those two because clearly our players need a backside kicking at times.
  5. Conte said himself that we signed too many players instead of a few with the right quality. Imagine if we signed Sandro and Koulibaly for a combined 100 mill that he asked for. We would still be competing for titles. As for Bakayoko, we sold Matic against his wishes as he wanted to give Bakayoko time to settle with the new squad and league. Besides, he is not doing too badly at ac milan now is he and we will get the same fee if not more than we originally paid. Can we get anything close to what we paid for Jorginho. Dont think so.
  6. Sadly, I am convinced that he is not the right manager for us the way we are playing at the moment. He is already shown that he is extremely stubborn and very one dimensional. I would love to be proven wrong though. Allegri apparently wants a new challenge at the end of the season and would love to have him here.
  7. I like that team. However, imagine the sulking and bad attitude we would get from Willian, Luiz and Alonso from being left out. Sarri doesnt need more trouble! I actually think those three are the toxic players in our squad that we need to get rid off. Willian and Luiz got Conte fired in my eyes.
  8. Relax man. How old are you like 5! We all upset and sad but that language is ridiculous.
  9. Supported him up to now but he must go! No changes, no motivation, no idea. I cant believe we fired Conte for him and paid 5 million on top to get him from Napoli. Question is what do we do with Jorginho as we cant fire him?
  10. I have no clue what you on about but thank you for your reply. When you compare the previous teams to this one is like Men vs Boys
  11. This is not the first time we have being here though is it. Its the THIRD manager and I don't remember a season for the past 5 years that these players have had an outstanding FULL season. Saying that Sarri has his faults too, persisting with the same players and being very predictable. Kovacic and Barkley have replaced each other an outstanding 17 times. For me Jorginho is not good enough atm for that defensive midfield, he cant protect the back four nor can he pass forward like Pirlo or Fabregas. Kovacic is not outstanding at anything really, he is a tidy passer and has a bit of skill that's it. We saw him play as a DM and am not convinced nor do I like him playing on the left of the midfield three. I wouldn't buy him even he was £25mill let alone £50mill. Pedro and Willian can be outstanding on their day but not good enough for us anymore. Alonso is too slow and will expose that left side more often than not. So, who do we play the Sarri system? I would try the following players 4-3-3: - Kepa Rb. Azpi - CB. Rudiger - Cb. Christensen. - Lb. Palmieri Dm. Luiz Rm. Kante Lm. Loftus Cheek Hudosn Odoi Eden Hazard Higuain We would have Christensen who has played well lately and Palmieri who is quick on the left side of the defence. David Luiz is a great passer, has character and has the physical presence to shield the back four. Loftus Cheek from the left side of the midfield can score a few unlike Kovacic and has physical presence. Hudson Odoi is a great talent and really we have nothing to loose since Pedro and Willian are useless lately. Plus, if Bayern is willing to pay £40 million and play him why shouldn't we? We would have 3 academy players in the first team and in my opinion that team wouldn't look at out of place.
  12. Unfortunately no manager can sort out this mess including Guardiola because these players have no heart.
  13. For me definitely ZOLA It was amazing to see his never give up always smiling attitude and turn the match in our favour with a special free kick or seeing him dance around huge arsenal and man utd defenders. That team including Desailly, and Denis Wise (what a warrior and a legend that guy was) layed the foundation for future chelsea wins and Roman buying our club. I remember Abramovich wanted Zola back when he went to play for Genoa for last years of his career thats the kind of influence he had.
  14. Surely people dont expect CHO to start tomorrow against Man city. He is very good but we need experience and points to make top 4. I would play him against lower half opposition though.
  15. Honestly i dont know why Sarri doesnt try Drinkwater on Jorginhos spot for a few games. He cant do much worse than Jorginho defensively and passing wise he has a good range and a great shot from distance too.
  16. I would definitely look at Lozano or my favourite Federico Chiesa of Fiorentina would be a monster for us, direct, pacy an eye for goal and surprisingly strong. Along with CHO and Pulisic we would have three of best young talents in the world.
  17. To be honest I am not fussed if they dont play him because we know he is a great talent and it means less chances of an serious injury. I think he will surprise a few people.
  18. And people still complain Sarri doesnt play the youngsters!!!
  19. Thats sarri football there. Touch touch and shoot. Beautiful from Higuain.
  20. Would have being a soft pen. Same as ours really. Lucky there.
  21. Thats the problem though, they dont like being told off! Sarri has done that and previous managers have too.
  22. Thats because we lack leaders and characters in this team. Manager cant do it all.

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