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  1. Last game i saw him at Stamford bridge. He was absolutely terrible. Gave the ball away every time against a weak opposition.
  2. He is certainly more influential than Willian atm and can score goals. I think this will be his best season with us so far. Age wise Ronaldo is 33 and 100 million euros. I can see Pedro maintain a decent form for at least 2 more years.
  3. Jorginho is clearly very talented and has a great passing range, makes things tick in this system. Having watched the highlights, however, his defensive input is 0. Very slow to go back in the middle, there is no urgency at all to track back or at least go back to a middle position and make it a bit more difficult for the opposition. Hopefully, the defensive side will be rectified soon, otherwise i see us conceding many goals similarly to yesterday's game.
  4. ALONSO amazing control and pasd. 90percent here want him out lool
  5. First half for me only Ampadu has stood out. Zappacosta is better than Moses in all aspects. Abraham needs a loan Bakayoko is going to Milan apparently Is emerson better than alonso? Hmmm i am not so sure. Drinkwater done well. Willian and RLC i was expecting much more.
  6. Loving the lineup. This is an audition of who is hungry and motivated, a desire to be in the team. Fact that Lyon have a strong team make it perfect. Come on Chelsea... Please a stream link would be appreciated. Last ones have being top notch.
  7. Absolutely. Bulka has looked really good. If it doesnt work out play Caballero. With the Empoli team Sarri's hands were forced to play a few youngsters like Hysaj and Rugani. Now both are great talents. Odoi, Bulka and Ampadu seem to have no fear at all playing at this level.
  8. Yes. And what does willan actually offer.. absolutely nothing. Moses shouldnt even be on the team!
  9. Costa wanted to leave himself same as Courtis now. Personally i dont want anyone here that is not happy.
  10. Even Guardiola would struggle with this team. In my opinion Conte over achieved.
  11. Lol having a look closely at willian. He is jogging and standing, no desire to win the ball at all. Dont know why we rejected his transfer !!
  12. Thanks buddy. Excellent link. Shame the game from us has been very poor. Jorginho is quite slow. Even Pirlo was quicker.
  13. Thanks buddy. Excellent link. Shame the defending was terrible conceding that goal.
  14. I think this was very informative match for Sarri. Clearly Odoi, Ampadu and Bulka need to be around first team and play as much as possible. That can be our spine for many years to come. Bulka looks an outstanding prospect. Luiz and Rudiger worked well together. Azilicueta is great defensively but hasn't got that pace of Zappacosta offensively. Christiansen was good. Jorginho did well and Barkley was so so. Loftus Cheek I still have my reservations on him. All the rest were mediocre. Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Moses and Piazon need to be moved on ASAP as they are not showing to be Chelsea quality.
  15. Please anyone post a link to see the match. Last link was top quality. I am a bit dissapointed with the lineup. Almost the same as previous games..
  16. My bad but he was injured or something like that. Anyway point is that Odoi played a few games last year and i would be disappointed if he is not played a bit more this year as he is clearly very talented.
  17. Yes, he did. To be fair to Baka he is still a young guy, initially he started really well and the game against Atletico Madrid he was outstanding. Conte gave him plenty of opportunities and I have no doubt that if Chalobah had stayed Conte would have played him rather than Fabregas.
  18. Money wasted. Totally agree. Could have gotten a top player with £75m however every signing has its risks i.e Morata and we have made some terrible ones recently both outgoings and incoming. I am a big fan of Odoi, hope he succeeds here although I do understand why managers are reluctant to play youngsters as they are under pressure from fans and board to succeed immediately or get fired.
  19. I wouldn't say that. Would Chalobah or Loftus Cheek get in any of the top sides in europe. I dont think so.
  20. Also. Conte had no option but to play Bakayoko because Matic was sold without his consent, Drinkwater was bought in January, injured! Fabregas was/is too slow!
  21. Personally i was very impressed with Pedro. He was outstanding first half very quick and direct. Ampadu is a young man but already a leader, fearless and I think he is already ahead of Christiansen. Odoi excellent and should play when hazard is given a rest. Jorginho and Fabregas seem to work well together more so than barkley, so I see barkley making way for Kante. Zappacosta has been decent too.
  22. Rumours circulated are that there is already friction between Sarri and Marina on transfers. Sarri wants Mertens apparently we want Pulisic of Dortmund. In this case I would take Pulisic all day. I have a feeling Conte will stay on for next season and will do really well just to prove a point before he departs.
  23. I can not see it all how we don't have a DOF yet let alone the manager situation! Who identifies the players to be signed? Long term strategy or youth development. It can't be Conte surely! There is absolutely nothing that stops us getting a DOF and yet we don't have one! Ballack would have being my pick, don't mind Zola either.
  24. So Conte was right all along moaning about lack of organisation and aspirations. He just had the balls to say it out loud in hope that someone in the hierarchy would listen..

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