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  1. Buddy didn't you read the post of JM7 lol
  2. That would be possibly the worse situation ever and extremely stupid.
  3. According to football italia Luiz is part exchange for Elseid Hysaj and Sarri plus money probably around 30 million for both. Hysaj has being with Sarri since he was 17 years old when they were both at Empoli. Positive aspect of this is that if Sarri sees a talented youngster willing to work hard, he will definitely make him one of the best.
  4. Lol your hatred for Conte is immense. If no one knew with your comments it seems like he relegated us and sold future top stars like de bruyne, lukaku or salah, instead he got rid of Mikel Oscar and ivanovic which everyone was complaining about prior to him coming over here. Do you have anything positive to say about Conte at all?
  5. Yeah, blame Conte won't you !!
  6. Watford Bournemouth Watford Bournemouth!!! The same sh*t all the time. Loosing like that happens quite often to alot of big teams.... Greece won the European cup and than Albania 120 in the world at the time beat them straight after on WC qualification. Just stop this nonsense... in 2 years Conte won more cups than all the top 6 managers so he is not a schmuk. He will go and we will get another one... same thing will happend on 2nd year, we have no patience nor does the board and that's how it is.
  7. The premier league too the previous year.. whereas Arsenal was about 20 years ago and I don't care what anyone else thinks but he wasn't fully backed by our board the same way as Mourinho Guardiola and Klopp have been for the past two seasons. If we think that a new manager will come in and all of a sudden we get some top players for him we are delusional. If Conte doesn't want to stay than it's a different scenario, Chelsea will always exist.
  8. Yet he won the FA cup despite the very poor season by his standards and ours. What did pochettino Klopp moriunho win again? How about Sarri?
  9. Either way we are for a busy summer and the dealings will be crucial more so than other years if we want to compete with the top teams. I wouldn't be surprised if we sign one or two players with potential on the cheap though and think we are good to go for next season.
  10. I was in Pisa Italy recently on vacation and speak a bit of Italian so I was reading the sports pages. One of the newspapers mentioned that Conte is here for the long term, if backed thus summer could extend contract by 4 years. Article explained how the season just passed showed the men from the boys and the ones with weak mentality that cause trouble. I think we will have a busy summer on transfers both in and out.. and I don't mind having Conte here next season.
  11. That's an excellent article. If Sarri joins than I wish him all the best but it Will be difficult to portray his ideas on the pitch with this team.
  12. Just enjoy it man.. talking about being unappreciative. He is still one of us until he leaves..
  13. Must say Fabregas is very calm and has had some decent interceptions
  14. A f**king change needs to be made now. Fabregas is wasted
  15. I was wondering who Moses reminds of... MARIO MELCHIOT
  16. Not just will Roman allow the new coach the time but us fans too.. I think history will repeat itself with the new coach too.
  17. I won't argue with you but last season I saw some beautiful football and prior to that juve played excellent football and he started with 4-2-4 so clearly he is capable of playing attractive football given the resources
  18. Conte can be very offensive in his play but this squad is not suited for it. To be offensive you need to have quick players and ones that can press. He is playing the way suits this team best. Really all is missing is a top quality midfielder a right winger and a forward and I will be very confident we will challenge for all the trophies in STYLE.
  19. Your language is out of line buddy. Since you seem to be so knowledgeable you ought to apply for the position.
  20. Totally! The previous posters made it abundantly clear and the discussion about that has been consumed. I find it hard to believe that a manager that has won 3 league titles in a row in Italy since 2012 and 2 Italian supercups in a row. Won the title in his first season with us after finishing tenth the previous one all of a sudden doesn't know what he is doing. I am very happy that we won yesterday and we still have an amazing chance to finish on champions league qualification. Let's show some appreciation and patience until summer where we will all know what the club intends to do.
  21. Wow even after us winning he gets criticized. Imagine having Simeone here.. Lol

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