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  1. Has this bloke got the worst shot of a midfielder in Chelsea's history. f**king Awful
  2. So many to choose from, Kante was immense, Havertz had his best game for us to date, Dave was excellent as were all the rearguard. Has to be Mandy for me, Two great saves at a vital stage
  3. Great all round team performance, very Disciplined, subdued a usually Vibrant Madrid midfield to practically nothing. Kante was just incredible other great performances from Rudi Silva, thought Mount was decent too. Disappointed with Werner and Chilwell
  4. When we first showed an interest in him I was fairly positive after some bright performances for Leicester although I wasn’t keen on the money they wanted for him. When we bought him I thought we paid 20m over the top for him but was fairly happy that we had secured his signature. Now after the best part of a season with us I get increasingly frustrated with him as the games go by. What happened to the full back that ran at people and delivered excellent crosses? All I’m seeing is a wide player that constantly passes it backwards and sh*ts himself when presented with an opportunity in the opponents box. w**ker
  5. I'm well happy with that. People saying we could have got more, but had we opened up and gone for it more we could have got punished. These are top players we are up against, Hence the high press we played to force the likes of Modrich and Kroos to go sideways. TT had a game plan and it worked perfectly, we'd have all taken that before Kick off, need to finish the job now. KTBFFH
  6. Less than 3 hours to Kick off, a CL semi-final, ive just been on the BBC football website and there is absolutely nothing about Chelsea. They've even got an article about Madrid!! w**kERS
  7. I'd take a 2-1 defeat, we're capable of much more though, They're a funny side, let's hope we catch them on a "funny" Night
  8. Nervous, im just hoping we can still be in with a decent chance after tonight's game, it will be tough but we're more than capable. A goal would be nice. COME ON YOU BLUE BOYS
  9. What a very strange game. we didn’t look interested from start to finish Very Odd
  10. I get your point, but you're suggesting we play 8 of the side that played against Porto tomorrow, imo we should be playing fringe players that are, or should be eager to prove a point. Ziyech, Billy, Alonso, Emerson, CHO, Werner, Zouma etc. Players like Mount, Azpi, Jorginho need a rest. In my opinion Brighton is a bigger game.
  11. My selection is a reflection of how bothered i am about this game, we need to finish top 4 as a necessity, so rest players
  12. Rest Players for this, we've a lot of players that should be hungry to prove a point 3-4-3 Mandy Zouma Christensen Emerson Ziyech Billy Kante Alonso Werner Giroud CHO
  13. Back to his form of last season finally, looks fully fit for the first time this season after niggly injuries. Welcome back Captain America!!
  14. I've been critical of Jorginho in the past, especially during Lamps' time, but he's been decent recently, especially his ball recovery and ball retention under the press. Still not sure what our best combination is, Kante is a fantastic little player but perhaps Jorginho plays better with Kovacic, i really dont know.
  15. Frustrating game to watch as a Chelsea fan. I can understand out tactics, but we could have made it difficult for ourselves had they had shown a bit more endeavour and scored earlier. You always felt that if we had gone up a gear we could have made the tie safe a lot earlier, but we were happy to see what they could throw at us, but as I say at that level its a risky strategy, However it paid off and we were comfortably through what has to be the easiest CL QF we are ever likely to have. Positives, Pulisic looks back to his best and looks fully fit for the first time this season, he's a real asset in this mood and long may it continue (fantasy managers), Thought Dave had another good game, he's playing really well at the moment as is Rudiger. The two central mid boys played well and always had control of the game, bring on Real KTBFFH
  16. Most impressive performance of the season yesterday for me, Yes we played well against Atletico, but we were purring yesterday. It was a performance that has been dying to get out for most of the season, our approach play in most games has been good only to be let down continuously by a poor final pass or end product, but yesterday it all came together. We need to take encouragement from this and the belief that we can do it on a more regular basis and against better teams. KTBFFH
  17. Great team performance, played some lovely stuff and managed the game well when Palace pulled a goal back. Man of the Match has to be Mount, involved in everything, work rate is incredible, just keeps on improving. I was'nt convinced 18 months ago but his improvement in that time has been immeasurable.
  18. Great Result, but if im honest, i thought we were poor in general. Some steady if unspectacular performances, Mendy was top man for me.
  19. A 2-0 win in the QF of the champions league with such a bang average performance. I’ll take that all day#KTBFFH
  20. Back to his shocking Best yesterday, Liability, always has been always will be. A wake up call for TT yesterday when he realised just how many players we've got that are'nt good enough.
  21. Does anyone else think his ego has got the better of him? I've been less than impressed with him on a number of occasions this season. He Looks Complacent when he passes the ball, gets beaten far too easily, and his general attitude at times gives the impression that its all below him. Needs to get his act together as he was f**king Shocking yesterday
  22. Not many positives to take out of a Hideous performance other than hopefully it will straighten them up for the Porto Game. So many poor performances, Namely, Reece James, Alonso, Jorginho, all of the back three were dreadful, and dont get me started on Silva. Let's hope its a one off KTBFFH
  23. Oxford United, as its my home town. I get a lot of stick from mates who follow Oxford, saying i should support my home town club and i do have a strong affinity for them but ive always been Chelsea, its in my heart.
  24. I think his ego gets in the way Mod Stark, and that has been the main reason for failure in recent years. He's still a clever coach if he can just get back to doing what he does best. With regards to money, has'nt he got enough with all his sacking pay offs? Perhaps the thrill of World glory may refocus him to his former glory days. But i have been wrong before 😀
  25. Im not so sure he would be as negative, i think that side of his coaching is more to the fore with the week in week out format of domestic football. He's the master of getting one off results and that was the basis of my post. But yes i 100% get your reservations
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